My first article on my trip to Sicily was published over on Palate Press today.  I must admit, it was difficult to write!  There was so much I wanted to say about this incredible region, and to have to compile a weeks worth of information, people, wine, food, scenery, into one article was a challenging task!

There were so many fantastic memories from the trip.  So much I wanted to say.  Starting with our arrival into the city of Palermo.

Images of Palermo

Osteria dei Vespri in the heart of Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Including a casual lunch at Osteria dei Vespri in the heart of Palermo, with this sidewalk entertainment, before heading south into the countryside…

To visit the Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Followed by incredible views like this…

And vineyards that lead right up to the sea…

And don’t even get me started on the food…

Especially the meatballs.

And the Cannoli… OMG the Cannolis!!

Or all the sweets for that matter.

And then the time where I was offered hands-on cooking lessons from the locals. My hands got nice and dirty learning how to make homemade pasta from the experts.

And of course the fantastic wines!

And the gorgeous scenery.

One of Donnafugata Winery’s many gorgeous vineyard sites in Sicily, lined with olive trees (above)

The Laguna dello Stagnone, Salt Mill, located in Marsala, Sicily

And last, but not least, fantastic people!

My traveling companions, Frank Baldock from Winexpress (left), and  Jessica Altieri from Wine Channel TV (right)

After delving deep into my notes I realized the sum of what’s going on in the western Sicilian wine world could really be summarized through one incredible producer on the island – Donnafugata.  Understanding what’s going on with this producer is a great place to begin learning about Sicily and its wines.

There are so many more stories I have to share from this incredible region, so please stay tuned over the next few weeks as we explore, and savor, Sicily.

Until then, please check out my first piece on the region over at Palate Press — Donnafugata and the New Western Sicily.

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