Chemistry Twig. August 25, 2015 Sometimes chemical reactions end with a bang, even if it’s not intentional. Check out the below video of the Tianjin...

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  • IEEE has asked for 3,500 words on Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). This is my first draft toward a late 2016 publication date. I invite comments — what am I missing, what is not clear? Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) Robert D. Steele...

  • I have to admit breakfast is the one part of my life that’s pretty consistent. I’ve tried to branch out but my dial always swings back to some sort of fruity/veggie component (I try to do in season), organic sourdough toast from down tut road, mother...

  • Cleanse Essentials Review – Detoxification Benefits I f you are wondering what is the best way to get cleanse from the inside the answer is Cleanse Essentials. What is Cleanse Essentials? If you are like other food lovers out there your main problem...

  • Five-cent chemistry
    via news-info.wustl

    Chemical synthesis can transform commodity chemicals into complex life-saving drugs, household products, or advanced materials. But this “alchemy” can also produce huge amounts of toxic waste or require harsh and dangerous conditions — and often relies...

  • Yes hello, welcome to another edition of Boombox presents. Today is a very special edition ladies and gentlemen; I have a very special guest helping me predict Wrestlemania. Now in the past I’ve written these prediction columns with various inanimate...

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  • How to Make Iodine | ChemistryTwig

    You used to be able to buy iodine crystals… but that’s no longer the case. Unfortunately iodine crystals are used in the production of meth, and just like anything else used in the production of meth...

  • Featured | ChemistryTwig

    April 30, 2014 I so often hear the following: Bob: “What do you do for a job?” Emily: “I’m a chemical engineer.” Bob: “Oh, so you’re a chemist. They’re the same

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