WhiteHats Fact Check #122 Q & A  Part 1


regiceman says:                  May 28, 2014 at 8:52 pm   Good news, bad news or no news at all ; it is very refreshing to know we are getting the straight goods from the WHA, instead of trying to figure out which is truth and which is fiction from the countless other message boards.

It is nice to do my one stop shopping here on WHA, what a time saver. Thank you WHA for being real and telling it like it is in this crazy mixed up cyber thingy. You guys rock !! Just like in the old western movies “The Guys wearing the white hats always win in the end” Let it be written.   Thank you for all you do WHA & WH

whitehatauxiliaries says:               May 28, 2014 at 9:03 pm  Thank you, I am glad you have found succor in our midst.  As put forth in FC 122, we are now in standby mode as we await the fun to commence. Thank you for your participation

whitehatauxiliaries says:               May 29, 2014 at 8:44 am  Hello,  Just so you know, there really isn’t an official meet up, but when this is all done, and when I am there, I will certainly love to meet anyone who is nearby. I would not travel too far just to meet me. LOL.

I had to post this because if I do not, I will not have a record of your request and wont be able to notify anyone who may want to explore such a get-together.

Green Lantern says:        May 29, 2014 at 5:15 am


I’m not aware of anyone posting this link here yet, so I thought I would bring it over. It validates what I was suggesting through various posts, not to get caught up in fiat currencies and how they will be priced against each other and rather follow what all the currencies are going to be required to be backed with.

As we have been watching the BRIC nations, the constant regarding those nations is how they are accumulating gold and silver. So, please heed the obvious and position yourself for the coming storm.

As a closing remark (until the GCR is launched), I have completely appreciated reading and posting comments to this site. As many know, I don’t always agree 100% of the time with everything posted, it reassures me that there are a number of people who can still critically think and are looking to defeat the NWO. Remember, about 10% of the population of the colony states defeated the British during the Revolutionary War.

If we can get a minimum of 10% of the population in the U.S. away from their “daily programming” and their self-consuming Facebook addictions, we might have a chance for a repeat in winning the war waged on our minds and souls.

God bless everyone who has posted here. In reading the final chapter of my favorite book, I know we will overcome this evil. But, we will have to endure some tribulation to get to that point. I’m looking forward to being a remnant!

LL says:     May 29, 2014 at 7:42 am   Tony,   Thank you for bringing the voice of reason, calm and knowledge to a fluid, dynamic and confusing situation. No doubt most of us will miss the FCs, will you continue to post FCs w.r.t new system post RV?   Rgds,

whitehatauxiliaries says:               May 29, 2014 at 8:53 am  Hello,  We will play it by ear, post GCR. The very first event post GCR is that I have a standing invitation to is the official WH celebration, so once that event is over we will go from there and see where we can be of service – after I get some SPA treatment in Sedona.

Gazza says:         May 29, 2014 at 2:17 pm  Tony  Can I please ask you to clarify a specific question which is very important:   Your WH contact says this year, but does he state (or at least personally believe) that this means currency holders will make a profit ob their physicallt held notes in this rv?

Its all good saying “this year” but WHAT this year?! Does he hold a genuine belief that dong holders will exchange after this event and make a profit of some kind? Or does he shake his head at the idea of it?

Note I said dong as dinars seem dead pretty much now according to owon, so lets not address dinars in this one… just the others.  Are we all barking up the wrong tree from his position?

The rv is in no doubt. But does your WH honestly think we regular folk will profit?  If so surely he has a few dongs too?? Unless he sees it as peeing into the wind, so to speak. Honest question. Need to know.

Thank you.

Naveen Khurana says:   May 29, 2014 at 4:59 pm   Tony. It would be helpful if the ranges given to you/us for both the Dinar and Dong could be posted again, because for some of us to go back and search for those numbers in the 122 FCs may be a bit daunting. Thanks for your consideration.

whitehatauxiliaries says: May 29, 2014 at 5:28 pmDinar – 1.00 to 3.50  Dong – .47 to 1.00   These are general public exchange rate estimates. Not guarantees.

SB says:                  May 29, 2014 at 7:52 pm   I think there’s a bit of confusion in that this incredible website aligned itself with owon, which has now come out saying the dinar is dust.

Meanwhile, the news has been halted or in “standby mode” . The owon site has always been a little out there for me, but I read them based on Tony’s endorsement.

However, my concern is that the regular person will be left in the shadows without a possibility of exchanging for the rates we hope for. So my only question would be is – why all the 180 on their part and a stand still at this site? It makes a flag raise for me that maybe this isn’t going to happen for us.

 Thanks Tony for any light you can shed. I realize you can’t answer for them, but with them saying the RV is not going to happen, which is the exact opposite of this site, do you still align this site or endorse it?

whitehatauxiliaries says:               May 29, 2014 at 10:15 pm  Hello,  We are not so much aligned with any other site than we are simply relaying to our readers the confirmation of OWoN’s connections, which are real and quite high in the hierarchy of world finance and politics.

This is simply what we were told by our contact, and we passed it on to all of you. That being said, WHA is not OWoN, and OWoN is not WHA. Impossible. WHA does not do anything except check on the veracity of information with respect to our subject matter. We have done that for almost a year now, and have been pretty spot on.

OWoN is more of a deep source reporting blog that goes farther than we can go in many subjects that we are not expert in. However, we share a common union with respect to the WGS/GCR simply because both our contact and OWoN have the same valid ability to know things that our pay grade wont allow.

There are differences at times. But, that is the way the world works. I cannot think of a group of more than two people or more that will not at times have divergent ideas on what is going on.

Multiply that effect when you have organizations that are the world over, and dealing with an ever-changing landscape of politics and business skulduggery to sort out.

Each of you are welcomed to accept or reject anything we say, or any other blog as well. There is no cult of acceptance here.

If this event does not happen, then I would say that it shows that we have all resigned ourselves as a culture to succumb to our masters’ will. The strong will of those from Spartacus to Frederick Douglas will then have dimmed, and we will simply have no right to complain about our lot.

We identified OWoN as a valid player on the stage of world politics and finance. That is all we did because that was our task – to fact check. From there, it’s up to each of you to “endorse” the site or not. We know who they are. That’s pretty much hard to dispute.

As a general rule we do not endorse things because such endorsements are not our function. Checking facts is.

Will the public see benefit from the revalue? I wish I could say 100% yes. But, I hold no such power. I know a lot of people are working on it. That much is for sure. They seem very confident we will.

We passed this confidence on to you in our many reports. If they ever call us and say that they are giving up, it’s useless, then we will report that, close the blog and, well, move on.  Thank you.

Joe says:              May 29, 2014 at 9:07 pm  “It all boils down to those who stepped up to say, “No more”, versus those who want to continue with their dark agenda. Where those points meet, there is resistance.

Resistance has to be overcome. It seems up one day, then down the next. The reason for that is the great dynamic of interaction at the points of the two counter forces at play in this planet-wide battle for the control of the financial/economic/political/technological centers of our world”

WHA, I honestly think you believe this statement especially when OWON is peddling the East is good the West is bad, the Chinese and Russia are good the USA is the enemy, Putin is going after the bancksters, Obummer is their pupet..ect…ect…ect.

WHA, this pure BS!!! They are ALL in on this theater! They are ALL very well paid players working on behalf of the cabal…ALL OF THEM!

Stop peddling this good vs bad nonsense! The world’s people are being marched into the NWO and making these ridicules good vs bad statement is only HELPING that happen!

If I know this, how is it your contact and OWON doesn’t know it? What is their REAL agenda? Who are they actually helping here?

Now is the time for people to speak up. Now is the time for people to take action. By peddling the good vs bad nonsense, people just take a backseat because after all, the good guys are coming and ***, they will all be rich from an RV. Now you see why this BS good vs bad scenario is being hyped by many out in the blogosphere?

If you really stand for what’s right and really want to help the world’s people, break away from the people feeding you this NONSENSE and help rally people NOW top stop the NWO they are being slowly marched into!

whitehatauxiliaries says:               May 29, 2014 at 10:24 pm   I would suggest you contact OWoN and let them know what you know, and ask them to get with it.

I, for one, have no such ability to force them to report to me so I can scold them for anything that you perceive wrong about their work.

I would be glad to hear of what you are doing to contribute to stopping the NWO. I know the White Hats and their associates are doing triple work on that one. OWoN, too.  You can bet your socks that key world figures read OWoN. It cannot be denied that they have huge *******!

In the end, you will have to take your complaints about OWoN to OWoN.  Thank you.

Joe says:              May 30, 2014 at 6:04 am  There’s no reason to take offense here. After all we all want the cabal stopped and rounded up. I know your heart is in the right place. That said, it doesn’t take much effort to realize this good guys vs bad guys scenario is pure rubbish.

China and Russia are both run by cabal central banking. Also, has it ever dawned on any of the “good guys” that if the cabal were truly in fear of China, they would have pulled every one of their corporation out of that country years ago instead of literally shifting America’s entire industrial base TO China? HELLO??? …….. China would fold overnight.

…and let’s not even get into China buying up huge areas of American ( Manhattan, Detroit, large acres of Idaho, Michigan..to name few) land and the abandoned warehouses from industry that was sent to China. How about the FACT, China is working on huge energy package of natural gas and solar power grids for the near future In the USA.   again….HELLO?

On Russia and Putin, have the “good guys” ever read statements by Putin confessing to speak/consult with Hank Kissinger on a regular basis? On Russia’s control by Zionist banking and government puppets dating back before the Bolshevik revolution?

These are questions you should be asking your contact. Clearly anyone peddling good vs bad scenarios should have an answer to these very well documented FACTS I just brought up.

As to trying to post what I mention here at OWON, that isn’t allowed. Providing such FACTS that contradict the “good guy vs bad guy” nonsense being peddled would end in posts being deleted and conversation put to an end. i know this because it has already happened.

There is NO “good guy vs bad guys’ scenarios. They are ALL bad guys working for the cabal to implement a NWO. Question your contact on these FACTS. Have a good day and I appreciate that your heart seems to be in the right place.

David says:         May 30, 2014 at 10:39 am  Joe,  Is this the Russia that you are insisting is “run by cabal central banking”?


“Both the IMF and European Interpol are preparing a “Red Notice” against not only Soros, but also the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate, and Marc Rich and his Richfield Commodities brokerage firm.

Putin has also directly confronted Bernanke making clear that the Russian Federation will no longer tolerate the criminal acts of the derivatives market which led destabilization across the globe.”   Please clarify your position on this matter.

Joe says:              May 30, 2014 at 8:07 pm  David, that is meaningless. Soros is not bloodline. He is one of the families top Zionist filth, soldiers. Just look at everything you have read about pappy Bush being rounded up and pappy Bush is bloodline.

What’s important is, with the supposed power that Putin and Russia now wield, has Soros been rounded up? No, he hasn’t and he wont be as long as the bloodlines are in power.   You are wasting your time follow storylines like that.

David says:         May 31, 2014 at 3:25 am  Joe,  RE: You are wasting your time follow storylines like that.  So which storylines SHOULD I follow?

You appear VERY confident in your opinions, yet provide ZERO evidence to support your assertions. Please help me understand how Russia is “controlled by Zionist banking.”

Dave says:          May 29, 2014 at 10:02 pm  I am a recent investor and am unclear on how to proceed once the event takes place. Can you point me to a FC or other resource that will tell me how to exchange, where and how quickly I’ll need to move?  Thanks for your information!

whitehatauxiliaries says:               May 29, 2014 at 11:15 pm  Hello,  Such information is not really laid out in an official post, but it’s not too hard to describe.

As for where – any bank with a currency desk should be able to help you. Call them ahead of time to ask if they have one. Most major federally chartered banks do.

As soon as you see the rates change, just make your way to the bank and exchange. Don’t put it off. This is what we are told by those in the trenches.

At this time, the official procedures for public exchange have not been published. There are many self-appointed Svengali who claim to know what is going to happen. Don’t assume until you see procedures released through official channels.   That’s pretty much it.   Welcome, and enjoy your stay!

TC says:                  May 30, 2014 at 1:51 am   Tony, You are a very humble person i.e. QUOTE WHA “. I would not travel too far just to meet me. LOL” UNQUOTE. What you have done for hundred of people if not thousands is more than you realize.

The sacrifices that you have made (personally, financially including health and business) is more than most would even consider making these days. (thank you)

For the sake of NOT repeating, I say ditto to all the good and positive comments that have been stated about you. And it has all been said too about how grand the White Hats are and I an in awe to their great sacrifices for the good of this country as well as the world.

I am humbled and only hope that we can all make them proud and know that their tremendous efforts and sacrifices were not done in vain. It is up to us to continue the “clean up” and make this country what it once was.

I only hope the White Hats and all the others involved realize how much I appreciate them and they as well as you are in my prayers daily. I will be so glad when you all can have that much deserved official WH celebration. :-)

The many different responses to Fact Check # 122 have been a strange mixture. I found FC #122 very positive in the respect that you had nothing specifically to report from your WH contact and I know you all didn’t talk about the weather, thus nothing has changed is the message I got from that.

 I found it a very positive message that it was titled “Changing Gears” and this was said QUOTE WHA “The next step of any significant consequence will be the event itself, not more updates.” UNQUOTE

I am very glad you are still here engaging in the “conversations”. And thanks a million for everything!  TC

whitehatauxiliaries says:        May 30, 2014 at 10:21 am  Hello,  Thank you for your kind words. The White Hats read this blog and are aware of your kind words as well.

It was time to lessen the communication with our contact in consideration of his busy schedule and the fact that all currently relevant information has been conveyed to all of us. And yes, the next step is the event itself. No other update or predictions will make a difference in any of our lives.

I hope for the sake of humanity that we are close. If for any reason, to see the current banking cartel monopolies destroyed so we all can partake of a more just and equitable system.  Thank you!

PD says:               May 30, 2014 at 2:19 am   First of all i really want to thank you WHA for all your efforts. YOur sincerity honesty made me stick to this blog also to the WHITE HATS whoever they may be… My heartfelt thanks, hope we can eventually PAY IT FORWARD before the year ends. Just want to ask for your thoughts to what jc collins of philosophy of metrics is saying…. Here is the link….


whitehatauxiliaries says: May 30, 2014 at 9:47 am  Hello,  Yes, I have read it. And, I asked our WH contact for some feedback as well, since it was to the heart of the matter of his work.

He actually knew about JC Collins and likes his work. But…..in the realm of the GCR, one needs more research and hands on investigating into the deep, dark arena of those that are at the center of power behind the scenes. Here is where the hands on approach comes in, not just being an analyst.

And trust me, the White Hats are HANDS ON! To quote our contact, “Research is good if you are writing a paper or a position statement … not so good if you are guiding the world through 100 plus years of repair.”

Such skepticism on the GCR/WGS is common from economists. It’s not that they are bad guys or lacking in intelligence. They just are not trained in intelligence operations and are not that hands on with the subject to see beyond the academic level.

Many fine economists like Collins and Willie agree a GCR is coming. They only differ in the way it will, but let’s not fault them there. They are simply conveying their opinions based on their work on their level of analysis of the goings on from where they sit.

Our contact is a Trustee of the Global Settlements and has been since day one. His view and knowledge is from a higher plane. And like the old story, The Old Man And The Sea, the White Hats and their colleagues are in the boat, catching the fish and trying to fend off the sharks.

The rest are back at the docks, watching from afar and seeing something going on, but not there doing battle to save the fish while avoiding the teeth of the beast.   Thank you!

Ben says:             May 30, 2014 at 5:29 am   Dear WHA, thank you for your efforts.

Since this is the end of the fact checks, I leave you with a couple of personal observations. For many years people have been talking about a big “IT”. Forty years or more. I was first told about a big IT around 1973.

There is always money to be made for the average person connected to this big IT. All it takes is knowing the right people, and, of course, dispensing with a little cash.

I have been told different versions of the big IT over the years, but the bottom line is that the big IT has never happened. Currently the big IT seems to be centered around something called the World Global Settlements. But there are many side stories relating to the WGS. Some stories agree to a degree, others appear to be far away from each other.

The result…confusion reigns. I do not have any confidence that there will be any resolution to any “IT” any time soon.

You have tried to be a light in a raging storm. But you got caught between two of the more articulate groups purporting to be at the pinnacle of the world’s financial and political sub-worlds.

You cannot interpret what the White Hats say, be it T-Man or any other White Hat. And you certainly cannot try to bridge the differences between the White Hats and OWoN. Only they can do that. Meanwhile, the much acclaimed Report 48 goes unreported.

You did a good job, and it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

So…once again…confusion reigns. Ask a sample of Prosperity Program members, and CMKS stock holders, and Dinar owners what they understand the situation to be, and see what response you get.

You can do it. Add an addendum to this last fact check asking people to explain from their own perspective what they believe the big “IT” is, and why and how they are going to someday soon get a pile of money. I predict mass confusion.   Again I thank you, and goodbye.

whitehatauxiliaries says:     May 30, 2014 at 11:12 am   Ah, yes. The big IT.  That’s a tall order to understand, but not impossible.  Here is some information for you. Let’s take a walk on the wild side. What the ****.

The big IT was attempted in the 60′s. Federal Reserve cartels were faced with a situation. We had a President that wanted to hook us up with treasury issued money again, and gold backed as required in the US Constitution, which despite the Fed Reserve Act, was not abrogated. How dare he!

The next thing you know, this President had his brains blown out of his head, in front of his wife, in broad daylight, on the streets of a modern American city.

So much for the big IT at that time. Like Julius Caesar 2007 years before, powerful interests who stood to lose had other plans.

Thus, as with Caesar’s assassination, the motives to kill someone so powerful are firmly rooted in the quest to hold on to power.

The delays today are rooted in that same quest. But, this time, the life-cycle of the machine is past due, and those who are wanting to preserve it know it.

You have made some interesting comments about interpreting what the White Hats say and bridging the differences between them and OWoN. If that is how you see it, that’s fine. But in reality, I am not interpreting anything. Their reports are written in plain English. OWoN’s as well.

If there is any mass confusion, it’s not from lack of available resources to untangle that confusion, but instead, from a desire to remain confused or simply not know to whom to turn to for proper orientation. That is why this blog exists; to point to the right direction and say, “Hey, look over here!”.

As for asking a Prosperity Program member, or CMKX shareholder or Dinar holder what they understand the situation to be, I don’t really need to. I am a prosperity program member, and I have some Dinar and Dong. So, two out of three makes me part of that group.

 It was the very confusion that you think is extant all around that led me to want to unravel it, and get to the heart of the matter and settle the question: “Is this thing for real?”.  Well, I can assure you, it is.

I am glad you feel I “did a good job”.  I did nothing.  The fine men and women behind the scenes who are working at highest levels are the ones who are on the job.

My work was to call it to the attention of those looking for some answers, and to spread the word as they asked us to. This pales in comparison to what they are doing.

48 was held back for specific reasons, and not because the effort was faltering.

Take care, thank you for stopping by, and best of luck to you.


LP says:       May 30, 2014 at 1:44 pm

  Ben, WHA, thank you both for speaking to the core of the haze.

I really appreciate your exchange and I feel as though Ben’s sentiments have been well-addressed by WHA on behalf of many.  Well done.

Comments maybe  made at the end of  Part 2  Thank You


White Hats Fact Check #122 Q & A  Part 2


George says:      May 30, 2014 at 12:19 pm  Hello WHA,

I’ve only been with you for the last couple of weeks but if I didn’t have a stake in this it would still be great entertainment especially since you’ve done what you set out to do.

Tony, no good deed ever goes unpunished. You have my vote and remember its had to win with ink and no score board. Just keep the emails for I told you so. Best of Luck and maybe our paths will cross when this is finished.  G

Gazza says:         May 30, 2014 at 2:51 pm  Without shooting me down (everyone!) I just cannot get my head around the Dong range.

$0.47 – $1.00 would mean an investment now of just $24 (which is absolutely nothing) would equate to enough money to buy a family home upon the RV. All because you swapped your piece of paper for another piece of slightly waxy paper with a picture of bearded man and “500,000 Dong” written on it.

I want to believe so much. But doesn’t this seem really fantastic to us all? I am relying on this RV as much as you guys, possibly even more than most of you, but consider honestly, without getting upset with me, when you hold that small little waxy piece of paper in your hand called a Dong, with 500,000 written on it, weighing almost nothing, smaller than my own country’s paper notes… is that little flap on waxy paper really going to buy me a house one day in the next 7 months? Even 19 months?

I hope the answer is yes. I really do. But I feel so stupid for believing it. I stare at this little Dong note and think “really???!!”. This tiny little insignificant circulated note with little bends on the corners and that funny smell of used currency, which is all but worthless today, could, even perhaps tomorrow, buy me a house??

It’s a tough belief system. Again, I am NOT saying it is false. Else I wouldn’t own one of the darned things. I’m saying it is beyond surreal and largely unbelievable. But I’m hanging in there.

Anyone else just held one in their hand, stared at it, and thought “no way, impossible”….?

whitehatauxiliaries says:               May 30, 2014 at 3:41 pm   As has been explained many times before, the reversing of 100 years of policies and procedures means changes are going to be unlike anything we have ever seen. The shift in the balance of wealth will enable the value of these currencies to acquire the value they perhaps should have always had.

The mechanics of it all are contained in the Global Settlements, which are vast, complex and certainly not fully understood by anyone outside the process.

We cannot look at present values, as set forth by the system we are now laboring under, and think that such revaluations are not possible. We are unable to look behind the curtain to see the hard and fast processes laid bare for a full understanding. Yes, faith in our contact has a lot to do with it.

But in reviewing the WH reports, and speaking to our contact, and several of his colleagues, I came away from it with no doubt that they are not just a bunch of kooks sitting in their mom’s basement having a go at us.   Far from it.

I only wish I could dig deeper, and at times I tried. But, I was told, in essence, “Careful laddie, thar be dragons here”.

So, the blog you are reading now consists of the most we can know at this time. When I look around at all the so called “intel” being thrown around, I have to stand in awe of the ability for people to pass along such things when there is just no way in *** that anyone legitimately connected with the real endeavor would release things in that way.

My contact with those I have spoken to makes such observations even more stark and visceral. Like Neo, once you wake up, you cannot look at things the same way ever again.

Gazza says:         May 30, 2014 at 4:20 pm  Thanks.   Well, if it really happens to us personally (excluding the wider picture) this will no doubt be the greatest thing in our individual lives, in this lifetime anyway.

It’ll be the turning point I can point to in the future and say “this allowed me to finally become the real me, and do what I needed to do. Before this happened to me, I didn’t exist”. Ok then, cool, let’s keep watching, see you soon

mygirl56 says:    May 30, 2014 at 7:31 pm  Dear Gazza – the revaluing of these currencies very well may be the biggest/greatest thing that ever happens to many of us; or at least the greatest financial thing.

But PLEASE hear me clearly when I say two things to you – 1) Your self-worth is NOT tied to your bank account. NOT. NOT. NOT. Your self-worth lies in you being you.

Know that you have value being in this world and in this time and space. You don’t need money to have value for your family, you don’t need money to have value for your friends, and most importantly of all, you do not need money to have value for yourself. You ARE the value, not what you hold or have. YOU.

2) Without money you feel you don’t exist or don’t matter, and money will make you. You already are who you are, and money will not change that – money does not change people. ‘

It allows them to be MORE who they are. In other words, money brings out the true colours in people. A loud-mouthed jerk simply becomes a loud-mouthed jerk with money.

A compassionate or humanitarian person simply becomes “more” of that – they spread it around more because they have more to spread. I don’t want to name names in the former instance, and I’m sure you can think of many people yourself, famous or otherwise. But for the latter think…. Bill & Melinda Gates.

From the beginning, Bill Gates set out to take as many people with him as wanted to tag along – how many millionaires & billionaires are there because of the way he set up and conducted business?

And now, how many millions of people are benefiting from the Foundation the Gates’ run?

Think…. Magic Johnson. Think…… Princess Diana. Think…… Gazza! Start living it now – you have no idea how small things – like a smile, holding open a door, gathering up litter on the street or saying hello when someone’s eye meets yours – can make a difference in a person’s day.

These things ‘pay it forward’ too. And they are a great way for you to realize NOW just how valuable you are, as you are.

Trust me on both of these points. I know whereof I speak. :) I know you are going to have one helluva a good time paying it forward. And whilst I’m here, many, many thanks to those hard working White Hats. We are, and forever will be, eternally in your debt.

Occasnl Trvlr says:           June 1, 2014 at 4:14 pm   I’ve thought that about a few things, and expressed my opinions herein on such.

And, one other thing, your house-price comparison is revealing something about your own perceptions: you are thinking in terms of currency price, not value. A reset does not change the value of the house (either in the U.S. or in Vietnam), or of anything else (except the falsely-valued fiat currencies, of course).


Backer of “Global Banking Reset” Pulls Out Over Political Bickering: The signatory to the largest cache of gold bullion in the world pulls out of providing trillions in bullion to back the global reset and new global banking system.

Breach of contract by the U.S. Treasury and amid interference by IMF (International Monetary Fund), Managing Director, Christine LaGarde, President Obama, several key members of the U.S. Congress, Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, and the World Bank has fueled the pullout.

The gold bullion provided by the signatory would have backed the new U.S. Treasury Reserve Notes, known commonly as the TRN. Use of the new TRN which would primarily occur between central banks, would stabilize the world economy, solve the U.S. debt crisis, provide the basis for debt forgiveness and the standardization and revaluation of all world currencies under a new gold backed system known as the “Global Reset” by those involved in the process.

The gold bullion was scheduled for release to the U.S. Treasury this week, but the signatory announced today that he will move the deal to China and effectively leave the U.S. floundering as the TRN’s have already been printed and distributed to central banks worldwide.

Without the signatory’s gold bullion to back the TRN, the TRN are worthless. Twenty-three central banks are backing the signatory’s move as the frustration of dealing with the U.S. Government’s and IMF’s failure to communicate with the signatory and fulfill signed contracts have left many central banks reeling.

The signatory states that these individuals, governments and organizations are operating on their own political and financial agendas, jockeying for position and power in the new world financial system and have failed to perform their duties, not only in their positions of power but have also failed to morally protect and serve the citizens of the United States and the world.

The signatory also states he has no political agenda and wishes only to restore balance, fairness and stability to the world banking system.

In closing he says, “As a patriotic U.S. citizen I have a strong desire to keep this deal on U.S. soil, but these individuals have left me no choice. It is my belief that listening to more misinformation issued by the IMF, U.S .Treasury, and others who operate on their own agenda will result in further delays and continue to stall the recovery of the world economy.”

Gazza says:         May 31, 2014 at 3:02 am   mygirl56   I admire your spirit but….

1). I am not worth anything to anyone in this current state… trust me.

2). Bill Gates’ foundation is evil if you look into what they are standing for and pushing for. They’re all as bad as each other. He only wants to depopulate the planet and is pushing for it through his foundation, but hey, what does that matter, right? Never believe these people do these things out of goodness; there is always a real agenda behind the curtain.

Good luck to you mygirl56, but I’m afraid the world to me, especially with this NWO noose tightening around ALL OF OUR necks, and my own personally life, is very, very cold and dark.

 If people continue to look the other way for much longer and continue to just smile through the pain, what’s about to hit us is gonna wipe those smiles off of their face. Plenty of people on this blog know what I am talking about here. This crash is coming, fast. The NWO is coming, fast.

If I make it in this RV, it will get a lot warmer and brighter for me. If I don’t, it will remain cold and dark. But I won’t be alone in this darkness when the big storm hits in the next few years.

I’ve stopped trying to wake people up because I’ve started to get offended by people laughing at me when I try to help them. At first I could take it, but now it’s just turned me sour.

For everyone that laughed at me, ok I forgive you, but I won’t shed any tears when you lose everything you have in this coming storm. I’ll see if they can force a laugh then.  And that’s that.

Texian says:        May 31, 2014 at 9:49 am Gazza…Yes, I’ve read a lot about Gates Foundation agenda. Seems Buffet concurs since he’s giving most of his money to Gates Foundation. Wonder when these “depopulation deciples” will just start with themselves? Hopefully the RV will come soon and will be in play for public and not just politicians.

mygirl56 says:     June 1, 2014 at 8:13 am   Gazza and Texian – I will look into Gates Foundation further as I’ve never heard of any hidden agenda. So at this point I respectfully disagree –

 one reason being they are working to eradicate polio and measles specifically, and likely other childhood diseases, worldwide and why bother if you’re into population control?

Why not just let those diseases (and probably others) take their toll? Build on one hand, tear down on the other? Doesn’t make sense to me. But then I’m a relative newbie to the dark cabal side of the world and I don’t know what I don’t know.

Dear Gazza – if you are in a cold and dark place, please fight to get out of it. Cold and dark is where the controllers want you. As mentioned, you can create a little light on your own by sharing simple acts of kindness. Just a thought to help ward off the dark.

Texian says:        June 1, 2014 at 11:29 am   MyGirl56…Don’t get me started on vaccines! By all means do research. Don’t miss SharylAttkisson.com on autism, jimstonefreelance.com on nanobot and biophlanges and just today a story on RMN with some of very troubling incidents:

. Big money involved with agenda to shut down nay sayers.

whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 1, 2014 at 6:36 p   The theft of 15T through Pureheart, as outlined in the most recent official White Hat blog post spells it all out. In particular, this partial excerpt:

Pureheart is the conduit for pilfering money out of the financial system and taking it down that dark hole into the abyss, only to resurface in several different places, all for the advancement of the cabal’s control over humanity.

 Black projects, false flags, payoffs and bribes to politicians and public officials, blackmail, murder, assassination, satanic rituals, agreements with off-worlders and numerous and ongoing crimes against humanity.

The denial of access to the secret technology that the masses pay for but the cabal utilizes in order to better control us and systematically take away our sovereign rights.

The origins of Pureheart trace back to GOT, SA (Global Oil Traders), two Saudi kings, Lucky Luciano and the five originators of the secret government (hence, the Five Star Trust) Bush, Sr., Edward Lansdale, William Colby, Roberto Ferrara aka Lorin Rosier and Richard Armitage.

Ferrera faking his own death and recreated as Lorin Rossier, living in a safe house in Europe with an underground tunnel system that allows him to come and go without being surveilled.

A corporate attorney (former) of Pureheart who reached out to us giving us information and claiming the cabal possessed technology advanced 10,000 years of what is in the public domain.

Is it any wonder why the general public is made to fixate on Kim Kardashian’s buttocks, while the above is taking place, courtesy of our tax monies? It shouldn’t be.

If I wanted to plunder your business, I would want you focused on something else while I did so. It’s a strategy as old as time itself. Yet, it’s so simple, nobody would think of it.

And, you should know that the cabal has a back-up plan for when they lose control of the Western European banking system. There is another set of countries with banking systems just ripe for the taking.

Iceland was too smart for their initial attempt. Probably less people on Prozac in that part of the world. Will the other countries hold fast? We will see. Our progeny will certainly live to see if we don’t.

Kellygreen says:   May 31, 2014 at 7:54 pm   This is just from my recollection I would like to know how Mark Z relates?? The only reason I asked because I obviously know that Guru connections are not what the sites about. But I recall mark z was going to be posted on the site for some kind of an interview do you remember what that was about? What are his affiliations relating to this sites observations. Thanks

mygirl56 says:    June 1, 2014 at 8:25 am   Kellygreen: What I understand from what I’ve read over the past year: Mark Z is involved in some part of the process, how high up I have no idea.

He is a CMKX shareholder (from his own posting) which gives him some legitimacy. The interview was to be with Mike Cottrell and they were going to name names.

Didn’t happen as he was asked to “stand down”. Reason given for that was the process is nearing its end (also posted directly by him), which all sounded rather convenient. So is he ‘guru’ or is he not?

Jester backs him and Jester, despite the name, is definitely NOT guru, so that lends some credibility. Hope this helps.

Kellygreen says:                  June 1, 2014 at 11:09 am   Thank you Mygirl Very good background. How does cottrell relate what has his role been ? Does mark z have a site ? You may not be able to give I understand on this site. Just wondering if he disperses on his own site as well. He always sounds credible when its on recaps Thanks

XCE says:             June 1, 2014 at 9:30 pm   WHA,   I feel the TRN are an interesting topic, and wasn’t sure they even existed. As you say, they coincide with the RV, and even the CMKX relese, according to Al Hodges.

Many are skeptical that the TRN even exist, since there is basically no publicly available credible information on it that is widespread.

Is this something that was told to you by your contact, that they were already printed?

It is hard to believe that such a secret was kept, a brand new currency, and it is all of a sudden going to just be sprung on the American public: by the way, we are moving to a brand new currency.

If your contact said they are already printed, I guess that is that. Any more info on this? Thank you



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