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  • From Ian: David Horovitz: The death-cult ideology that France prefers not to name Islamist jihad cannot and will not be defeated if it is not honestly acknowledged. The enemies of freedom will not be picked out at border crossings, tracked on the internet...

  • Edinburgh News, Buildings in East Scotland, Lothian Developments, Property Design Edinburgh News : Architecture Building Designs in the Scottish Capital – Lothian Property Developments Edinburgh Building News Lothian Architectural Developments Stirling...

  • Australia ranks as the third most popular international student destination in the world and there are many reasons to it. In terms of academic success, Australia gives you an opportunity to do high-quality scientific research and cooperate with people...

  • November 8 In History 30: Birthdate of Marcus Cocceius Nerva, the Roman Emperor who changed the way in which the special tax on Jews was collected so that would not be the humiliating experience created by his Flavian predecessors. 641: “Jews were...

  • Speak of the devil
    via truthabouttrade

    Source – Cosmos By Keith Kloor Date – 10 Feb 2014 Website – How did biotech giant Monsanto come to personify evil? Several years ago, Janice Person, a Memphis-born PR specialist and amateur photographer,...

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  • IMFSE - Students and alumni

    Students and alumni   Admitted students will be asked to sign a student contract following this outline. Nationalities The International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering hosts a divers...

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