Deep within the archives of the Sunfury Spire the Sanguine Eye – on request of the Magisterium – has collected a vast array of files and documents in regards to current and past threats to the High Kingdom or its elves. Once a member of the Eye has taken his or her Blood Oath they are granted access to these files. Magisters and Spire-officials outside the Order’s ranks can only access the files when granted permission by the Sanguine Eye’s current Overseer; Lord Tal’enthiel Sunshard. The documents are listed in order of when the particular enemy, traitor or organisation was encountered.

Remaining Enemies
The files listed below are still under investigation by members of the Sanguine Eye. They contain notes in regards to past actions of the individual in question, as well as regular updates of sightings or possible hiding-locations.

Name: Isirion Ilvanesta
Encounter: Dalaran, Silvermoon City
Status: Unknown
Description: An Instructor of the Kirin Sin and a highly arrogant elf, Isirion Ilvanesta once attempted at Overseer Sunshard's life and has served as a constant rival and foe to him since, assaulting the Eye's Oathsworn once within Dalaran's sewer systems. Since the Purge of Dalaran, Isirion Ilvanesta's fate has remained unknown to the Eye, thought either captured or dead.

Name: Valven Fireseal
Encounter: Twilight Highlands, Swamp of Sorrows
Status: Alive
Description: Archmage of the Kirin Tor, this half-elf caught the Overseer's ire when he destroyed the wards upon Dragonmaw Port during the war in the Twilight Highlands. Chased into the Swamp of Sorrows and captured by Faraelyn Dawnheart's deception, he was freed by a group of human liberators and remains a figure of loathing to the Order to this day.

Name: Prince Kellen
Encounter: Desolace, Felwood, Ashenvale Forest
Status: Unknown
Description: A satyr Prince who repeatedly interfered with the Eye's business, from disrupting their plans within Desolace to sending his agents to harass them within Winterspring, he was finally hunted and confronted within the war-torn forests of Ashenvale. Crippled by the Eye's casters and Alviada's curses, Prince Kellen left through a portal to an unknown fate.

Name: Vindicator Aruaan
Encounter: The Ghostlands, Shadowmoon Valley
Status: Unknown
Description: A Vindicator working with Yvanuaa and for the Hand of Argus, Aruaan's personal goal is to hunt down and bring fatal justice on those who commited abominabal acts against his own kind, with 'Surveyor Sunshard' being the prime target upon his lengthy list. Bound within a fel-crystal, he was left to die within Shadowmoon Valley by the Sanguine Eye.

Name: Vindicator Yvanuaa
Encounter: The Ghostlands, Shadowmoon Valley
Status: Alive
Description: A Vindicator who previously fought the Overseer Sunshard within Bloodmyst Isle, Yvanuaa gathers likeminded Draenei beneath her and the Naaru's cause in an attempt to bring justice to 'Surveyor Sunshard' for the crimes he commited against the Draenei people. She was last confronted within Shadowmoon Valley.

Name: Calthric Mirelane
Encounter: Blasted Lands
Status: Alive
Description: A worgen dabling in the fel arts, Calthris Mirelane caused significant upset towards Sunveil Excursion when he attacked several of their supply carts. Hunted down by the Eye, he was drained and returned to Surwich as an example to the locals to not further cause trouble to the Reliquary's affairs.

Name: Marwena Annihilan (Name Unknown)
Encounter: Darkshore
Status: Unknown
Description: The leader of the Cultist's within Darkshore who saught to resurrect the primordial deities of the Old Gods, this female Sin'dorei was confronted in the final battle atop a sundered island of the isle of Nazj'vel. The Eye fled the scene before a great explosion took place, leaving the cult leader’s fate unknown.

Name: Commander James Ashbrook
Encounter: Alterac Mountains, Terokkar Forest, Netherstorm
Status: Captured by the Eye, currently held in a prison beneath Sunfury Spire
Description: The Commander of the Lion’s Maw was spotted many times within Alterac, but never delved into the action himself. He escaped the defeat in Alterac and has more recently been spotted in Outland, following the Ashes of Draenor campaign. His purpose on the shattered planet is unknown. Later the Sanguine Eye encountered Ashbrook and his organisation within Netherstorm, where they both tried to reach and open a magically sealed Vault. The Eye managed to track down its location, and upon arrival, found and captured the Commander.

Name: Adnar Irondrift
Encounter: Alterac Mountains, Netherstorm
Status: Alive
Description: A small number of the Eye fought with the Mountain king in the ruins of Alterac, he was teleported away before anyone got a chance to harm him. The supposed source of the horrific display of the dead Elven retainers in the mountains, he is currently alive and still serving within the Lion’s Maw. The dwarf made a brief appearance in Netherstorm, yet he did not take up arms against the Eye. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Name: Alara Dawnwind
Encounter: Alterac Mountains, Netherstorm
Status: Alive
Description: This certain High Elf was also present in the Alterac Mountains and fought with a few Eye members as they freed a couple of the retainers taken captive. She retreated from the region with the rest of the Maw. The elf is known to be a skilled archer. Months later, she showed up with the Lion's Maw in Netherstorm, where she captured and killed one of the Eye's elves: Thaelen Duskworn. Before the Eye could intervene, she disappeared with the elf's body through a portal, back to Elwynn Forest.

Name: Sherazel
Encounter: Sholazar Basin
Status: Banished
Description: An Eredar Warlock of significant power, Sherazel was summoned into Azeroth by Andrew Kennington, a Gilnean who believed the demon could aid him in retaking Gilneas from the Banshee Queen. Andrew was killed by Alviada Aurivian before he could witness the demons arrival, the demon herself was banished back into the Twisting Nether by the extensive efforts of the Eye.

Name: Overseer Gromlush Spineripper
Encounter: Azshara, the Barrens
Status: Alive
Description: A Kor'kron Overseer first encountered within the goblin town of Bilgewater. The orc has always kept a close eye on our elves, and managed to discover the Eye wasn't as loyal to the Kor'kron as they seemed to be. He and his accomplice, Ghorza, saw to tracking down the Eye after they left Azshara, before ambushing them in the Southern Barrens. The orc managed to survive the encounter, as well as a later skirmish in the Battle Scar. Months after that, when the Eye was deployed in the Northern Barrens, Gromlush was once again encountered, though managed to escape the elven-forces.

Name: Ghorza Toothstealer
Encounter: Azshara, Southern Barrens
Status: Alive
Description: A Kor'kron solider and underling of Overseer Spineripper. The female fought against the forces of the Eye along her superior, wounding several of our own, yet escaping with her life before the elves could get to her. She was last seen near Desolation Hold, Southern Barrens.

Name: Witch Doctor Ubungo
Encounter: Stonetalon Mountains, Southern Barrens
Status: Alive
Description: A figurehead of the Darkspear Rebellion, Witch Doctor Ubungo has been responsible for organising the movement of the Rebel forces within Stonetalon and the Barrens. After the Eye denied to sacrifice its own for a victory on the Rebels' behalf, the Witch Doctor declared the elves traitors to his cause. Should the troll be encountered in the future, the Eye is to remain wary but neutral for the time being. Should the Witch Doctor prove to be hostile, he is to be dispatched.

Name: Timothy Dowling
Encounter: Tirisfal Glades
Status: Alive
Description: During what appeared to be a simple mission in Tirisfal, Dowling managed to lure the Eye into one of his traps. The human, once thought to be an agent of the Lion's Maw, trapped the elves in a dream-world and took over their minds. For several weeks he tormentedthe group, playing mind-games, and sending his minions after them; shadowy beings he calls 'Silent Guardians'. The Eye eventually found a way to escape Dowling's prison, waking up in the Sunfury Spire. Now, our elves search for the man's whereabouts; the human's fate sealed. He is to die by the hands of the Eye.

Name: Valis
Encounter: Eastern Plaguelands
Status: Alive
Description: A young human who has been reported to have infiltrated the High Kingdom, and has even managed to get close to the Sunwell itself, before vanishing into thin air. The Spire, deeming this individual a potential threat, tasked the Eye with locating and eliminating Valis, after the human was sighted once more in the Eastern Plaguelands. Due to his powerful and distinct magical-signature, tracking down Valis proved to be fairly easy, but thanks to the intervention of a group of Crusaders, the Scourge and even a dragon, the boy is currently out of the Eye's reach. The Order still plans to complete the task the Spire has given them, when a new opportunity presents itself.

Blood Traitors
None of the elves listed below are currently wanted by the Overseer of the Sanguine Eye. Their files either indicate their cases were dealt with or that the elves in question are no longer of significance.

Name: Adrimias Bloodseeker
Title: Knight-Master
Reason: Breaking the Eye's code of secrecy.
Status: Deceased, reported to have been killed by Quel'dorei in the Ghostlands, nearby the troll stronghold of Zul'Aman.

Name: Toralon Dael’anarash / Valiscia Bloodfury
Title: Knight-Master
Reason: Abandoning of the Eye and its Oath, before trying to persuade other Oathsworn, including Flameblossom and Emberdawn, to follow her.
Status: Unknown, has not been seen since the disappearance of her Order, the Phoenix Vanguard.

Name: Vanyral Flameblossom
Title: Apprentice Arcanist
Reason: The neglecting of the Oath's duties.
Status: Deceased, as reported by Arbiter Sunfeather, exact details unknown.

Name: Kalandros Dawnfury
Title: Knight-Adept
Reason: Vanished at the same point as Flameblossom, neglecting the Oath's duties.
Status: Dealt with and still alive, current whereabouts unknown.

Name: Edrasil Emberdawn
Title: Knight-Master
Reason: An attempt on the Overseer's life during the hunt for Blood Traitor Flameblossom.
Status: Alive – Currently serving as a high-ranked member of the Everdawn Dynasty. The elf is not to be trusted.

The elves listed below are still an active threat to the Eye, or are still wanted by the Overseer to undergo punishment for their acts of betrayal. Their files indicate that should one of these elves be encountered, their presence is to be reported to one of the Order's higher-ranked elves immediately.

Name: Evadith Sunholder
Title: Apprentice Priest
Reason: Abandoning her Blood Oath and vanishing from service.
Status: Alive and wanted by the Overseer, current whereabouts unknown.

Name: Kituuna Falore
Title: "The Blood Witch"
Reason: Infiltrating the ranks of the Eye, and attacking its elves and Overseer during a campaign within Borean Tundra. The female has been reported to have mutated, and is more fleshbeast than elf at this point.
Status: Alive, considered very dangerous.

Name: Anerebres Bloodlance
Title: Dragonhawk Rider
Reason: Consorting with necromancers.
Status: Alive and wanted by the Overseer, current whereabouts unknown.

Name: Aryathan Flamegraze
Title: Agent
Reason: Betraying the Oath and attacking three of the Eye's Oathsworn with intent to kill.
Status: Alive and wanted by the Overseer, suspected to hide somewhere in the High Kingdom.

Enemy Organisations
A list of several orders and organisations can be found within the archives. All of these organisations are expected to have stored information in regards to the Eye, and are likely to react hostile when encountered.

Name: The Silver Gauntlet
Encounter: Quel’Thalas, Western Plaguelands
Description: This Argent order has often twarthed the Sanguine Eye’s plans in the past. After the exile of its former leader Eyil Dawnblade and the later disappearance of her successor Anastre Sunrise, the neutral order has withered and is no longer considered a significant threat.

Name: Kirin Dal
Encounter: Twilight Highlands, Swamp of Sorrows
Description: The Kirin Dal, a branch of the Kirin Tor under leadership of Archmage Valven Fireseal, has openly attacked the Sanguine Eye’s elves during two occasions, both in times of war. After a failed attempt to take the Archmage’s life, any form of retalliation to our Order is to be expected.

Name: Shield of Argus
Encounter: Ghostlands, Shadowmoon Valley, Felwood
Description: A Draenei order inspired by the Hand of Argus. The organisation was lead by a triumverate; Vindicator Yvanuaa, Vindicator Aruaan and Harbinger Kaaryv. The Draenei have managed to penetrate Quel’thalas’ defenses in the past, and have fought several skirmishes with the Eye in Shadowmoon Valley. Since then they have been surprisingly quiet, their current status remaining unknown.

Name: Cenarion Circle
Encounter: Feralas, Desolace
Description: After the removal of a corrupted ancient the Sanguine Eye has managed to provoke the wrath of the Cenarion Circle during their hunt for the arcane anomaly Auroxxus. Several druids have attempted to capture members of the Eye with the aim to send them to Moonglade for prosecution. The elves of the Eye have killed two druids after being openly attacked.

Name: SI:7
Encounter: Vashj’ir
Description: In response to the neutralising of an Alliance threat on the beaches of Vashj’ir, what started as a rescue-mission by the humans of SI:7 turned into a full scale battle. The humans, planning to avenge their fallen comrades, attacked the elves of the Eye, who saw no other option but to defend theirselves, killing several humans.

Name: Earthen Ring
Encounter: Vashj’ir
Description: While exploring the depths of Vashj’ir the Sanguine Eye was accused of trespassing by the Earthen Ring after having visited an underwater cavern, as well as a giant shell-being. After this harmless incident, the Earthen Ring chased and hunted down our elves, and made several attempts to take their lives. The Eye has defended itself against this show of violence.

Name: The Silver Sun
Encounter: Hinterlands, The Plaguelands
Description: This Quel’dorei organisation appears to keep a keen eye on our Order. After the Eye encountered and fought these High Elves in the Hinterlands during the Borderlands-war, the Silver Sun – lead by Kilaran Morningray – has often attempted to interfere with the Eye’s goals. Thusfar they have done such without success, yet future disruption and assault is to be expected.

Name: The Lion’s Maw
Encounter: Alterac Mountains
Description: The Sanguine Eye was tasked with the recovery of several Blood Elven retainers from the clutches of this Alliance organisation. Upon encountering the enemy order in the Alterac Mountains the Eye learned the Maw had slaughtered several of the retainers. One of the order’s lieutenants was killed in the skirmishes that followed yet their Commander, James Ashbrook, and his remaining subordinates are still to be dispatched upon order of the Overseer. After the events in Alterac, the Maw were encountered in Tanaris and Netherstorm, during the latter occasion, their Commander was captured by the elves of the Eye.

Former Enemies
The files below are typed ‘closed’. All the paperwork in these files has been listed in an orderly fashion, and includes a notification of the time and date the particular enemy has vanished or died.

Name: Ashana Flamedancer
Encounter: Silvermoon City
Status: Banished from the Kingdom.
Description: The last Quel'theron of the elven order known as the Sunwarders, Ashana Flamedancer's utter hatred for Arathyrion Sunwrath was no secret. In taking the position of Overseer, a similar loathing was shared between herself and Tal'enthiel Sunshard. After much political sparring, Sunshard eventualy saw to her criminalisation and banishment from the city with the aid of Sunwrath's lover, Zathrendar Spellfury.

Name: Zeredar Deathsong
Encounter: The Ghostlands
Status: Deceased
Description: A Sin'dorei Death Knight who was thrown into the Twisting Nether by the joint efforts of Arathyrion Sunwrath and Zathrendar Spellfury, Zeredar Deathsong returned with a bitter need for vengance. Staging an attack on Tranquilien from the Scourge citadel of Deathome, the Eye beneath Celariand defeated the Scourgelord's minions and captured him once more, rending his soul apart to ensure he could not return a final time to seek his vengance.

Name: Solanion Dawnfalcon
Encounter: Blasted Lands
Status: Trapped in the Nether
Description: Once an apprentice to Overseer Sunshard, Solanion Dawnfalcon went rogue in search of power, submitting himself to the Burning Legion's control. Bringing about the attention of the Eye, he fought them within the Blasted Land's and later within Medivh's twisted tower. Attempting to summon a portal far above his ability, it tore open and dragged him into the Twisting Nether, the elf's final fate unknown.

Name: Auroxxus
Encounter: Feralas, Desolace
Status: In possession of the Overseer Sunshard
Description: An enormous arcane anomaly previously locked away by the efforts of the Highborne, he was accidently released by the tampering of the Sanguine Eye. Chased over many weeks through Feralas and Desolace, he was eventualy cornered on Ranazjar Isle and siphoned apart, stored within a newely crafted vessel which is to this day kept within the Sunshard Estate.

Name: Emilai Harkora
Encounter: Eastern Plaguelands
Status: Deceased
Description: Mother of the Oathsworn Shaharalyn Embersong, Emilai Harkor was a half-elf with a deep hatred for the Sin'dorei and their corruptive state. Attracting the Eye's attention when she twisted the affiliation of former Overseer Celariand Dun'anore, leading to his death, Emilai Harkora met her death within the fetid lands of the Eastern Plaguelands. Her skull is currently in the possesion of Tal'enthiel Sunshard.

Name: Trixie Blastbang
Encounter: Winterspring
Status: Deceased
Description: An advantageous Goblin of the Bilgewater Cartel, Trixie Blastbang had a taste for ancient relics. Unfortunately, her eyes were set on a prize the Eye were already in the process of collecting. Stealing it from their grasp, the Eye came to blows with Blastbang and her Horde guards. Finding them dead within their encampment, their relic stolen, the Eye made Blastbang lead them to where it was taken before having Edan Lightbringer execute the Goblin.

Name: Baroness Wardle
Encounter: The Barrens
Status: Deceased
Description: Leader of the Blue Water Trading Company, Baroness Elizabeth Wardle was a wealthy human who practised the three virtues and swore her allegiance proudly to Varian Wrynn. Profiting from the Borderlands, she and her company became a threat, leading the Eye to hunting her down and desposing of her within the Barrens, run through with a spear by Knight Thrasyl Summerblade.

Name: Captain Jonathan Gwyre
Encounter: Dustwallow Marsh
Status: Deceased
Description: Former comrade of Othmar Garithos, Captain Gwyre of the Theramore Army was to stage an attack on the Horde's operations within the Southern Barrens. Leading three Dwarven steam tanks through the marshes, the Eye used the local Ogres and Grimtotem to cause a fitting distraction for them to capture and drain the soul of this human for his associations with the Grand Marshal.

Name: Ordila the Crone
Encounter: Ashenvale Forest
Status: Deceased
Description: Initially thought to be the aged leader of the Warsong's operations, Ordila the Crone was in fact Prince Kelen's main servant in his efforts to transport his stolen artefacts into his homeland of Desolace. Found upon Zoram'gar's pier by the Eye, Ordila was shown little mercy and burnt to death by the Eye's magi.

Name: The Maggot Loa
Encounter: Eastern Plaguelands
Status: Destroyed
Description: Associated with decay and carrion, this Loa was venerated within Zul'Mashar following the Scourging of Lordaeron. Having caught the attention of several Amani who escaped their death within Quel'thalas, she was raised from her slumber to consume the Thalassian Pass and reclaim their rightful home within the Ghostlands. Her summoning was interupted and she was torn apart and burnt to ash by the Eye.

Name: Abbess of Ash
Encounter: Searing Gorge
Status: Deceased
Description: A Priestess of the Dark Iron clan and the overseer of the slaves within segments of the Cauldron and Blackrock Mountain, she realised the Eye's intentions of rescuing the Magistrix held prisoner in their slave labour camps. Cornered by the Eye and betrayed by her Dark Iron soldiers, she was killed within the depths of Blackrock.

Name: Jan’zi
Encounter: Zul’drak
Status: Possessed
Description: An undead troll necromancer formerly working for Warlord Zum’ramak within the region of Zul’drak, Northrend. The troll was tasked with the collection of souls that were to fuel a powerful ritual. With the help of the Eye the local troll spirit Falani managed to subdue and possess the necromancer, whose fate remains unknown.

Name: Warlord Zum’ramak
Encounter: Zul’drak
Status: Deceased
Description: After reports of the Drakkari remnants flocking under a new leader within Zul’drak, the Eye was tasked with dealing with this potential threat. After having slain the Warlord’s lieutentants, the Sanguine Eye accompanied by the Bloodied Talons confronted the Warlord within his Amphitheater, managing to put his ritual to a halt. Upon defeat Zum’ramak took his own life, triggering a fel explosion which tore the troll apart.

Name: George Miller
Encounter: Alterac Mountains
Status: Deceased
Description: This young Human mage was left behind to try and unlock the secrets of an arcane locked scroll which the retainers possessed, however he was engaged and killed by a group of the Eye when he was unable to control the powers he held, his soul being drained and preserved by Rethomar Bloodsorrow.

Name: Kaeldric Greyfang (Name Unknown)
Encounter: Tanaris
Status: Deceased
Description: Set on the task by Commander Ashbrook to retrieve the second half of a keystone on behalf of the Lion's Maw. He was to scout out the entirety of the desert of Tanaris. After killing a Trollish Necromancer within Zul'Farrak, the worgen engaged the Eye to try and steal the keystone from them, however he was killed by their combined efforts.

Name: Kuyan
Encounter: Isle of Thunder
Status: Deceased
Descrption: A mogu who was found guarding one of the crypts beneath the Isle of Thunder. The creature's stone skin and lightning spells have proven to be quite the obstacle for the Eye, yet after a troublesome fight the crypt-guardian was overcome, his stone form shattered.

Name: Muwaka
Encounter: Isle of Thunder
Status: Deceased
Description: A Zandalari Dinomancer that has plagued the Eye during their missions on the Thunder King's Island. The troll, accompanied by a war-party at the time, was first fought during a skirmish in the Shadewood Thicket, though managed to escape after turning into one of the dreaded Pterrorwing. Later Muwaka returned to assault the Eye's vessel, the Falcon's Flight. The troll met his end during a final battle at the base of the walls of Lei Shen's fortress, slain after assuming the form of a Direhorn.

Name: Drogtar Sundergrip
Encounter: Stonetalon Mountains, Southern Barrens
Status: Deceased
Description: A Kor'kron shaman, first encountered in The Fold, Stonetalon Mountains. The orc has accompanied the elves of the Eye in the mountains, assisting them with dispatching a rebel. Later the shaman appears to have been drawn into Overseer Spineripper's cause, showing up alongside the orc within the Southern Barrens, before assaulting the forces of the Eye. Sundergrip has paid for this act with his life, and was left to burn within the centre of a Quilboar village.

Name: Neshar the Barbed
Encounter: Uldum
Status: Deceased
Description: Neshar was the Kor'kron commander who lead a small orcish scouting party into the deserts of Uldum. She had stolen an artefact and abducted one of the elves of the Reliquary, and during her journey through the region she tried to uncover the object's secrets. Neshar, hounded by the elves of the Sanguine Eye, was eventually cornered within an ancient cavern. It was there that she was squashed beneath the foot of a giant titan-construct. Overseer Sunshard is in the possession of a shard containing Neshar's soul.

Name: Jahmar
Encounter: Uldum
Status: Defeated
Description: Jahmar, a Djinn of Skywall, has been scheming against the elves of the Eye since they entered the region of Uldum. A group of human bandits managed to steal one of the Order's power-sources, during a raid on the elves' camp, on the elemental's behalf. Later, the Djinn also managed to acquire the artefact stolen by Neshar the Barbed. While the Eye managed to regain the power-source, the Orb of Aurroxus, during their travels, it required the elves to seek out and defeat the Djinn itself to reclaim the other artefact. They eventually managed this after a lengthy battle with the creature, which ended in one of the towers of the elemental realm.

Name: The Jade Witch
Encounter: The Jade Forest
Status: Killed
Description: An evil spirit who lingered in the bamboo-forests of eastern Pandaria. The Jade Witch was first encountered during a scouting mission, the creature resembling a Pandaren child, who lured the elves of the Eye in her trap, and even turned one of them into jade statue. After a search for a remedy, the being was once again encountered a few days later, atop a misty bluff. During a lengthy struggle, in which four other Oathsworn were turned to jade, Instructor Duskworn managed to turn the Witch's own spell against her, turning her to jade. Shortly after, the statue was shattered by Adept Fairglow, killing the mystical being. The creature's death heralded the release of the others, the petrified elves returning to life.

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