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  • Friday July 20 2012
    via jenslist

    Tired of Religious School? The Jewish Learning Community of Adat Ari El is an innovative, exciting and dynamic approach to synagogue based education. The JLC is so far from the traditional religious school model, they even had to change their name!...

  • You happily pay a go to to this expert to get a million dollar smile. Common techniques are removal, correction and replacement of decayed, ruined or lost enamel.In addition, this expert also has to have out personal computer and magnetic resonance...

  • [ Hello! ] Just a quick survey before I start talking. Who here is a programmer? [ I am. ] Who here is interested in learning to program? Excellent. There will probably be more useful advice in here for you. Anyway, hello. My name is tef, and I am a...

  • Hank Berkowitz, Naylor, LLC “When you come to a fork in the road, just take it.” That advice (later turned into a book) came from baseball legend, Yogi Berra. But that’s the approach many associations seem to be following when it comes...

  • We’re all in this together
    via berkeleysciencereview

    Our hot off the presses magazine article, “This is your mind on grad school,” has clearly struck a nerve. In just five days it has had over 27,500 views and is the most viewed article in the history of the BSR website. We are hoping that...

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SOCRATES is an international, refereed (peer-reviewed) and indexed scholarly hybrid open-access journal in Public Administration a...

True Engrossment of Reader is Real Profession of...

True Engrossment of Reader is Real Profession of a Writer.

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  • Art of Problem Solving

    Note: The MiKTeX download file is large - 190 MB. To download and install MiKTeX, do the following: Click here to open the MiKTeX download site. For Mac users, you will need MacTex which can be fou...

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