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  • The July CTAB meeting was held on July 14, 6:00-8:00 p.m., 700 Fifth Avenue, Room 2750.  The group heard an update from Chief Technology Officer Michael Mattmiller; a report on the Technology Matching Fund (TMF) awards; an update on the Comprehensive...

  • George W. Bush sent thousands of Americans to their deaths in wars that could have been avoided — while he himself dodged the draft as a young man. Dan Rather’s reporting on how Bush allegedly got away with it led to the famed television news anchorman...

  • WhiteHats Fact Check #122 Q & A Part 1
    via nesaranews.blogspot

    WhiteHats Fact Check #122 Q & A  Part 1 06/03/2014 regiceman says:                  May 28, 2014 at 8:52 pm   Good news, bad news or no news at all ...

  • Freedom Technologists: Digital Activism and Political Change in the 21st Century (working title), Chapter 2, Freedom Technologists ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY, PART 2 This is the twenty-ninth post in the freedom technologists series. See also: Freedom...

  • torby na laptopa a person significant in your existence is having difficulties with a intercourse dependancy or you suspect they may perhaps have a sexual intercourse addiction you may possibly be wanting to know what you can do to guidance them in their...

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