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  • Hotel Transylvania weekend box office could reach $40m in the United States and Canada HT may turn out to be Sony Pictures Animation's biggest all-animated box-office blockbuster ever. According to studio estimates found at the web site Box Office Mojo...

  • (Below are some pages uncovered from comedian/actor/writer Adam Sandler's personal journal) January, 2006 Dear Journal, Schneider is right. Being clever is hard. Why even try? You can make just as much money writing and appearing in crap. I mean, you...

  • 2nd September – Keanu Reeves Who doesn’t know this famous Canadian actor? What you probably didn’t know was that he was born in Lebanon! Most people will know him from the futuristic Matrix movie trilogy in which he starred as the main character Neo...

  • You may know Elle King as the daughter of all-time great comedian Rob Schneider, famous for blockbuster roles in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, The Hot Chick, and Grown Ups. Actually, you probably don’t. Consider that a bonus fact on this journey of learning...

  • On the heels of his controversial JFK (1991), director, Oliver Stone tackled an even more ambitious, and, unfairly maligned presidency, with Nixon (1995); at times, critical, though, arguably a fair and intermittently compassionate likeness of an extremely...

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