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  • Your favourite breakfast flavours in one delicious cake! Banana cake, maple sugar glaze, and candied bacon. You’re probably thinking to yourself, Banana and bacon? Umm, gross. You wouldn’t be alone. That’s the reaction I got from a couple blogger friends...

  • Ok, so this month we have the challenge to create a recipe inspired by weir but delicious ingredients in a bundt cake, and this challenge was a little difficult for me, because I’m use to a familiar flavor combinations and it was a little hard to think...

  • I love my post title for today, yeah, i can smell the flavors as i say the name. hmmm, my kitchen smells roses for the past 1 week. Oh yes, since i noted down the title, i was thinking what strange flavors should i bake. Suddenly i remembered a packet...

  • Brand is the be-all-end-all of Donald Trump. And the core of Trump’s brand is that squinty, jut-jowled, unreflective scowl, the Dirty Harry stare he insists on plastering everywhere — book covers, posters, his website—because it advertises his most marketable...

  • If you hear "stir-fry" and think "pan-fried veggies and maybe some chicken—meh, boring," allow us to open your mind. Rather, let this week's featured foodie do it: Caroline Phelps of Pickled Plum is here to share nine of her favorite stir-fry recipes...

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  • homemade cheese crackers | brooklyn supper

    I have a pretty serious thing for cheese crackers and cheesy goodness in general. Because most crackers are really not that good for you, I have tried to put some distance between me and my beloved cr...

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