Peach OSI. We will be using Ubuntu Tweak and Grub Customizer to complete the removal - both of which are pre-installed on every Peach distro...

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  • I am quite sure that many of us have heard about Raspberry Pi, the tiny single board computer module that has made it possible to come up with some zany computing solutions. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, here we are with the Banana...

  • Many Raspberry Pi-like developer boards are available, but most can’t run Microsoft’s Windows 10 desktop operating system. OS versatility is a strong suit of the new SolidRun Q4 board. SolidRun can run multiple versions of Windows 10. It has the flexibility...

  • Following the MacBook Pro debacle and the current lack of prospects for desktop Macs, I decided I wasn’t going to wait around for Apple. So after looking at other OS options I started researching the current state of the art in Hackintosh land and looking...

  • Page edited by Richard Francis Changes between revision 74 and revision 75: ... Do you like to enrich your online communications with video clips but baulk at the time and energy it takes to edit them? Anne Osterreider will show you how to achieve...

  • A DIY Tor Wi-Fi Access Point

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  • Peach OSI | A Free Computer Operating System Alternative

    You Can Always Purchase Peach OSI Peach OSI is Available on the Following Media Types DVD - 8 GB FLash Drive - 16 GB Flash Drive Peach OSI on DVD or USB Makes a GREAT GIFT! Barebones DVD 32Bit $7....

  • Peach OSI | A Free Computer Operating System

    This is a brief 5 minute video tutorial that will show you how to clean out older Linux Kernels from within your Peach OSI installation after an update has been delivered via the standard update proce...

  • update | Peach OSI

    Setup Peach to boot to a newer or newly installed Linux Kernel. This is a common issue in different flavors of Ubuntu and you can find plenty of information on the web about a distro of Ubuntu not aut...

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