Scala Lang. Which eventually led to the project that we are currently working on, based on his latest proposal. This was not the first redesign...

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  • We have stumbled upon an interesting thread on the Typesafe SLICK user group where Slick was compared to jOOQ. In that thread, Christopher Vogt has made a couple of interesting statements. But let us have a look at the broader context, first. Unifying...

  • UMLS Concepts are connected to each other by relationships. Conceptually, this structure is a large directed graph with 2.8M nodes and 51.7M relationships. Using a graph database such as Neo4j makes a lot of sense because we can use Neo4j's native query...

  • AMAZON SQS(2)Java Client Consumer and Producer Configuration File build.sbt "com.amazonaws" % "aws-java-sdk" % "1.10.6",                // First class, SQS Client builder, SQSQueue.scala package com.sillycat.jobsconsumer.messagequeue import com.sillycat...

  • Headfirst Search
    via podsnap

    In another post, I prattled on at some length about the scala Set class. To understand its nuances, it was helpful to print out a graph of class and trait inheritance. Here's a contrived example that's simpler than Set: The hierarchy of F looks like...

  • Please forgive me if this appears twice, the forum claimed to discard my last message after successful preview and an attempt to post it. I have an oozie custom action on the Cloudera Quickstart 5.4.x VM, with an associated main class.  The main class...

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  • The Scala Programming Language

    In October of 2015 Martin Odersky asked for strawman proposals for a new collections library design for Scala 2.13, which eventually led to the project that we are currently working on, based on his l...

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