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  • Much has been written thus far about the inauguration of Donald John Trump as the forty-fifth President of the United States of America on Friday, January 20, 2017, the Feast of Saints Fabian and Sebastian. As I am no longer capable of doing “rapid response...

  • It doesn't matter if you do one workout a week or one workout a day - if you exercise at all, follow these 10 essential rules in order to get strong and lose weight effectively, prevent injury, and love working out enough to stick with it. 1. Thou Shalt...

  • Another 'Ten Commandments'.
    via rosarubicondior.blogspot

    Continuing the Judeo-Christian story of the 'Ten Commandments'... In "What The 'Ten Commandments' Really Tell Us" we saw how the story was almost certainly an attempt to create a convenient 'history' or at least to rewrite it by the winners which had...

  • 5777 Geula Gematria from Sefer Daniel
    via yeranenyaakov.blogspot

    Note what was mentioned a few months ago re: the third-to-last verse in Daniel and 5776: [Rav Fish] quotes R' Menahem Barhum, who says that the entire verse at the end of Daniel: וּמֵעֵת הוּסַר הַתָּמִיד, וְלָתֵת שִׁקּוּץ שֹׁמֵם--יָמִים, אֶלֶף מָאת...

  • I started to read the Bible to see if it could offer me answers beyond the “logical” explanations I already hold. I went into this endeavor with an open mind, ready to change my belief system if it was sufficiently challenged. The Bible contains two...

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