Positivists. Primarily a methodological decision to discuss “facts” instead of “ideas”, “sensations” or “matter” – has turned from a challenging...


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  • Article publié dans le Bulletin de la Maison d’Auguste Comte, N° 16, décembre 2016 Clotilde de Vaux et Auguste Comte: la « correspondance sacrée » [1]: Qui lit aujourd’hui la correspondance d’Auguste Comte et de Clotilde de Vaux ? Qui prend le temps...

  • Maison d'Auguste Comte
    via touristlink

    The Maison d'Auguste Comte, also known as the Musée Auguste Comte, is a private museum and archive dedicated to positivist philosopher Auguste Comte (1798-1857). It is maintained by the Association internationale Auguste Comte, located in the 6th arrondissement...

  • How should we then understand?
    via rmadisonj.blogspot

    "In Carl Sagan's rendition of this legend these anti-Copernican scholars are not merely transformed into 'skeptical ecclesiastics' but--for added dramatic effect--high officials of the Church.  Sagan accomplishes this embellishment by borrowing an illustration...

  • Is Scientism a Religion?
    via spiritualcoretheory

    By Thomas Burnett A scientist, my dear friends, is a man who foresees; it is because science provides the means to predict that it is useful, and the scientists are superior to all other men. –Henri de Saint-Simon Scientism is a rather strange word...

  • The Sound of the Gravediggers
    via thearchdruidreport.blogspot

    Over the nearly seven years I’ve spent blogging on The Archdruid Report, the themes of my weekly posts have veered back and forth between pragmatic ways to deal with the crisis of our time and the landscape of ideas that give those steps their...

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Positivists.org popular pages

  • Comte Maxims – Positivism

    p.32: Live openly Act from affection, think in order to act In feeling lies the chief value of feeling We need duties to produce feelings To pray is at one and the same time to live, to think and to a...

  • France – Positivism

    The apartment of Auguste Comte is located on the second floor of Number 10, rue Monsieur le Prince. It covers the entire floor with its 150 square meters. What is left, a century and a half later, of...

  • Welcome! – Positivism

    Welcome! Within less than 200 years positivism – primarily a methodological decision to discuss “facts” instead of “ideas”, “sensations” or “matter” – has turned from a challenging philosophical posit...

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