Noah Garden Centre. Pots, potting mix, gardening tools & landscape services in Singapore. Buy directly from the extensive network of plant nurseries...

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  • Approaches To Start Off A Hydroponics Garden
    via xtremeartandentertaiment.blogspot

    Beginning your own hydroponics garden isn't an easy task when you do not know the how-to of a hydroponics system. Hydroponics is a gardening method which is more preferred nowadays over the traditional use of soil because of a number of factors. One...

  • Innovative approaches and solutions, especially among young entrepreneurs, can be key in advancing Guyana’s agricultural sector. Advancement in the sector can lie in the nuanced ideas which the country’s youth is able to utilise. This is the view shared...

  • ##Background Tim Choy and Jerry Zee worked on replicating the[ DIY plant remediation kit]( as an activity for an undergrad seminar at UC Davis called STS180: Air-Craft....

  • Hello All, I have a Phal, probably a 'Taisuco Kochdian' that has been in Semi-Hydro for two years, currently in bloom and has 38 blooms. a month ago the leaves started looking a bit soft and droopy, not as firm as they used to be. Phal is outside,...

  • Greenhouse on Rooftop
    via financialtribune

    Publish Date: Monday, May 25, 2015 - 06:00 Title: Greenhouse on Rooftop Services: People Ramezan Rostami’s domestic greenhouse on his rooftop produced 1,300 kg of organic cucumbers in the previous Iranian calendar year (ended March 20). He first...

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