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    via spicystarsmumbai

    ROSE VENKATESH IS INDIA’S FIRST TRANSGENDER TO DIRECT A FILM The Hinglish film CRICKET SCANDAL produced by A. Senthil Kumar and based on betting and match -fixing in cricket world revolves around two parallel stories revolving around the relationship...

  • Tuesday July 2, 2013
    via jenslist

    A Personalized Approach to Finding Your Perfect Nanny After serving as a nanny herself(13yrs for the same family), Heather, co-founder of Classic Nannies’, primary objective has been to bring families and top-tier nannies together into the...

  • By Paula Luu, Communications Manager August 19, 2013  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. I don’t need to explain what social media is because chances are you’re plugged into one, if not most, of these social media platforms...

  • Welcome to all the brave souls that didn't scream and/or quickly scroll on when reading the title. I know a fair percentage of SurvivalBlog readers are concerned about OPSEC, but what about your electronic OPSEC? Is it as good as it should be? As good...

  • buying app reviews INSIDER Idea: Use a free of charge tab software to improve your website page: Facebook allows you make added tabs that can show any extra information that is not conventional. Make as quite a few added menu merchandise your party...

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