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  • 20 Useless Facts About Dogs
    via ownedbyahusky.blogspot

    Today, I thought it would be fun to throw out some fun dog facts. Are they useless dog facts? You be the judge! One thing I can say is researching "useless dog facts" in google proved to be an interesting day! LOL! 20 Useless Dog Facts: Remember the...

  • Dogs are basically furry multi talented animals that are a boon to the human race. They do all the stuff ranging from domestic help like hunting, herding and pulling to professional help like police assistance, military and security. Most of all, dogs...

  • Clan-mates x
    via warriorcatclans2

    . HOME | MENTORS/APPRENTICES | PATROLS . L E A D E R | Skunkstar Roleplayed by Ashenfate The first thing you do when you see her, is double-take. Confusion washes over you, then you realize, this is not a mix between a cat and a skunk. It is a cat...

  • I’m supposed to meet Chloe on the terrace of a Park Avenue Le Pain Quotidien one August afternoon, but like any good starlet, she's running a little late. Something about attending a graduation. By the time she shows up, I already have a coffee on the...

  • Fascinating Dog Facts
    via canidaepetfood.blogspot

    Lundehund By Linda Cole Dogs are such interesting creatures. We’ve had an association with them for centuries, but scientists have only recently begun to understand how unique and special they are. Because of selective breeding over the years, we've...

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  • Dogs websites in Canada | Websites.ca

    Get a New Website We can set up a new website for you or fix up your old one. We take care of the design, hosting, and we do your updates for you year-round.Web Design Services Local Web Design across...

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