Reboot. Boot from LAN or from any other methods you like that are not mentioned on other forums.

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  • This tutorial was tested on Asus Eee PC using one (1) USB 4GB flash drive, also take note that this is not exclusive for Asus Eee PC only. All netbook and lappy that has USB port and capable booting on USB will also work even desktop PC. Installing...

  • ‎efibootmgr: ← Older revision Revision as of 15:45, 27 October 2012 (3 intermediate revisions by one user not shown) Line 166: Line 166: Verify whether there are files in ''/sys/firmware/efi/vars/'' directory. This directory and its contents are...

  • In Forum: Microsoft Operating Systems By User: Phenom II Does anyone know if you can upgrade from WRP? DVD drive on one of my laptops is broken, and it doesn't offer USB booting support. If it did, it would have been back on Windows 7 a few months ago...

  • There's now no shortage of Linux distributions that support Secure Boot out of the box, so that's a mostly solved problem. But even if your distribution supports it entirely you still need to boot your install media in the first place. Hardware initialisation...

  • intro: i am a linux (and ubuntu) newbie and i am having serious trouble getting ubuntu to run on my HP laptop, despite having apparently successfully installed alongside pre-installed windows 10... please help :) issue description: i installed ubuntu...

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    Boot from LAN or from any other methods you like that are not mentioned on other forums.

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