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  • It’s almost the halfway point in the Big Brother 16 season – as these houseguests have been locked up for 43 days. Only 5 people have left – so the game is gonna start moving fast. All the lying & sneaking around will start to catch up to people...

    via debsdailydribble.blogspot

    Been busy this week with other things besides sewing, so haven't got my usual amount done.  But it's OK, I am moving right along, lol. If you recall I made Christmas pillowcases for all of my grandkids last Christmas.  Sam and Luke LOVED theirs soo...

  • Real Prettiness I am a half-Peruvian photographer from Germany and I am 24 years old. My full name is Linda Dajana Kruger but my artist name is Dai Lyn Power. My intention was to call attention to people living with Down syndrome. I want people to see...

  • Two Week Old Brody!
    via deeply-in-love

    I did a blog post about Tanner when he was two weeks old, so I wanted to make sure to document our little Brody at two weeks as well (even though he is 2 weeks and 3 days as I type this).  I am working on typing out my birth story and hoping to finish...

  • 15 Cutest Pinoy Celebrity Kids
    via smartparenting

    Thanks to social media, we "common" people can get to have a glimpse of the stars' kids as they grow up--and look how oh-so-cute they are! With their celebrity parents sharing their milstones and cute pic onlins, we feel like they're growing up right...

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  • Big Brother 16 Blog..because you're addicted.

    Welcome to the Big Brother 16 Blog! Your source for Big Brother 16 live updates, gossip, videos, pictures, ebay auctions, rumors, spoilers and so much more! Stay tuned for the Season 16 of Big Brother...

  • Big Brother 16 Blog..because you're addicted.

    Big Brother 16 Blog..because you're addicted. The Tip Jar If you love my Big Brother 16 Blog, then please help keep it alive by making a donation! I single handedly run this blog on my own & spend ...

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