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  • The scandal of Hillary Clinton’s “home brew” email server, as it is played out over more than a year and a half, has served as a Rorschach test for her supporters and opponents. In her critics’ eyes it’s just another example of the Clinton family taking...

  • Created page with "Simulator_User_Group {| | Prev 2013.07.02 | Next 2013.07.16 |} == List of Spe…" New page [[Simulator_User_Group]] {| | [[Simulator_User_Group/Transcripts/2013.07.02|Prev 2013.07.02]] | [[Simulator_User_Group/Transcripts...

  • As a sales manager, you have an incredible opportunity to impact your team. However, the sales manager responsibilities are sometimes vague. You’re in the ideal position to really empower and motivate your salespeople and kill your sales goals. Unfortunately...

  • 1. Ruth Robinson met James Bailey by accident. Robinson, a 39-year-old lawyer from Birmingham, Alabama, was trying to schedule a legal visit at Holman Correctional Facility with an inmate named Bailey. But it turned out there was more than one inmate...

  • Editor’s Note: In this partner interview, Robert Cioffi, CEO of Progressive Computing and Ted Hulsy, VP of Marketing at eFolder explore a variety of topics such as ways to sell against free consumer file sync services and the importance of training clients...

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