Californian Chicken Blogspot. Et de leur maman dans leur poulailler californien. Ou leur hebdomadaire?

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  • It's time to shift from materialism to experientialism, says author James Wallman. British trend forecaster James Wallman has coined a new word: “Stuffocation.” (Think “stuff” and “suffocation.”) Wallman claims it...

  • I old Tom will hear from Forest reviews . info in this video I'm just going to go the my strategy i use on the daily chart I call the for extremely alert camera system I'm not been using the system for quite a while it probably has a success ratio of...

  • All right, so you got your visiting room over here, which is where your mommy or daddy will come and visit you. You gotta put their names on the list. This area, down here, out of bounds, okay, guys, until you get assigned down here Ooh! They must've...

  • The Zodiac: Book 3: Pisces - Chapter 70 Part 2
    via fictionalfantasies.tumblr

    Authors Note: I changed the banner because the banner I have been using was made back when I first started writing this in 2010. When I was writing it then, it was going to have a totally different ending than the several I have in mind now. This story...

  • Road Rehash: Rolling Down Rodeo
    via poundingtherock

    Opening Hash In the 28 years of existence within the city of Los Angeles, the Clippers have only made the playoffs five times. Their in-city rivals, the Lakers, have only missed the playoffs twice within that same span. The two teams have played 12...

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  • Californian Chicken

    Le quotidien de Tipoulet et La Poulette, et de leur maman dans leur poulailler californien. Ou leur hebdomadaire?

  • Californian Chicken: May 2013

    Monday, May 27, 2013 Hier, on a donc organisé une fête d'anniversaire pirate pour les loulous.  On avait bien bossé les jours précédents, avec les courses et la cuisine à faire, le remplissage des p...

  • Californian Chicken: January 2017

    Happy New Year, from the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco De notre côté, on a passé une très chouette semaine de ski à Tahoe. J'ai même récupéré mes bâtons (putain, 5 ans!), puisque La...

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