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  • 400+ Free Resources for DevOps & Sysadmins
    via freepythontips.wordpress

    As an Python advocate and educator, I’m always looking for ways to make my job (and yours) easier. This list put together by Morpheus Data offers a ton of great resources for Python users (more than 25 tools specific to Python) and other DevOps and Sysadmins...

  • Docker Java App Load Balanced By Nginx Or Apache HTTP, Mongo Replica Set And Hazelcast Cluster Background To unleash the power of Docker containers for distributed application deployments across multiple servers (or even regions), one must not be restricted...

  • This is a liveblog from the day 2 general session at DockerCon 2015. I was running late from some early morning meetings (sorry folks), so I wasn’t able to catch the first part of the general session (about the first 15 minutes or so). Here’s what I...

  • Microsoft is poised to bring its market leading cloud technology to private and hosted clouds with the upcoming Windows Server 2016. While the server product with all the planned additions is not available yet (a test build is due out later this summer...

  • Recent releases from the Packagist: tcg/event-emitter (v1.0.0, v0.1.1, v0.1.0) A simple event emiter class with glob pattern matching. theiconic/fixtures (v1.5.0) Load fixtures into database from different formats: Yaml, XML, etc. vluzrmos/func-helpers...

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  • plugins Archives - Tyler Longren

    Tyler Longren Simple Tutorial Showing How To Use Composer in Your WordPress Plugin or Theme I love Composer. It just makes including libraries or scripts in your app incredibly easy. So easy that i...

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