Centurion Safety. Visors (face) and ear defenders (hearing protection).


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  • With America once again leading the world in energy production, the need for flame resistant clothing (FRC) to protect US oil, gas, and electrical workers is on the rise, driving an examination of safety standards as well as increased textile innovation...

  • Personal Protective Equipment for Safety of Employees Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the equipment or a device which is intended to be worn or otherwise used by an employee at work and which protects the employee against one or more risks arising...

  • – Detailed 2017 Pioneer 700 Side by Side Buyer’s Guide | UTV / ATV / SxS Utility Vehicle Model Overview – Let’s kick today off with a Review / Buyer’s Guide on the 2017 Pioneer 700 & Deluxe version that includes EPS (Electric Power Steering) among...

  • BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe, 2013
    via indoautomobiles.blogspot

    BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe, 2013 Once again BMW is advancing into a new vehicle segment with the introduction of the BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe. Following the convertible and the Coupe in the BMW 6-Series, this new exclusive model is the true embodiment of...

  • Clothed in Safety
    via businessinfocusmagazine

    Clothed in Safety Workrite Uniform CompanyBy Claire Suttles View in E-MagazineView in Brochure> Workrite Uniform Company has been a trailblazer in the flame-resistant (FR) clothing industry since it was founded in 1973. Four decades later, the...

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Centurionsafety.eu popular pages

  • Centurion Safety EU

    Centurion manufacture safety products including safety helmets (head protection), visors (face) and ear defenders (hearing protection).

  • Spectrum - Product Solutions - Centurion Safety EU

    Spectrum One of our pioneering head protection systems – with integrated over spectacles to deliver grade B medium energy EN 166 impact protection. Also suitable for wearers of prescription eyewear. E...

  • Vision

    The Vision safety helmet includes a fully retractable visor, Terylene cradle and the Hydro-Flock high absorbency sweatband. The unique design of the Vision visor allows prescription glasses to be wor...

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