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  • ODROID-XU boot messages
    via fedoraproject

    Now that I’ve made a serial cable I can now show you the full boot messages starting from U-Boot.

  • Touchpad not working with hp split x2 - Identified as upstream problem as part of launchpad #1312489 --- Tested with: default Ubuntu 14.04 (3.13.0) upstream (3.15.0-rc2) $ cat /proc/version Linux version 3.15.0-031500rc2-generic (apw@gomeisa)...

  • Global Gateways Report Series is an initiative by SMEStreet for highlighting global business opportunities for Indian SMEs. ICICI Bank is supporting this initiative by sharing this report among their esteemed Business Banking Customers and WASME is Knowledge...

  • pcduino4 nano
    via forum.segger

    Introduction The pcDuino4 Nano is an Allwinner H3 based ARM board. It is only two thirds the size of the Raspberry Pi. It is open source. It works with Ubuntu MATE, Debian and etc. The pcDuino4 Nano uses the Allwinner H3 Soc. It integrates Ethernet...

  • Sanguine Archives • Register of Adversaries
    via thesanguineeye.justslide

    Deep within the archives of the Sunfury Spire the Sanguine Eye – on request of the Magisterium – has collected a vast array of files and documents in regards to current and past threats to the High Kingdom or its elves. Once a member of the Eye has taken...

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    Name[1]Last modified[2]Size[3]Description[4]Huawei-MediaPad-X1/[5]2016-09-07 11:18 -  app/[6]2017-05-23 14:05 -  assets/[7]2016-09-07 11:18 -  bower_components/[8]2016-09-07 11:18 -  exp/[...

  • اتمام سرویس

    هزینه هر گیگابایت اضافه به روش پلکانی ۱ گیگابایت الی ۳ گیگابایت ۳۰۰۰۰ ریال ۲۲۰۰۰ ریال ۱۸۰۰۰ ریال

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