We publish in full an article written by Nick Griffin  for the Alliance For Peace And Freedom (APF), an association of Europe-based nationalist parties.  The material here impacts directly upon groups in Australia such as Q Society, Australian Liberty Alliance and elements within Reclaim Australia, Party For Freedom and Rise Up Australia Party. Much of their activism is part of the similar Trojan Horse politics waged in Europe by an international cabal of Ziopatriots and is directly linked to it.

In 2016, these Ziopatriots will be beaten back out of the ‘Islam wise’ groups which have emerged in Australia, groups which question one part of
Australia’s immigration mess and are open to see that Israel is as much a problem in the Middle East as Islamism.

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The Zionist Takeover of European Nationalism and The Mohammad Cartoons Plot

A special, in-depth investigation by former MEP Nick Griffin for the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, by Nick Griffin, March 1, 2016, published in neo-cons:  http://alliance-for-peace-and-freedom.com/2016/03/the-zionist-takeover-of-european-nationalism-and-the-mohammad-cartoons-plot/

“What is behind the promotion of Pegida and related plans by counter-jihad activists to go public with ultra-provocative cartoons of Mohammad?

Is it a legitimate stand for free speech, a high risk but sincere attempt to ‘bring things to a head’ before the demographics swing even further in favour of the Muslim colonists of our nations, or a cynical and sinister Zionist plot to spark trouble on such a scale that it pushes Western public opinion into backing Israel under all circumstances?

Needless to say, all genuine nationalists start from a position of instinctive and healthy hostility to the Muslim invasion of our lands. Equally, however, all radical nationalists are also well aware that this invasion, just like all mass Third World immigration, didn’t just happen.

Rather, as all but the newest readers of this site will be aware, the invasion was deliberately planned as part of a programme of ‘white genocide’ – a programme in which Talmudic racist supremacism, which predates but underpins Zionism, played and plays a key part as a motivating force.

It is likely that the large majority of the growing number of nationalists who understand this will already have at least grave suspicions of the civic nationalism of semi-respectable parties such as Ukip, Marine Le Pen’s Front National and Geert Wilder’s Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid – PVV).

Whole Pack of Rats

Likewise, many smell a whole pack of rats when they look at the huge network of websites, blogs, think-tanks and street protest groups which work to focus public concern on ‘the Islamic threat’, often while promoting a liberal and distinctly un-nationalist line on issues such as abortion, ‘gay rights’ and non-Muslim immigration.

Graphic produced by Zionist Pegida activists in Germany boasting of the Jewish (actually, Zionist) role in the Counter-Jihad movement

‘What Lies Behind the English Defence League?’ was a detailed study of this latter phenomenon, which I researched and wrote in July 2013. At the time it had a big impact, making it very clear that there was in fact nothing English, or natural, about the EDL.

Parts of the document are now naturally dated, but the core section about how the EDL was founded and funded by a small clique employed directly or indirectly by Frank Gaffney’s Center for Policy Studies, remains very relevant. Through Alan Lake, Chris Knowles and several others, the EDL was from the outset a wholly owned subsidiary of an extremely wealthy neo-con/Zionist nexus whose central raison d’etre is to manipulate public opinion in the West in favour of the ultra-Zionist Likud regime in Israel.

Faced with the hard and documented facts as to how the EDL was from the very beginning conceived, created, funded, organised and directed by precisely the same neo-con/Likudnik clique that used the WMD hoax to drag Britain and America into a War for Israel against Iraq, large numbers of more switched-on patriots ditched the ‘Tommy Robinson’ show and went off to ‘do their own thing’.

With the EDL in free-fall, just three months later Tommy himself defected to what appeared to be ‘the other side’, joining the “moderate Muslim” Quilliam Foundation.

Needless to say, the simplistic anti-Muslim types who had provided the EDL’s cannon-fodder were appalled. A more dispassionate assessment, however, quickly reveals that in switching from the EDL to Quilliam, Tommy was in fact simply moving to a different branch of what is essentially the same operation.

Quilliam’s funding is shrouded in mystery, although £1.2 Million of Home Office money undoubtedly helps to pay its directors’ £85,000 per annum salaries. The fact that arch-neo-con Michael Gove has from the very start been on Quilliam’s Advisory Board should, however, set alarm bells ringing, and the more one digs, the worse it gets.

The EDL’s ‘British’ Roots (happy Ziopatriots)

Neo-con Likudniks

Quite apart from Gove, Quilliam’s Board includes key personnel who have open sympathies and links with the blatantly neo-con Henry Jackson Society, which has several direct links to none other than Frank Gaffney and which is funded by precisely the same clique of neo-con/Zionist Likudnik millionaires as also back Pam Geller, Robert Spencer and all the other hardcore anti-Muslim propagandists who so busily promote both Tommy Robinson and the Mohammad cartoons.

Kingston University’s Dr Marko Hoare, formerly a senior member of the Henry Jackson Society (although he has since left in protest at its ‘extremism’), writes on his own website:

“The HJS is a UK think-tank frequently described as ‘neoconservative’. It includes among its Trustees Michael Gove, the current Secretary of State for Education, and it is alleged to have influenced the foreign policy of David Cameron and William Hague. It currently serves as a secretariat, at the House of Commons, to the All-Party Parliamentary Groups for Transatlantic and International Security and for Homeland Security.”

A Guardian article written during the launch of the Henry Jackson Society in 2005 stated that:

“Richard Perle, one of the Pentagon advisers credited with persuading George Bush of the case for invading Iraq, worked for [Henry] Jackson and is one of the Society’s patrons.

“The list of patrons reads like a roll call of hawks: William Kristol of the rightwing Weekly Standard, the former Nato commander General Jack Sheehan and the ex-CIA director James Woolsey, among others. The supporters include a smattering of spooks, diplomats, Times journalists and grandees whom recent events have treated badly: David Trimble, Colonel Tim Collins, Irwin Stelzer (another Cameron fan) and the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove.”

Other HJS patrons include Richard Perle, a key driver in dragging us to war in Iraq, and Carl Gershman, president of the National Endowment for Democracy. This is one of the main channels for funds from the CIA and George Soros to be poured into ‘remaking’ the Middle East during the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ which opened the way for the Islamist uprisings in Libya, Syria and Egypt. The NED’s other big ‘regime change’ programme is in eastern Europe, where it played a key role in the US/EU coup in Ukraine. Its ultimate goal is a ‘coloured revolution’ to remove President Putin and bring Russia back under US control.

Two other particularly noteworthy HJS patrons are Robert Kagan and William Kristol. Kagan’s wife, Victoria Nuland, was the Washington controller of the Kiev coup who famously said “Fuck the EU” while giving orders as to who should run the new Ukrainian puppet regime.

Both Kagan and Kristol were key members of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), the neo-con think-tank which proposed the Iraq War as a stepping stone to the destruction of Iran and an independent Russia.

The PNAC also, of course, included Frank Gaffney, just another example of the two degrees of separation between the cartoon plotters who want to bring chaos and murder to the back streets of little towns in northern England, and the big boys who do the same thing on an international scale.

The HJS Campaigns Director is one Raheem Kassam, formerly Executive Editor of the neocon website’ Commentator’. In an article for Standpoint magazine in September 2010, Raheem Kassam wrote glowingly about an article which Quilliam co-founder Maajid Nawaz had written for the Wall Street Journal. Although Kassam disagreed with Nawaz’s conclusion, he also stated:

“I say this with as much respect as possible for a man whose organisation I have worked with closely over the past twelve months.”

Operation Cast Lead

As well as ‘working closely’ with Quilliam, Kassam is also Director of ‘Student Rights’. By Kassam’s own admission, this propaganda operation was founded in direct response to the increase in pro-Palestinian activism by students on British campuses after Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” attack against Gaza, which led to a catastrophic drop in public support for Israel in Britain and the USA. This very clearly supports this thesis that the cartoon plot is also a Likudnik Public Relations exercise.

Student Rights shares the same address as the Henry Jackson Society, 43-49 Parker Street, London, while its Board includes Alan Mendoza, who is also Executive Director of the HJS, and Daniel Johnson, editor of the ultra-neo-con magazine Standpoint, which frequently carries articles by HJS writers, particularly Douglas Murray, who incidentally also runs a sort of unofficial mutual admiration society with Tommy Robinson.

Most blatant of all, Quilliam’s Head of Research, Ghaffar Hussain, is an Associate Fellow of the Henry Jackson Society. The HJS’s own website confirmed Hussain to be part of the organisation’s “Professional Staff” and revealed that “he also works as Head of Outreach and Training at the counter-extremism think-tank, the Quilliam Foundation in a freelance capacity”

Quilliam enthusiastically promoted a friendly interview which Ghaffar Hussain gave to the Clarion Project, the ultra-Zionist operation run by massively wealthy Canadian Rabbi Raphael Shore, which we have already come across running the EDL’s Friends of Israel when Tommy Tobinson was the front man.

Among the ‘Muslim academics’ whose ideas have been promoted by Quilliam is Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamini, who also happens to be a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the neo-con Gatestone Intstitute. Al-Tamini began his career as an intern working for Daniel Pipes, whose own little empire of think-tanks and front groups is of course funded by exactly the same billionaires as provided the money for Frank Gaffney’s Center for Policy Studies to set up the English Defence League.

Quite why any Muslim would sell their souls to people so clearly rabidly hostile to Islam in general and to the Arab presence in Palestine in particular is unclear. It may just be about the money, but someone closer to the phenomenon than the current author may care to investigate the hunch that some of them at least will be motivated by the same homosexual agenda that leads young English and American intellectuals to take the side of the warmongers against both mainstream and radical Islam, as well as against Putin.

Not So Secret Meeting

Coming right up to date, the Knights Templar International (KTI) website and more recently Hope Not Hate have both run major pieces giving details of a meeting at which Tommy Robinson, EDL founder Alan Ayling (aka Alan Lake) and Ann Marie Waters, lesbian founder of ShariaWatch, tried to persuade Britain First founder Jim Dowson (who has now left that orgnisation) to do the social media PR work for a new counter-jihad operation.

Left, Waters. Centre, Robinson. Right, Paul Weston, long-term associate of CPS front-group the International Free Press Society

This is supposed to pick up where the EDL left off in terms of trying to provoke Muslims into violence. Their intention is to encourage/incite “the lads on the streets” to go into Muslim areas in places like Luton, Bradford, London and Manchester with placards carrying obscene cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

Dowson has revealed that he told them that such actions would spark riots which could easily spin out into full-on communal civil war. He says that the three rather gleefully said that this is the whole point, and that plans are afoot to do the same all over Western Europe, with the specific aim of kicking off a Europe-wide conflagration.

Dowson told them that he wanted nothing to do with it and promptly went to the police as well as posting on the Knights Templar International website a detailed account of the proposals and his explanation as to why the whole plan is crazy and would be hugely counter-productive.

Since that unexpected exposure, Robinson and his backers have gone rather quiet about the cartoons issue, moving on to promote the creation of new national branches of Pegida, including in England and Ireland. For a supposedly ‘grass-roots’ organisation, it is surely strange that Pegida UK’s Facebook operation was set up last year by a hired Indian computer boffin based in Mumbai.

For those familiar with the truth behind the EDL, of course, it’s all just par for the course in the long campaign to get the white working class to do these people’s dirty work.  TheHope Not Hate (HnH) study is 32 pages long and draws heavily on my 2013 study of the EDL, although not surprisingly this ugly little bunch of leftists don’t admit it! Neither do they have the courage or integrity to mention the Z-word!   (‘Zionist’, shh)

The whole 32 pages presents the affair as an incomprehensible plot by a small and isolated group of crazy anti-Islamist bigots. Picking up on this simplistic and totally inaccurate ‘analysis’, the Communist Morning Star has covered the story as a ‘fascist plot’.

The truth, of course, is that the word ‘fascist’ can only be used in this context if one accepts that the revisionist Zionism founded by Vladimir Jabotinsky and which now motivates both Netanyahu’s Likud government in Israel and the Zionist billionaires behind the whole counter-jihad movement is indeed a form of Jewish fascism.

Hope Not Hate Pull Their Punches

The HnH study repeats most of the key names and facts exposed in the critical study of the EDL: Alan Ayling, Pam Geller, Chris Knowles, Kinana, Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, Stephen Lennon/Tommy Robinson, Robert Spencer, Gates of Vienna, El Ingles, the International Free Press Society, SION and Gert Wilders.

Pamela Geller, promoting SION, forerunner of the latest Pegida operation

But it resolutely refuses to mention the crystal clear financial and ideological trail that leads from these ‘middle men’ to the big players who are actually behind the plot to provoke a bloody civil war.

“We need to seriously think about how we challenge the narrative that there is a clash of civilisations and that Islam and the West are incompatible,” the HnH authors say in their conclusion. But they refuse to give so much as a hint as to where that narrative comes from.

It’s not a matter of lack of space, nor because the facts are not readily available. So we can only assume that it’s a matter of not wanting to risk offending the people who provide the bulk of Hope Not Hate’s funding.

Because the origin of the ‘Clash of Civilisations’ narrative is crystal clear: As can easily be confirmed by anyone with access to Google and a few hours to spare – the attempt to drive the West into permanent religious/civilisational war with the whole of the Islamic world is a key part of the agenda of the US-based neo-conservatives.

Vested Interests

The neo-con operation in turn can briefly be summed up as being an alliance of three closely-related vested interested groups with immense power and influence in the USA and its Western puppet regimes:

Military-industrial corporations such as Halliburton, which profit from war;

Followers of heretical Christian Dispensationalism, such as Ronald Reagan and George Bush, who believe that a massive conflict with Islam and Russia will bring to pass a millennialist End of the World and the Second Coming of Christ, and

The Likud-fascist section of the Zionist movement, which sees hysteria about Islam as the perfect weapon to condition Western public opinion to accept the wholesale ethnic cleansing of Arabs from ‘Greater Israel’ from the Nile to the Euphrates, and to herd Western nations into bombing – or accepting the Israeli bombing of – Iran.

Point 3, of course, is a difficult one for anyone trying to be ‘mainstream’ to raise, because of the tried and tested Zionist technique of using the “anti-Semitism” card as a moral club to beat down any criticism of the Israeli brand of fascism and racism.

But when European cities are in the front line of the fight with Islamist extremism (fanned by key US and Israeli allies such as the Wahhabi House of Saud), it is dangerous and unacceptable for European nationalists to stay silent as to a key part of the problem. Because until we understand the problem we cannot begin to solve it.

Now I have no doubt that it is virtually inevitable that the mass immigration of millions of Muslims into Europe – a migration that has been artificially encouraged with the deliberate intention of destroying Christianity and the nations and peoples of Christendom – will indeed lead in due course to civil war.

But even now, such a disastrous result may not be totally inevitable. And, even if it is, our peoples’ chances of winning such a conflict rest particularly on building alliances with those Muslims, moderate Sunnis and well as the Shia, who – as we see in Syria and Iraq – are even more at risk from Wahhabi Sunni fundamentalism than we are. This is one of the reasons I have, at considerable personal risk, been to Damascus four times, while other key members of the APF – including former MEP Roberto Fiore and current MEP Udo Voigt have made the same journey and taken the same risks.

Cui bono?

As always, when considering the counter-jihad cartoon plot, it is worth asking the question: Cui bono? Who would benefit from it?

Certainly not the indigenous peoples of Europe, now facing a steady demographic slide into minority status in our own lands. Those who argue that “we need to bring the clash with Islam to a head while there are enough of us to win” are missing a vital point:

In many Western countries, including Britain, the total lack of organisation, community cohesion, martial spirit and weapons mean that – as things stand at present – if the counter-jihad plot did actually manage to kick off the full-scale civil war that its key protagonists say they want, ‘we’ would not win, not even now.

The Muslim Brotherhood, massively funded by Saudi Arabia and organised through a huge network in mosques and ‘charitable’ bodies all over the UK, could put several hundred thousand men – many of them armed and with Jihad experience from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria – on the streets of Britain within hours. The handful of ISIS sleeper cells might be a more obvious threat, but they would be utterly insignificant compared to the capabilities of their more Fabian-minded Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda rivals.

Provided David Cameron hasn’t managed to get the British armed forces wiped out by helping the neo-cons to provoke their insane confrontation against Russia, then once the British Army all got home they might just be able to repress a full-scale Sunni Muslim Brotherhood rebellion in the UK, and the resulting crude but massive white backlash, although even that is by no means certain.

23,000 British soldiers (above) could only just control little Belfast, tiny Londonderry and a few hundred square miles of Ulster countryside. This suggests that today’s shrunken army would be hard-pressed to control Birmingham, let alone all the other carefully ‘diversified’ British powderkegs which are just waiting for a cartoon spark.

Such violence would start with the Brits and non-Sunni minorities taking mass casualties in street-by-street ethnic cleansing clashes like those seen in Belfast at the start of the Troubles, but a hundred times worse, because so many towns and cities would be hit that there would be no possibility of the police or army being able to contain the violence.

In due course, however, the remaining Brits would fight back and eventually establish some kind of uneasily equilibrium. Neither side in this conflict is powerful enough to win outright. In broad terms, the same can be said of various other west European countries. In the case of Germany, as many young Muslims of military age last year entered each month last year as there are fit-for-service soldiers in the whole Bundeswehr.

Bloody Stalemate

Anyone who thinks that millions of Muslims – with a far younger, organised and more militant population than that of the feminised, decadent Brits, with almost exclusive access to the Muslim-dominated underground arms network of Britain’s drug gangs, and aided by the large number of black gang criminals who would side with them in any clash with ‘the Man’ – are going to be driven into the sea by a tide of righteous British anger, is barking mad.

Similarly, radicalised Muslims would be equally far short of the mark if they think that they can subjugate a Britain which, for all its weakness, has: hundreds of thousands of ex-servicemen of fighting age; thousands of experienced loyalist paramilitaries; hundreds of thousands of tough young Poles with easy access to an eastern Europe awash with firearms; hundreds of thousands more Sikhs and Shia Muslims who would fight tooth-and-nail against a Wahhabi insurgency, and the desperation of a betrayed but by nature martial people with their backs to the wall.

Like Northern Ireland on acid, the short-term one-sided slaughter would lead to a mid-term truce when, after several decades, both sides tired of burying their dead and decided instead to try to find a way to live together. Whether that would work, or whether the long-term outlook would be a re-run of the 800 years Spanish Reconquista, is a question that does not belong in this article.

Anyone who thinks that war is the answer obviously hasn’t actually seen a war up close and personal.

So let’s return to the ‘cui bono?’ question. Having established that a civil war sparked by the cartoons plot is most definitely not in the interests of our people, let’s look at exactly who would benefit:

ISIS the most obvious winners

Most obvious winners, of course, would be ISIS and Al Qaeda. I trust that I do not to go off at a tangent here to convince the well-informed readers of this site that these ‘existential threats to Western civilisation’ are in fact the creations of the CIA, successive Washington regimes, Zionist manipulation and vast amounts of money from the US/Zionist puppet regime in Saudi Arabia.

At present, these ‘Western’-created Golem monsters have the fairly ‘soft’ support of a large and growing proportion of young Sunni Muslims in Britain and other Western countries.

Exactly how much support is unclear, but contacts of ours within the Shia Muslim community (who are of course deeply hostile to Wahhabi extremism) tell us that it varies not just from country to country but from city to city. Their estimates range from 10% in the least radicalized places through to up to 60% among young Sunnis in Birmingham.

That’s a lot of potential terrorists, but most of their support is very ‘soft’, the equivalent of pub talk among drunken white racists. And if the average radicalisation level is, perhaps, 25%, then 75% have not yet been radicalised.

While the more cautious Muslim Brotherhood-type Islamists are trying to keep this radicalism damped down (because they don’t want to frighten the horses when they are Islamising the West very effectively by stealth) ISIS, being impatient to incite a full Clash of Civilisations in order to speed the coming of the Last Battle in Dabiq (their equivalent of the Christian Dispensationalists’ Armaggedon lunacy) hey want trouble, as much as possible, right now.

So they would be absolutely delighted to see coked-up, drunken idiots prancing around with cartoons of Mohammad and a goat in places like Leicester. The resulting anger and mayhem is exactly what their propaganda wing needs to be able to show to young Muslims as evidence that the gradualist, Fabian-style Islamic revolution plans of the Muslim Brotherhood need to be replaced by the here-and-now ultra-violence of Islamic State.

The Real Fascists

In the context of the cartoon plot, however, ISIS and Al Qaeda are merely bystanders. The biggest beneficiaries would – unsurprisingly – be the group directly behind the proposed operation. And, while HopeNotHate are unwilling to use the Z-word, it is a simple fact that the common denominator in every single one of the plotters is that they either are themselves hardcore Likud Zionists or are funded by hardcore Likud Zionists.

The Clash of Civilisations that these fascist criminals are trying to provoke most certainly would not benefit ordinary Jews, particularly those in places such as Cheetham Hill and Stamford Hill who live next door to some of the most radicalised and violence-prone Muslims in Britain (and the same, as we have already seen, is true, for example, in Paris).

But the Zionists have NEVER had the slightest interest in the well-being of ordinary Jews. That’s why they happily collaborated with the Nazis both before and during World War Two – right until it became clear that Germany was going to lose the war.

And it is why, even with ISIS on the loose, the Zionists see the ISIS ‘menace’ not as a threat but as an opportunity. A few more deadly assaults on Jewish schools and kosher delis in France, Britain and the USA, and the Zionist state will have all the new immigrants it needs to populate the illegal settlements being built on stolen Arab land – financed, incidentally, by exactly the same American-Jewish billionaires as are also busy funding the counter-jihad movement.

This may be one factor in the neo-con/Zionist obsession with destabilising Russia, because Putin’s time call on oligarchic and dollar imperialistic looting of that country has not only hit a small number of non-Russian oligarchs in their deep pockets; the improvement of living standards and long-term economic prospects in the new Russia has also hit the Zionists’ efforts to persuade ordinary Russian Jews to emigrate to Israel.

The author, plus APF colleagues including Udo Voigt (centre, below portrait of President Assad) at a press conference in Damascus

Urgent Reason

There is one other benefit for the Zionists from a big explosion of violence over the cartoon controversy which is particularly urgent. So urgent, in fact, that it explains why in the last few months we have seen in quick succession: the Texas cartoon showing, the proposal to repeat it in Britain and other north European countries within weeks, the (rejected) approach late last year to an Italian nationalist organisation by a Likudnik asking them to run a Muhammad cartoons campaign too, and the “Mohammad is a Pig!” provocation that sparked serious disorder in Jerusalem.

It’s all connected to the nuclear deal signed between Iran and the USA, in the teeth of hysterical opposition from the US Zionist lobby, their Christian Dispensationalist allies and the online counter-jihad network that they fund and direct.

It is worth recalling here the evidence presented in ‘What Lies Behind the English Defence League?’ that exposed the direct connections between the funding of the EDL and the $50 million campaign to send DVDs about the mythical ‘threat’ of an Iranian nuclear bomb to millions of swing voters in an attempt to ensure that Obama would be defeated by Republicans eager to do to Iran what they had already done to Iraq.

The Netanyahu regime in Tel Aviv has consistently stated that if the USA will not attack Iran, then Israel will do so alone. With Washington and some EU states showing a distinct lack of enthusiasm for fighting yet another war on behalf of the Zionist/neo-con plan to ‘remake the Middle East’, those behind the plan are desperate for some game-changing event that would drag the West into backing – or at least standing by during – an Israeli nuclear strike on Iran.

Such an ‘adventure’ has, of course, been made very much harder and more dangerous in recent months thanks to the stunning success – in terms of public relations and diplomacy, as well as militarily – of the Russian intervention in Syria. But while the clear signs of the decline of the key Israeli/USA ally Saudi Arabia, and the concomitant rise in regional clout of Iran make it harder for the neo-cons to take action to get their derailed Project for the New American Century back on track, there can be no doubt that they are even now working on ways to do so.

Bloody PR campaign

This is the real conflict, for which the plan to try to spark civil war in Europe is simply a bloody PR exercise. This is obvious, blatantly obvious. And the best chance of stopping it is to name names and spell out facts, rather than pretending that it’s all just the whacky idea of a dozen anti-Islam ‘extremists’.

Just as the police and government should long ago have taken action to cut off the flood of Saudi money and theology that is radicalising young Muslims in Britain and indeed around the world, so they should also move against the Zionist agents of influence who are so busy promoting the other side of the ‘Clash of Civilisations’.

Unfortunately, in both cases, it would mean taking on extremely wealthy and powerful vested interests, which have enormous influence over the main political parties and the mass media. If the HopeNot Hate team expected their magazine to receive big media coverage (outside, just possibly, of the Guardian) or thought that the police would display anything other than cursory interest, then they should have realised their mistake by now.

The documented truth about the sinister forces behind the counter-jihad rabble has been ‘out there’ for four years, but the controlled media have deliberately ignored a truly stunning story. At the same time, the extraordinarily dangerous contents of the El Ingles DIY-terror manuals on several websites – including one based in the UK – were reported to the anti-terror police, who never even bothered to return the call.

When the cartoon plot approach was made last year, Jim Dowson reported the plan to use the cartoons to provoke civil war to the police within hours of being approached to help. While the local police expressed grave concern, however, once kicked ‘upstairs’, the Powers That Be never even bothered to take a proper statement.

British intelligence and a cynical game

This fact tells us either that the British intelligence services are a party to, and happy with, the plot, or that they see it as a useful tool in their own efforts to keep a lid on things. On balance, the latter is perhaps more likely.

Once again, consideration of the troubles in Northern Ireland gives us an insight into what is probably going on. When the British state was facing a crisis of IRA terrorism early in the Troubles, the security forces reacted by introducing internment (something for which exploratory kites are already being flown in relation to the likes of Anjem Choudary and hundreds of his followers).

Since the crisis was Republican terrorism (since Protestant loyalist counter-violence was purely a reaction to it) the State quite reasonably only interned Republican suspects. This turned out to be a recruitment gift to the IRA, as the one-sided nature of the round ups was seen by young Catholics as an attack on their entire community. The policy helped to radicalize a generation of working class Catholics and led to even more death and destruction.

The Northern Irish Catholic community’s bitter experience with internment and the pro-IRA backlash it created is also seered into the collective brain of the British intelligence services

The manuals written as a result and used in Sandhurst, Hendon and the other security services training centres ever since, set out very clearly the lesson the state learnt from that PR disaster: If you are going to have to round up large numbers of radicals from one community, you have to be able to throw them a sacrificial lamb from the other community.

So when events force the arrest preventative internment of hundreds of young Muslims, the British state needs to be able to say to the Muslim community as a whole: “We’re not locking these young men up because they’re Muslims, but because they’re extremists. And to prove that’s true, we’re locking up hundreds of anti-Muslim extremists too.”

Which means, of course, that they need a goodly number of anti-Muslim extremists whose arrests would really please large numbers of Muslims. Mohammad cartoon provocateurs would fit the bill very nicely!

Breitbart joins the fray

But if the British state sees the cartoons plot as a handy opportunity to placate the Muslim community, the people behind the whole thing and the related earlier attempts to wind up Muslims very clearly have much more sweeping hopes of putting the anger of the Goyim to ‘good’ use.

A wealth of circumstantial but convincing evidence to support this contention has come to light as a result of neo-con news operation Breitbart London jumping to the defence of ‘Tommy Robinson’ and his fellow Muhammad cartoons conspirators.

It’s all a Big Lie say Breitbart, although this contention has not been helped by Ann Marie Waters first denying that the meeting at which they explained their plan to Jim Dowson even took place, and then changing her story to admit that it did.

Curiously though, this reaction – together with the deafening silence of the controlled media on the plot revelations – actually provides powerful supporting evidence for the assertion that the plan to use obscene cartoons of Mohammad in the hope of sparking a Europe-wide civil war involves something far bigger than a handful of far-right fruit-bats.

Breitbart, you see, is no ordinary social media news operation, and it has unwittingly done us all a favour by jumping in on this issue and so drawing attention to its own role in beating the drums for war.

Breitbart’s rapid expansion as a major alternative news outlet was funded by a $10 Million investment in 2011. According to Matt Osbourne, writing in Breitbart Unmasked on 23/9/13, this came from just two sources. One of them was Breitbart’s “friend Aubrey Chernick”.

Aubrey Chernick and his wife are among the biggest funders of the neo-con and ultra-Zionist network which we discussed yesterday. As well as Breitbart, they plough millions of dollars every year into organisations such as the Horowitz Freedom Centre, the Henry Jackson Society, Pajamas Media, the Center for Security Policy (CSP) and many others.

To close the circle, and to highlight just how much all this is interlinked, note that Gaffney’s CSP provided the backroom manpower and the money to create the English Defence League (more below).

Herding the Cattle to War

Together, the whole incestuously-linked network run a 24/7 drive to use the ugly brutality of Islamic fundamentalism, plus relentless propaganda lies about ‘Putin aggression’ as an electrified cattle prod with which to stampede the public towards support for neo-con pet projects such as war in the Middle East and confrontation against Russia.

In passing, it is worth noting that the US Zionist funding and manipulation of sections of the Western ‘far right’ in order to provoke war with the whole Muslim world is directly paralleled by the role of their fellow Jewish oligarchs in Ukraine in using ‘Useful Idiot’ neo-Nazis in Ukraine to murder ethnic Russian civilians in an attempt to drag Russia into over-reaction and war. The same trick, of course, was used in Poland in 1939, but that’s another story.

A brief study of Breitbart’s staff list backs up my thesis that the urgency of the drive to use the cartoons to provoke major violence is linked directly to the fury of the Likud regime in Tel Aviv over the deal that gives the international community firm control over Iran’s nuclear power programme in exchange for lifting sanctions on the Shia oil giant.

Breitbart’s US Editor-at-Large is Ben Shapiro, who in 2003 advocated the ethnic cleansing of Gaza and the West Bank – the ‘next step’ demands of the ‘Eretz Israel’ fundamentalists.

Another frequent contributor is Jonathan Foreman, who is a stereotypical neo-con. While his father fled to England to escape the anti-Communist McCarthy investigations, Jonathan followed the trajectory of neo-conservatives such as Norman Podheretz in moving sharply to the right once they perceived the left as turning against Israel.

Breitbart’s Managing Editor Raheem Kassam we have already met at the beginning of this study as the Director of Marketing and Campaigns at the Henry Jackson Society. Just to remind you, the Henry Jackson Society is funded by the same Zionist billionaires as, and shares many personal connections with, the Center for Security Policy, whose paid staff founded the English Defence League and are now directly involved with Lennon/Robinson in the Muhammad cartoons plot.

The CSP’s General Counsel is David Yerushalmi is also Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller’s lawyer. Yerushalmi has been directly involved in supporting the SION/SIOA/AFDI leadership and was involved in the legal tussle over Tommy Robinson’s attempt to go to speak at Pam Geller’s SION event in New York.

“Attack on Iran inevitable”

Editor-in-Chief is Joel Pollack, who wrote a major op-ed piece carried across Breitbart’s well-funded network on 14th July 2015. In it he argued that the Iran nuclear deal “makes an Israeli attack inevitable” and predicted that the Israeli air force will launch a massive strike against Iran “before the end of the year.”

The cartoons provocation is clearly at least part of the effort to provide PR cover in the West for such unprovoked aggression. It has been reported that, without the involvement of the USAF with its latest ‘bunker buster’ technology, the only way in which Israel and its Wahhabi ally Saudi Arabia can break the power potential of their Shia regional rival is if Israel uses nuclear bombs.

Whether nuclear or not, such aggression would be politically catastrophic for Israel unless something can be made to happen that leads to public opinion in the West being so ‘wound up’ against Muslims in general that they effectively give carte blanche to anyone who kills as many of them as possible.

While a real, or false flag, mass casualty attack by ISIS or Al Qaeda would do part of the job, it would still tend to create added hatred simply against the group blamed, rather than against Muslims generally. Further, there would be no reason – other than the “they’re all the same” lie propagated by the neo-con social media network – for a new 9/11 to create such hostility against Iran, whose troops and Hezbollah allies are killing far more ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists than the USA could ever manage with its largely ineffective airstrikes.

“Kill ‘em all!”

But a general conflagration, caused by Muslims of all stripes in cities all over Britain and Western Europe lashing out against the cartoons, and then being embroiled in bloody riots against the police, army and neighbouring non-Muslim communities – that WOULD put a very rapid end to the already strained tolerance of Western public opinion. “Yeah, kill ‘em all!”

Returning to Breitbart, a number of those involved in its editorial board and writing team are linked with Standpoint magazine. This London-based neo-con operation is edited by liberal Catholic Daniel Johnson, but was founded by Brietbart author Jonathan Foreman. Other well-known ‘Clash of Civilisations’ enthusiast who, like Foreman, started on the left and drifted rightwards over the Israel issue and who now write for both publications, are Melanie Phillips and Nick Cohen.

Standpoint is obsessed with Israel and with condemning the left for becoming sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. It is also an enthusiastic cheerleader for confrontation with Iran, with articles entitled ‘”Iran’s Time-Bomb’ and “Why the West Can’t Do Business With Iran”.

It has condemned the Iran-US deal in terms that bring to mind the hysteria with which the same sort of publications and authors promoted the dodgy “Weapons of Mass Destruction” dossier in the run-up to the Iraq War.

Project for the New American Century

For the benefit of any reader who might have spent the last ten years living in a cave with only a carrier pigeon to exchange information with the outside world, it is worth noting here that the illegal, counter-productive and murderous Iraq War was only the first of the series of wars and regime changes identified as necessary by the Project for the New American Century to make the world safe for US corporations and Greater Israel.

This most influential of all neo-con lobbies proposed using war and regime change to secure American world hegemony for another 100 years by destroying potential rivals including Russia and China and by “remaking the Middle East” by breaking up every nation in the region into warring sectarian fiefdoms so that no-one could threaten US oil supplies or threaten Israel.

Several million unnecessary deaths and the rise of ISIS later, they’re still at it, backing the Jihadi ‘rebellion’ in Syria, pushing for war on Iran and using neo-Nazi gangs in Ukraine to provoke Russia.

Aubrey Chernick

Just as Breitbart was launched thanks to Aubrey Chernick, so its ally Standpoint was bankrolled by Alan Bekhor, described in reports of his “£6 million initial investment” as a “shipping magnate, metal-dealer and prominent Zionist.”

An air of political legitimacy is lent to all these operations by the presence on their Advisory Boards of Michael Gove. To anyone who is aware of the neo-con side agenda of promoting privatisation, however, this only adds to the stench of self-serving corruption and exploitation of ordinary people – whether as cash cows or cannon fodder – that pervades the whole warmongering show.

Christians for Armageddon

Returning more directly to the cartoon plot, it is of course closely connected to the agenda of ‘Dutch’ politician Gert Wilders. The controversial anti-Islam campaigner – who also happens to have had a Jewish mother, a Jewish wife and Jewish children – was hosted at the House of Lords by Baroness Cox in 2010. Early in 2015, Cox proved both her consistency in this field and the tangled web of connections to be found in it, by hosting a meeting in the Lords for the Henry Jackson Society.

Cox’s links with HJS and its intelligence services’ agenda go back a long way. Before joining the organisation in 2011, Associate Director and leading spokesman Douglas Murray was head of the Centre for Social Cohesion. Among the Directors of the CSC was none other than Murray.

A staunch Christian Zionist, Cox is Co-President of the Jerusalem Summit, an influential body that brings together neo-cons, Zionists and dispensationalist evangelical Christians. Some of them simply want to see Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, others think that this is a necessary and welcome precursor to the End of the World.

They expect this to involve not just nuclear war but also the ‘Rapture ‘ – an event in which a chosen elite of Christians will be physically transported up into Heaven, leaving all other life on Earth to fry and die. It’s not just ISIS Muslims who are mad as a box of poisonous frogs!

Another Co-President of the Jerusalem Summit is Daniel Pipes. Its Board includes Meyrav Wurmser, wife of David Wurmser, former Middle East advisor to Dick Cheney and thus yet another one of the people responsible for the bloody debacle in Iraq and the subsequent rise of Islamic State.

On 24th April, 2014, Baroness Cox hosted yet another event in the House of Lords. This was the official launch of ShariaWatch, headed by none other than Ann Marie Waters, who was present at the meeting at which she, Alan Ayling and Tommy Robinson shocked Jim Dowson with their plan to use the Mohammad goat sex and other cartoons to provoke riots which they hoped would lead to civil war.

Slumming it – more neo-con links to the EDL

The meeting was reported on the International Civil Liberties Alliance website. The ICLA is run by Chris Knowles, an employee of Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy who was heavily involved in setting up and directing the English Defence League.

Waters has also associated with Lars Hedegaard of the International Free Press Society. Another front for and recipient of funds channelled through Frank Gaffney, the main man in the Canadian branch of the IFPS is James Cohen.

In addition to promoting the anti-Iranian propaganda film Iranium (produced by Raphael Shore and funded to the tune of $50 Million to try to derail the Obama Presidential campaign), Cohen was for some time the leader of the English Defence League’s Jewish Division.

These characters were all thoroughly exposed in my ‘What Lies Behind the English Defence League?’ and I will not repeat all that material here.

Ms Waters and Baroness Cox go back together some time, with other meetings in the House of Lords including a reception for Waters’ “One Law for All” and various meetings connected with Baroness Cox’s Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill.

According to the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, the busy Baroness is also a leading light in the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies. This hardline Zionist operation calls for “dismantling Gaza, humanitarian relocation of the non-belligerent Arab population, and extension of Israeli sovereignty over the region.”

It is perhaps worth noting in passing that such ‘expanded sovereignty’ would include over the shallow Mediterranean east of Gaza, which contains vast reserves of natural gas. This isn’t just about xenophobia, racial supremacism and self-Chosen Gods. It’s also about energy and money. Lots of it!

Baroness Cox also sits on the Board of the Gatestone Institute. Lobby group Gatestone was founded by Nina Rosenwald.

Billionaire ‘philanthropist’ Rosenfeld was the subject of an in-depth study by Max Blumenthal, one of a number of left-wing inclined Jews who are highly critical of the chauvinism and racism displayed and funded by many wealthy US-based Zionists:

“Philanthropist Nina Rosenwald has used her millions to cement the alliance between the pro-Israel lobby and the Islamophobic fringe.

“The Center for Security Policy (CSP), a Washington-based think tank directed by neoconservative former Pentagon official Frank Gaffney, has also thrived as a result of Rosenwald’s beneficence…. Rosenwald and her sister Elizabeth Varet, who also directs the family foundation, have donated more than $2.8 million since 2000 to organizations that fan the flames of Islamophobia.”

Ethnic Cleansing

Yet again, we find the plans to hit Iran and to ethnically cleanse Muslim and Christian Arabs from their ancient homeland taking centre taking centre stage in terms of both motivation and activity:

“Besides funding a Who’s Who of anti-Muslim outfits, Rosenwald has served on the board of AIPAC, the central arm of America’s Israel lobby, and holds leadership roles in a host of mainstream pro-Israel organizations. As groups like AIPAC lead the charge for a US military strike on the Islamic Republic of Iran, threatening to turn apocalyptic visions of civilizational warfare into catastrophic reality,

“Daniel Pipes, bankrolled to the tune of $2.3 million over the past ten years by the Rosenwald family .… has made a career of advocating aggressive US and Israeli military action in the Middle East, including the razing of entire Palestinian villages.

“Rosenwald maintains a reputation as a Manhattan socialite who travels in some of New York City’s most elite financial and political circles. Her wealthy friends gather for salons at upscale restaurants and in the living room of her Upper West Side apartment to meet major league political personalities, including former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, neoconservative former UN Ambassador John Bolton (an associate of the Gatestone Institute) and the late right-wing media provocateur Andrew Breitbart”.

Rosenwald is a close friend of Norman Podhoretz, one of the first generation of neoconservative activist, who argues that Jewish Democrats are ‘ heretics’ for betraying their religious duty to support the Jewish state. Rosenwald is also close to Podhoretz’s daughter, Ruthie Blum, a right-wing columnist who lives in the illegal West Bank settlement of Har Adar and writes a column for Israel Hayom, a newspaper published by far-right billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a chief financial supporter of Israeli Prime Minister Benajamin Netanyahu.

Centre for Security Policy and an online terror manual the police don’t care about

Sheldon Adelson (below) is another of the donors behind the Center for Security Policy, which in turn provided Tommy Robinson with the money used to hire coaches and supply free lager and cocaine to the hundreds of football hooligans whose presence enabled the EDL to burst onto the scene in 2009, in a largely unsuccessful earlier attempt to provoke young Muslims into violent over-reaction.

Frank Gaffney was a key apparatchik for the Project for the New American Century and for Dick Cheney at corporate giant war profiteer Halliburton. Now running the Center for Security Policy, his myriad of front groups – including the Gates of Vienna, complete with the counter-jihad version of the IRA’s Green Book, in which British police are so strangely uninterested – are also financed with the help of Irving Moskowitz.

In addition to helping to pay to pitch naïve young English patriots against Muslims in Luton and Bradford, casino king Moscowitz also funds illegal ‘Greater Israel’ settlements on the West Bank and in east Jerusalem (the city that Baroness Cox thinks should be the undivided capital of an expanded Jewish state).

Back to Max Blumenthal, who cannot be accused by anyone of ‘anti-Semitism’:

“Father and daughter echo the line of Likudnik Greater Israel ideology and anti-Muslim fanaticism, with Podhoretz urging the Western world to wage “World War IV” (the title of his post-9/11 polemic) against what he and Blum call “Islamofascism.” Blum has called for an Israeli war against Iran on the grounds that ‘Iran is soon to have atomic bombs with which it will attempt to impose Shariah law on the rest of the world—after wiping out the Jewish state’..”

This paragraph gives a good example of the intellectual dishonesty used by the Zionist propaganda machine, for the entire thrust for the imposition of Sharia law in Britain and other Western states comes from Israel’s ally against Iran, Saudi Arabia. We in the KTI are at the forefront of those condemning the stealth Islamisation of the West, which is why we recognise that the source of this very real threat is not Shia Iran, but its main regional and Sunni rivals in the House of Saud.

Far from stopping Islamification, the destruction of Iran would actually speed it up, by allowing the Saudis to turn all their financial firepower on subverting the West and making their extreme Wahhabi version of Islam the unchallenged leading force in the whole Muslim world.

Crucifying Christians – Saudi Arabia and the REAL Islamification threat

It is also worth noting that communities of Christians and Jews flourish and are free to worship and take part in government in Iran, whereas both are brutally repressed in Saudi Arabia and other Wahhabi states, with conversion to Christianity being punished by beheading or crucifixion in Saudi Arabia just as it is under the Wahhabi Islamic State.

As already noted, however, the cartoon plot has nothing to do with ‘free speech’ or preventing the Islamisation of Europe, and everything to do with creating a climate of public opinion that would tolerate an unprovoked Israeli attack on Iran and the expansion of illegal settlements in the occupied territories in accordance with what Max Blumenthal calls “Likudnik Greater Israel ideology”.

“From the Nile to the Euphrates” – the divinely appointed boundaries of the Zionists’ Eretz Israel

This analysis is borne out not just by the quote from Blumenthal above but also when he writes of Baroness Cox’s associates that:

“The Rosenwald Family Fund has provided at least $100,000, for example, to the Golan Fund, an initiative of the Israel Land Fund that aims to increase the “Jewish presence” in Israel’s Galilee region and the occupied Golan Heights by “obtain[ing] more of that [Arab] land for agricultural use,” according to its website.

“Extending its influence across the Green Line, the Rosenwald Family Fund has also provided financial support to the College of Judea (now Ariel University Center of Samaria) in the Israeli mega-settlement of A

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