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  • As a self-appointed pundit, I spend a fair amount of time criticizing the photography industry, but I have a little secret … I love photography! And 2013 brought yet another year full of strange, interesting and inspiring moments in photography...

  • Click here to view the embedded video. Celestial Lights Stunning images of the Aurora Borealis shot in Northern Norway. For those who do not know, auroras are caused by solar activity. This is shortly visualized in the video. Our suns activity...

  • With the city changing at an unprecedented rate, there has never been a better time to watch the skyline grow, so time lapse photography to record it all has become a more common occurance in Toronto as of late. At UrbanToronto we have seen a great mix...

  • Creating a Starlight Time Lapse Video
    via photography.tutsplus

    In this tutorial, we are going to take a look at how to shoot and process a time lapse video of the stars. As the earth rotates, the stars appear to move across the sky during the night, but they move so slowly that the only way to really appreciate...

  • For as long as I’ve been a food blogger, this has been my working rhythm: cook, photograph, edit, write. Photos have played as much a role as words in telling a recipe’s story—I can’t imagine doing one and not the other. Make This Bucatini, Remember...

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