Manton. I visited the Eyvind Earle special exhibit at the Walt Disney Family Museum. Eyvind was a background painter and concept artist...

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  • OS X Mavericks review
    via theiphoneblog

    Top to bottom review of Apple's newest Mac operating system, OS X Mavericks Over the course of the past decade, we've seen many changes to OS X - some iterative, some significant. OS X's newest incarnation, "Mavericks" or version 10.9, is a bit of both...

  • Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you know that online security is important. You know you need to have strong passwords and change them regularly. But knowing this doesn’t make it any easier to do it. Passwords are just so hard...

  • OS X Mavericks With more than 200 new features coming in the fall, OS X Mavericks brings Maps and iBooks to the Mac, introduces Finder Tags and Tabs, and enhances multi-display support for power users. Apple’s newest Mac OS, Mavericks, is still several...

  • I recently released a new little Mac app, Sticky Notifications. It’s not currently in the App Store, and accordingly I went through a process that many Mac developers face: deciding whether to release software on the App Store, or outside of it (or indeed...

  • Apple has just released the final version of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Existing Mac users can upgrade to Mountain Lion for just $19.99! Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion comes with more than 200 new features. The new iCloud integration and syncing features...

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  • April | 2003 | Manton Reece

    A few weeks ago John Siracusa wrote a great summary of the Finder, with specifics on why the OS X Finder is a step back from the OS 9 Finder. In the second half he provides suggestions for improvement...

  • Sunlit 1.2 | Manton Reece

    Sunlit 1.2 Sunlit version 1.2 is now available in the App Store. It includes a few minor improvements and one major change: you can now use the app with only a Flickr account. It no longer requires Ap...

  • Manton Reece

    Manton Reece When I was in San Francisco last week, I visited the Eyvind Earle special exhibit at the Walt Disney Family Museum. Eyvind was a background painter and concept artist on Sleeping Beauty a...

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