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  • There are a lot of things you can create with custom HTML5. The new elements make it possible to simplify things as opposed in the past that you need to add CSS to make it work or display. Two of the good examples are the audio and video elements. Although...

  • alvinashcraft shared this story from Codrops. View demo Download source Today we’re going to create an animated SVG drum kit that can be played by clicking, tapping or using your keyboard, and that can also be programmed to play by itself! We’ll be...

  • Realize your creative vision with the countless new features and enhancements in Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium software, including support for next-generation tapeless workflows, project intelligence with XMP metadata support, powerful speech...

  • For the complete tutorial, click here                   About Video and Audio Files: You can add video and audio files to your webpage by either providing links to the files or embedding them directly...

  • I need help creating an image map for an artificial Kansas Statewide Election Race. I seem to have everything correct as far as I can tell except the image map that needs to be coded into the homepage and webpages for each of the four districts because...

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