I hope nobody hates me for doing this but I thought it'd be interesting. I've gone through the Introductions pages and found some of our friends and fine members when they first got here. If you feel left out keep in mind that I'm going though almost 200 pages. It's entirely possible I missed something. Here we go...



my buddies call me ski, or Kingsley, though i dont know why about the Kingsley. im a great guy if you dont know me, and i live in the Chi. aka Chicago.



I'm here! G'day, I'm Jessika. This seems like a wicked forum, so I'll be glad to hear from you guys. You love it!



DJChameleon here reppin' FSR......which stands for Fo' Sho' Radio

You'll find out more about that as time goes by.....so hi all

Sparky This mofo had two...


guess i forgot to do this

umm..the name is matt, just decided to join because it seemed like a pretty low-key place, with people who have good taste in music


hi im sexy beast!

im 15 im a girl

and i like coal chamber and sunny day real estate




I have never introduced myself. I'm bald, love a beer and like some really crap music. Who are you?



Been lurking , time for an intro.

Diverse musical tastes, 60's rock-Stones, The Who, Kinks etc.

Punk, Clash, The Stranglers, Talking Heads.

Bauhaus-top band.

Biggest love of all is rare 60's Soul (northern soul).

Big Hello everyone.

Looking forward to the crack.

Mr. Dave


the 'if you're new read this thread' instructs to make one of these to get some of the above. bring it on people. hahahaha

at this point in the game i prefer talking about making music and gear more than actual bands and whatnot. been playing bass and guitar for about 10 - 15 years respectively. working on developing my own sound for the past 10 years or so. i'd rather have people going WTF? after hearing me play than 'wow you sound just like so and so'.

i've had the strat (mexican) in my avatar since 1995.



The post was huge.

gunnels (Oh JD, your taste has gotten so much better dude)



new here, obviously.

My favorite band is AFI, my other favorites include...

My Chemical Romance

Five Finger Death Punch

Slip Knot

Coheed and Cambria


System of a Down

Serj Tankian

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sum 41

Bullet for my Valentine

Def Leppard


and Lamb of God

...so...yeah, hi.


eric generic


yes yes i know my name sucks and is unoriginal but i suck at thinkin up random stuff.(its my last name + my year of birth). anyways I am always looking for good music to explore. I lean towards indie but I will listen to most anything(save country). so, how goes it




That's how gangstaz speak, amirite?! HAHAHAHA

Anyway, lame introductions aside, I'm Surell, as made known by my username. I just got banned from a forum (ain't this ominous :o) for a little bit and needed to find a new place to chill. I was wondering what kind of forum I should join, and thought that a music forum would be nice, because music has played a big role in my life lately. Check my account out if you want to know about me. As for favorite music, I would say I like about everything, except country (Willie and Cash excluded, Hank Sr. too maybe) and emo. So... yeah. favorite artists are... ****, a lot. You'll probably know about it all quick style anyway, so introduce me and whatever. Peace.

Arya Stark


I joined this because it was for a Math assignment.

Weird, I know, but if you'd like I could explain it to you in a PM.

After I joined it, I realized how much I like it.

Um... ^_^; hi...? [=



Also huge.

Junkyard Donner You had two here butt.


Name: Stephenie.

Age: 5 days to 18.

Location: The big Wy-O.

Favorite bands: Rocco DeLuca & the Burden, The Offspring, The Beatles, System of a Down, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Bush, Audioslave, Disturbed, Matisyahu.

Favorite movies: Breakfast Club, Donnie Darko, American History X, Four Brothers, Into the Wild, Billy Madison, Tommy Boy.

Anything else: I like art.


It's been a really ****ing long time since I've been on here (maybe not that long, actually, but a large enough block of time that you've probably all forgotten me or thought I died) so I thought I might as well post a new intro thread.

I am the greatest anything ever. I'm a really modest person, and I like grapes. I love music and ****, which is why I'm here. Those of you who remember when I graced you with my ramblings know the bands I listen to, so I'm not going to list them all.


(I really hope for my sake that you do remember me because I may or may not be sad if you don't.)





hey the name's antonio and i'm new to this site. i mostly like rock and metal, and i play guitar, bass, trumpet and harmonica. my favorite bands are Clutch, Mastodon, BTBAM, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin

so, what's up?



Hey folks. I signed up in September 08 (didn't realize it was that long ago!) but never introduced myself. Nor did I post much...just one post and a few poll votes, really.

I'm always looking for places to kill time online, and music is my favorite hobby. So here I am, ready to meet some new folks and discuss and discover music.



Burning Down


Obviously I'm new here

I looooveeee music and play several instruments: Flute, Guitar (electric and acoustic), Bass Guitar, and some drums and piano.

My favourite bands are R.E.M. (#1), the Beatles, the Who, Coldplay, and Queen. But I also listen to lots of jazz (I was lead guitarist in my high school jazz band as well as a local jazz band).

I'm a university music student and I just finished my first year. I study flute at school and quite enjoy it

BTW my username is derived from the song "Burning Down" by R.E.M., off of Dead Letter Office. It's one of my favourite songs by them - maybe some of you know it? lol




Hello, All! This is Erica, a songwriter and novice singer, guitarist, and currently also percussionist, who is making vegan vegetarian music under the name of Vegangelica. I finally looked past the “Artists’ Corner” and saw there was an Introductions section and so am finally posting information about myself here.

I joined the forum for two main reasons:

(1) To share my song lyrics and find out how other vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians perceive them, as well as listen to any changes they recommend.

(2) Although I’ve played classical violin for 32 years, I am new at the electric guitar (6 months) and at drums (1 month), and so have had some technical issues with recording that I hoped to get answered.

I’ve discovered by reading the posts that there are a lot of funny and helpful people on the forum who offer constructive criticism, suggestions, and support for other musicians/songwriters, whatever their skill level, which is wonderful. -- Erica

To be continued...

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