Drupal is one of the most sophisticated content management systems for developing and managing robust websites, social media networks as well as applications. You needn’t look far to find great examples of Drupal being used by some of the most renowned organisations across the world. Few of these examples include Google, Warner Bros Music, Harvard University, The United Nations, FedEx and Disney. From individual blogs to massive corporate websites, Drupal has been the first choice for online projects.

Some of the reasons why Drupal is a great choice for many organisations are as under:

1) Drupal includes a large number of functionalities such as menu management, users management, graphics modification tools, etc. These are the functions which make it extremely easy for companies to create sophisticated blogs, websites, social networking pages and discussion boards.

2) Administers can create new user accounts to establish their permission rights.

3) Drupal is extremely customisable. Be it in terms of functionality, layout, design or features, you can make a Drupal website lean or fully featured as per your requirements. Unlike other CMS products which allow you to function within rigid paradigm, a Drupal website can be conceptualised and structured in a conceivable way.

4) Owing to Drupal’s scalability, manageability and reliability, Drupal is widely preferred by people all across the globe. In addition, a dedicated team is continuously monitoring and addressing various security issues with Drupal core. This makes Drupal a unique CMS product among all. Also, there are hundreds of developers working with the product regularly on various configurations. Therefore, there’s huge strength in numbers to address security issues.

5) Drupal’s interoperability makes it one of the most chosen CMS’s across the world. Drupal can easily integrate with various other web applications with the help of web services such as REST, XML, JSON.

6) Drupal offers a long term business security to its users. drupal development provides a large number of functionality and features which you might require within a single framework. This allows a greater control over the users and the systems with less complexity.

7) Drupal’s primary attraction is its feature of high-end content creation. Users are at their free will to add useful modules such as revision controls, polls, podcasts and videos in their blog sites with Drupal CMS.

8) Getting a variety of designs is easy with Drupal. There are a large number of eye-catching templates and themes that Drupal CMS carries. You can choose your favourite ones as per your preferences and requirements to give your website an attractive look.

9) Drupal enhancements are always in sync with the requirements of the developers who are using it on a daily basis unlike a host of unnecessary features various CMS products include.

10) Since Drupal is written in a widely popular and accessible web programming language PHP, it can be developed and managed by a large group of web developers, that too, quite easily.

Drupal is a great product with an enormous user base. This open-source CMS is considered to be one of the most intricate content management systems by few of the biggest companies all over the world. Are you ready to use it for your next online project?

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