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What’s new on Check updates and related news right now. Simcha Spot is pretty active and updates frequently with 100+ articles published this month alone (they might potentially reach about 136K visitors within the said period of time). It is generally safe for browsing, so you may click any item to proceed to the site.

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  • April 17 In History 69: After the First Battle of Bedriacum, Vitellius becomes Roman Emperor. The year 69 was called “The Year of the Four Emperors” because four different claimants held the position in this brief period of time.  According to Rome...

  • Please read, click: A MUST READ FOR ALL JEWS AND CHRISTIANS WHO VISIT THIS WEB-SITE! We believe, Yehudah has to go her ‘prophetic way’: in ‘the Judicial Authority (Mechoqeck*) of HaShem: The Rabbinical leadership is the Divinely authorized Teacher...

  • From Ian: Khaled Abu Toameh: "No Room for the Zionist Entity in the Region" "The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) believes that the land of Palestine has been an Islamic Wakf throughout the generations and until the Day of Resurrection, no one can...

  • YUTorah on parashat Beshalach
    via parsha.blogspot

    Download the YUTorah Parsha Reader for Beshalach 5774  Audio Shiurim on Beshalach Rabbi Elchanan Adler: Shirat HaYam, Marah, and Tu B'Shevat Rabbi Hanan Balk: Righteous Women, Miriam, and the Redemption from Egypt Rabbi Asher...

  • The Ger Who Serves On High
    via soulmazal.blogspot

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE HE Parashas Shemini The Ger, The Priest: Servicing God Above Rabbi David Katz Parashas Shemini is a Parsha that has perhaps the richest wealth of Allegorical depth in the entire Torah. Whether one wishes...

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