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  • Traveling US Route 1 along the coast of Maine may well be the most interesting and scenic road trip in America. Maine enjoys an abundance of natural attractions including an estimated 5,000 miles of coastline (more than California!), Acadia National...

  • Cruising Aboard M.V. GRANDE CARIBE On A Blount Small Ship Adventure By Shawn J. Dake All Photographs By Shawn J. Dake, © 2013. There are still undiscovered gems to be found in the world of cruising. While big ships dominate the aquatic headlines...

  • Mike Cohen Travel – Myrtle Beach
    via montrealjewishmagazine

    For many years now my family I have contemplated a summer vacation in Myrtle Beach (, dubbed “the jewel of South Carolina.” In early winter, we had a family meeting and decided that the time had come to finally experience a week...

  • Island nations seem to have a proclivity towards generating trash. Despite pushes for recycling and responsible resource use globally, waste generated from human...

  • Rockland is great, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There’s a lot of pretty things to see, especially if you’re willing to leave Rt. 1 and explore the area. Rockport has a pond so perfect you’ll forget you’re not 10 years old anymore. Camden has...

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