Kurzweil Ai. The prosthesis can restore limited vision to some people.


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  • About the Alzheimers 2016 Speakers
    via lifescienceevents

    Jay Amin, University of Southampton, Clinical Neurosciences Division, Memory Assessment and Research Centre, Moorgreen Hospital, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom Jay Amin completed his medical training in Hampshire before specialising in Old Age...

  • We use a unique delivery system which moves minerals, such as Zinc and Copper, through the epidermal layers across semipermeable membranes very quickly to immediately be absorbed by diseased or healthy tissues at very low concentrations. The Krebs cycle...

  • We fought the AI, and the AI won. And in this round of machine learning, computers learned to bluff. In Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh,  Carnegie Mellon University pitted its artificial intelligence poker-playing program, called Libratus, against four...

  • Genetic mutation increases risk of Parkinson’s disease from pesticides Image: Courtesy of Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute at La Jolla November 27, 2013 LA JOLLA, Calif., and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., – A team of researchers has brought...

  • Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies recently found that introducing chemical compounds like THC “reduced inflammation and prevented cell death.” “They don’t call it ‘dope’ because it makes you smarter.” That’s an old head’s way...

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