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  • Yasoob Khalid: Your first talk
    via planet.python

    Hi there folks. It’s been a long time since I wrote on this blog. I have been very busy with university applications. A lot has happened recently which I will love to share with you. Firstly, I got a news from a friend that my book is being used in McGill...

  • Picture by As exciting as it is, the world of audio is extremely vague and can easily be frightening for any newcomers -the word itself covering such a variety of fields with so few common things between them. It seemed important, for...

  • As a GIS analyst, you can raise your market value by learning to program. This is easier said than done: the possibilities can be overwhelming, especially if you don´t know where to begin. That´s why I put together this guide to get you started with...

  • This week Commander Mark Divine talks to Olaniyi Sobomehin about how to foster mental toughness. Olaniyi is a former NFL player, and has just left firefighting to focus on his business and his podcast, “I’m not you.” What are the mental and emotional...

  • Past Intoductions
    via musicbanter

    I hope nobody hates me for doing this but I thought it'd be interesting. I've gone through the Introductions pages and found some of our friends and fine members when they first got here. If you feel left out keep in mind that I'm going though almost...

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  • The Python yield keyword explained | Python Tips

    Hi there folks. Again welcome to yet another useful tutorial. This is again a stackoverflow answer. This one is related to the Python yield keyword. It explains you what yield, generators and iterable...

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