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David Horovitz: The death-cult ideology that France prefers not to name

Islamist jihad cannot and will not be defeated if it is not honestly acknowledged. The enemies of freedom will not be picked out at border crossings, tracked on the internet, targeted, thwarted and ultimately marginalized if insistent self-defeating political correctness means those enemies are not even named.
Does anybody seriously believe, for instance, that France is about to launch a crackdown on Islamist groupings at its higher-education institutions, or devote serious resources to investigating potential incitement at local mosques? Are France and the rest of Europe about to introduce passenger profiling at EU entry points, in the way that Israel does? Is the EU set to sanction Turkey for facilitating the flow of radicalized European Muslims to and from the Islamic State terror group in Syria and Iraq?
Not terribly likely, is it, when the French president declares that “these terrorists and fanatics have nothing to do with the Islamic religion”? Not terribly likely, is it, when the French president, reportedly, didn’t want his day of dignified identification with the victims of terrorism spoiled by the presence of those, like Netanyahu, who might distract from the solemn harmony and focus furious attention, instead, on the specific cause, that great big elephant stuck in among the masses in central Paris: Islamic extremism?
Three and a half million people took to the streets of France on Sunday in a show of solidarity for the latest fatalities of a ruthless ideology. But they couldn’t bring themselves to call that death-cult by its name.
Do the last few days of Islamist murder in France constitute a watershed moment for one of the Diaspora’s largest communities? The beginning of the end? I rather think so.
A watershed moment in the Western battle against Islamic extremism? I fear not.
Melanie Phillips: Melanie Phillips: Jews, Not Cartoonists, are Islam's Real Enemy

Even now, people are still not joining up the dots. The massacre at Charlie Hebdo gave rise to claims that the French magazine was responsible for the attack by publishing cartoons insulting Islam. This predictable canard was appallingly confounded two days later by the slaughter at a Jewish grocery store in Paris, where shoppers were taken hostage and murdered by members of the same al-Qaeda gang, one of whom said he had specifically targeted Jews.
French Jews have been under sustained onslaught from Muslims for years. In January 2006, 23-year-old Ilan Halimi was kidnapped, tortured and murdered in Paris by Islamic radicals. In 2012, four people, including three children, were murdered at a Jewish school in Toulouse.
Muslims repeatedly single out French Jews for stabbings, fire-bombings, robbery, rape and vandalism. Yet in the west all this has been largely ignored. Why is freedom of expression deemed more important than Jewish lives?
The French have been slow to address this rampant Jew-hatred. Until his original act was finally banned last year, the stand-up Muslim comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala wowed French audiences despite inciting anti-Jewish hatred.
The decades-long targeting of French Jews has barely been reported in the British or western media, which subscribe instead to the mantra that the main evil is “Islamophobia”. They ignore the fact that, rooted in Islamic doctrine and appropriating obscene Nazi motifs, demonic Jew-hatred pours daily out of the Muslim world.
Ben-Dror Yemini: West's anti-Israel propaganda encourages terror

The West's progressive circles have been waging an incitement campaign against Israel and Zionism for several years now. Many of the West's media outlets define what Israel is doing to the Palestinians in general, and in Gaza in particular, as genocide, crimes against humanity and an intentional murder of children and civilians.
Blatant statements against Zionism, Jews and Israel, which usually include blatant and intimidating lies, are considered part of the circle of enlightenment and progress. They are given a platform in newspapers which are considered to be serious.
In the Independent newspaper, Israel was labeled as "a community of child killers." According to the Newsweek website, Jews endanger world peace.
The average Muslim viewer asks himself, rightfully, how are Western countries letting this crime go on. Why aren't there much more sanctions against Israel? Why is the United States bombing the Islamic State rather than Israel? Why are economic ties between Israel and Western countries only growing stronger?
Considering the lies being presented in many of the leading media outlets about these unstoppable crimes, these questions are correct.
Jimmy Carter Blames Recent Terror Attacks On ‘Palestinian Problem’

When in doubt, blame Israel — at least that seems to be the habit of America’s least respected former president.
In the wake of the Islamist terror attacks in France against cartoonists and Jews, former President Jimmy Carter’s first reaction was to pin the motivation for such terrorism on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Appearing on “The Daily Show” Monday, Carter was asked by host Jon Stewart whether the violence the world saw on the streets of Paris was actually fueled by something else other than Islamic extremism.
“Well, one of the origins for it is the Palestinian problem,” Carter replied. “And this aggravates people who are affiliated in any way with the Arab people who live in the West Bank and Gaza, what they are doing now — what’s being done to them. So I think that’s part of it.”
Carter didn’t explain how solving the Israeli-Palestinian issue would in any way resolve the violent conflicts currently engulfing the Arab world, including the Syrian civil war, the Islamic State’s takeover of part of Iraq and its brutal implementation of Islamic law, and the conflict between the Egyptian government and the Muslim Brotherhood, just to name a few. Nor did he detail how the “Palestinian problem” helps explain why three French Muslims murdered innocent French Jews buying groceries for the coming Sabbath and cartoonists preparing the next issue of their paper.

Bernard-Henri Levy: France is no longer afraid

One thing is for sure: France is no longer afraid.
One thing is for sure: From now on, all of Europe will no longer choose between the two versions of nihilism that are Islamism and populism.
And what is certain is that there will be further jihadist attacks, inevitably, but there will be fewer and fewer people who will whisper that we must keep a low profile and make accommodations – and another thing that is sure is that quick-fire responses, responses that confuse Muslims and jihadists, responses by those who would like to deport entire communities of Europeans, have for the moment been swept away by the force that has been created.
France is back: Proof that the greatness of a country isn’t just down to how your accounting conforms with the rules of the bureaucrats, even those of the European Union.
Europe is back: The true Europe, that of Edmund Husserl, that of concrete universality, the Europe that the two vanguards of contemporary fascism would like to defeat – in France these are fundamentalist Muslims and their twins, who, like Jean-Marie Le Pen, declare that “we are not Charlie.”
Anything can happen, of course.
And the brightness of this moment of grace can dim in our memories. But such is the weight of the events that they will leave behind a long and lasting impression. It is up to us to be true to their spirit and prevent them from fading away.
France didn’t live up to Napoleon’s bargain

Hollande was reportedly furious, and invited Abbas to ‘balance’ Netanyahu. And when Netanyahu spoke at the Grand Synagogue in Paris that evening, Hollande got up and left.
This is another chapter in the long and not-so-happy relationship between France and its Jews. When Napoleon offered the Jews emancipation at the beginning of the 19th century, he made demands as well. He decreed that they could live outside of ghettos, removed other restrictions and even made Judaism one of the official religions of France (the others were Catholicism and several forms of Protestantism). In return, he expected that Jews living in France would no longer consider themselves a distinct people. They would be French in every way, Frenchmen and women who practiced Judaism.
But France didn’t live up to Napoleon’s bargain. Anti-Jewish attitudes remained, and when Alfred Dreyfus — an army officer, a French patriot who happened to be Jewish — was falsely accused of treason in 1894, most of the establishment went along with the coverup of the evidence against the real traitor, Ferdinand Esterhazy, and the trumped-up charges and draconian punishment of Dreyfus. The French ‘street’ seethed with anti-Jewish agitation as well. Indeed, the Dreyfus affair was a major motivation for Theodor Herzl’s position that Europe’s Jewish problem would not be solved within its borders.
Herzl was so affected by the Dreyfus case that he as much as predicted the coming Holocaust:
"I cannot imagine what appearance and form this will take. Will it be expropriation by some revolutionary force from below? Will it be proscription by some reactionary force from above? Will they banish us? Will they kill us? I expect all these forms and others."
Jewish Lives Do Matter—to Terrorists. To a Distracted Left, Not So Much.

Face it cool-headedly but face it: Jews, as a people, are under the gun. In a number of recent incidents, French men, women, and children have been murdered for being Jews. In 2006, a young Jew was kidnapped by a gang of thugs, tortured for three weeks, then killed. In 2012, in the south of France, three children and an adult at a Jewish day school were murdered by an Islamist thug, a petty criminal, recruited in prison. Not that France is uniquely dangerous for Jews. In 2008, during the Islamist assault on the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, one nearby buildings also assaulted was the Chabad house, where the rabbi, his wife, and four others were murdered by Muslim terrorists from the Lashkar-e-Taiba group, based near Lahore, Pakistan.
I have no peroration to close with, or any all-encompassing analysis or a 10-point program of action. I do not know for a fact that the left is any more casual, shall we say, about rank Jew-hatred than the right. But I do wonder why it is so hard—or even hard at all—to get the progressive mind, for which racism is everywhere and always anathema, around the fact that it is both imperative and possible to fight against white supremacy and against Jew-hatred at the same time.
What will it take for progressives to understand in their bones that Jew-hatred can never be one whit more defensible than any other racial insanity? A competitive number of Jewish bodies? Will resolutions flow now through academic associations calling for sanctions against Jew-hating institutions? Why is there any hesitation about protecting a vulnerable and long-devastated people—even when the Jewish State commits its own crimes? Is there always to be an asterisk about racism, where the attached footnote reads: Jews need not apply?
Greg Gutfeld: Cartoonish Behavior

The first step in any problem is admitting you have one. But we have already given in to the mindset of that girl above – worried more about backlash than the “frontlash,” – that Charlie Hebdo will happen again, and again.
But, as always, I propose a deal. It is one I made on The Five a few days ago, and it seems to make a lot of sense to me.
If you believe that terror is not a religious issue, and I agree with you – then what does that mean, exactly?
It means that if I don’t “see” Islam, when I fight terror, then you cannot “see” Islamophobia when I fight it.
On the contrary, as a Muslim you should join me in championing the elimination of such heathens – since after all, it has NOTHING to do with religion. We can fight this together, if we look at our enemies through the same lens: seeing as they are murderous scum who should die.
However, if you have a problem making that step – like that moronic girl who tweeted me – then perhaps it is you who has the problem separating religion from terror.
It’s a problem you should solve. Soon.
Because we aren’t waiting for you.
And then we become that ACME safe that lands on the Wile E. Coyote that is radical Islam. I love that cartoon.
Defiant Charlie Hebdo puts Muhammad on post-attack cover

French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo defied the attackers in last week’s bloodbath by putting a cartoon of a weeping Prophet Muhammad on its next cover, as the government on Monday announced the deployment of 10,000 soldiers to boost security.
The no-holds-barred publication released the front page of what it called the “survivors’ issue,” due out Wednesday, featuring Muhammad in a white turban and holding a sign that reads “Je suis Charlie” under the words: “All is forgiven.”
The issue will be the first since two Islamist gunmen stormed Charlie Hebdo’s Paris office on January 7 and massacred 12 people, saying they were taking revenge for previous publications of Muhammad cartoons — considered deeply offensive to many Muslims.
In a further show of defiance, the magazine announced it would print three million copies — not the usual 60,000 — when it reappears on newsstands this week.
Frenchman held in Bulgaria said linked to Paris killers

A Frenchman arrested in Bulgaria on January 1 trying to cross into Turkey was in contact with one of the two brothers who carried out the Islamist attacks in Paris last week, prosecutors said Tuesday.
Fritz-Joly Joachin, 29, a French citizen of Haitian origin, “was in contact several times with one of the two brothers — Cherif Kouachi,” public prosecutor Darina Slavova told AFP.
She said the contact took place before Joachin left France on December 30, a week before Cherif Kouachi and his brother Said killed 12 people in Paris attacks that shocked the world.
‘We wanted you to come here alive,’ laments president as four Paris victims buried

Relatives of each of the four gave brief eulogies, before speeches by Netanyahu, Rivlin and French Ecology Minister Segolene Royal. The families also lit memorial torches in the victims’ memory.
Philippe Braham’s widow Valery broke up in tears as she delivered a short eulogy for her husband. “Philippe, my love, my dear, was a perfect man. As I said before, a man who thinks first and foremost about others and not about himself. A great husband and a father who lives for his children… I cry but I know you all cry with me, I thank you… Philippe, protect me, protect Shirel, Naor, Ella and Raphael.”
Rabbi Beto Hattab, eulogizing his son Yoav, said simply, “I accept the judgment of Heaven with love.”
Rivlin and Netanyahu both stressed the imperative for Europe and the free world to fight Islamic extremism. They also both encouraged immigration, but Rivlin stressed that aliyah should be through choice not desperation, and said the free world had an obligation to ensure that Jews be able to live in security anywhere.
Said Rivlin: “Dear families, Yoav, Yohan, Philippe, Francois-Michel, this is not how we wanted to welcome you to Israel. This is not how we wanted you to arrive in the Land of Israel, this is not how we wanted to see you come home, to the State of Israel, and to Jerusalem, its capital. We wanted you alive, we wanted for you, life. At moments such as these, I stand before you, brokenhearted, shaken and in pain, and with me stands an entire nation.”
Netanyahu at Paris victims' funeral: Time for civilized world to uproot enemies in our midst

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the victims were “murdered solely for being Jewish" in "an attack of hatred by a despicable murderer."
The premier used the occasion to repeat his call for world leaders, particularly in the West, to take a more forceful stand against radical Islam.
"These aren’t just enemies of the Jews, but all of humanity," the prime minister said. "It’s about time that all of the civilized world unite and uproot these enemies from our midst."
Netanyahu said that during his trip to Paris, he came away with the impression that "most leaders understand or are starting to understand that the terror of radical Islam presents a clear and present danger to the world in which we live."
The prime minister praised "the spirit of the Jewish community in France," which remains "totally connected with Am Yisrael ("the nation of Israel"), Eretz Yisrael ("the land of Israel"), and Torat Yisrael ("the Torah of Israel").
The Most Chilling Thing Written About Paris Terror

from The Tablet’s live blog about Paris:
"I spoke to a person who teaches history in a high school in one of the suburban Cités. He told me that this is a complete disaster. Teachers are afraid to mention the events. He told me that in his school students are asking to debate the massacre—and they are justifying it. Thirteen-year-olds, 14-year-olds saying, “You shouldn’t insult the Prophet. The killing is justified.” If this is free speech in France then France should change the law. The students don’t understand what the problem is. The teacher complained that they have been sounding alarms for 15 years."
First of all, because it’s a typical neuveaux-liberal, American (Jewish) news outlet let’s fill in the absolutely essential detail which is omitted. This was a teacher in a predominantly Muslim area school talking to Muslim children. Obviously.
These are not cute little nursery children: these are young adults. They have brought with them to school the ideas and influences they are given at home and at the Mosque. They are absolutely fine with the murder of cartoonists and writers who deserve it because of drawing a picture.
And here’s the big problem: if we are to accord equal respect to all the various cultures in our brave new multicultural society, how can the teacher inform the kids that they are wrong? How can they be told there is no insult that can be felt by an ideology or it’s followers which can be used to justify slaughter? None. Nothing. Ever. Without exception.
Paris shootings: investigation launched into where gunmen got GoPro cameras

Investigators in France are working to establish when and where the three men who killed 17 people in a series of attacks in Paris last week bought two GoPro cameras.
One camera was found in the car abandoned in haste by the Kouachi brothers after their bloody attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, French officials have said.
The camera had not, however, been used and remained in its wrapping. GoPro cameras, developed to be used by extreme-sports enthusiasts, are widely available and some models cost less than £150.
The camera was identical to one worn by Amédy Coulibaly, the third attacker shot dead last week, as he took hostages in a kosher supermarket in the French capital.
Extremist organisations have made increasing use of such technology, which allows them to produce high-quality, arresting images that can then be uploaded – to public social networking sites if they are looking to make an impact on broader public opinion in the west or the Islamic world, or to private sites known only to committed supporters – if their aim is to boost morale and recruitment.
Don’t Be Fooled: Paris Terror Rally Offers Cover to Terrorist Allies

Pardon moi if I don’t join the Kumbaya choir that captivated the traditional media on Sunday morning. While I unequivocally stand with the nearly 3 million Frenchmen who rallied in celebration of free speech and condemnation of Islamic terrorism, the image of world leaders marching arm in arm failed to evoke in me the euphoric triumph of good over evil that pervaded the multitude, indeed likely all of Western civilization. Rather, I lamented the hypocrisy of these very same world leaders who appease Muslim extremism, fund terrorism and honor terrorists, not unlike the ones who brought them together.
I couldn’t help but notice Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas standing near German Chancellor Angela Merkel – angling to get to the front of the line. Immediately I was transported back to September 11, 2001 and the scene in East Jerusalem as Palestinians celebrated the news that America was attacked.
At the time, Palestinian Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat publicly condemned the attacks as his minions handed out candy to children in Gaza. He also staged for the cameras his donation of blood for Americans injured in the twin tower attacks – later revealedas a hoax to mask the Palestinian rejoicing over the murder of 3,000 Americans.
Abbas is cut from the same cloth. A Holocaust denier in his own right, Abbas is a protégé of Arafat, who is unequivocally the father of modern day terrorism. Without the path to hell set in motion by Arafat and Abbas, there is no attack in France and no 9/11.
Turkish President Erdoğan Launches Bitter Attack on Netanyahu, Hints at Conspiracy Theory Over Charlie Hebdo Attack

Speaking at a joint press conference with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas – who also attended the rally, despite his continuing record of inciting terror against Israel – Erdoğan lambasted Netanyahu. “How can a man who has killed 2,500 people in Gaza with state terrorism wave his hand in Paris, like people are waiting in excitement for him to do so? How dare he go there?” he demanded. “You should first give an account for the children and the women you have killed.”
The Turkish president then embarked on a rant about Israeli policy in Jerusalem, attacking the Jewish state, according to Turkish newspaper Zaman, for “escalating tensions in the region by violating holy sites along with its recent increasingly aggressive behavior.” Erdoğan also declared that “protecting the Noble Sanctuary in Jerusalem – ” known to Jews as the Temple Mount – “is not only the duty of Palestine, but also the entire Islamic world.” He vowed as well to continue fighting against Israel’s “reckless behavior that recognizes no rules” with other Muslim countries and the international community.
At the same press conference, Erdoğan offered the outlines of a conspiracy theory in a vaguely worded answer to a question about the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. “These [attacks] are all a result of a scenario. There are also games being played with the Islamic world. We need to be aware of this,” he said. “French citizens carry out such a massacre, and Muslims pay the price. That’s very meaningful … Doesn’t their intelligence organization track those who leave prison?”
For good measure, Erdoğan added, “The West’s hypocrisy is obvious. As Muslims, we’ve never taken part in terrorist massacres. Behind these lie racism, hate speech and Islamophobia.”
At no point in his remarks did Erdoğan, whose prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu was dispatched to the Paris rally, condemn any of the Islamist terrorist atrocities in France last week, or offer his condolences to the families of the victims.
PreOccupied Territory: In Interest Of Balance, France Also Invited Hitler To Paris Rally (satire)

Amid reports that France had discouraged the Israeli Prime Minister from attending yesterday’s rally, and that when he informed them of his intention to attend they invited Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, sources within the Elysee Palace leaked information that the French government had first tried to invite German leader Adolph Hitler, but had to settle for Abbas when Hitler was unavailable.
Dozens of world leaders gathered yesterday along with more than a million Frenchpeople to protest the rising tide of Islamic terrorism and attacks on freedom of expression – and to a lesser degree, the attacks on Jews that have plagued France for several years. Mr. Netanyahu’s plan to attend the demonstration caused a scramble in Paris, as the Hollande administration did not wish to appear to endorse Netanyahu’s policies by granting him such a public display of solidarity, especially with Israeli parliamentary elections scheduled for March 17. Paris therefore sought to counteract such an impression by inviting a Netanyahu foe, the obvious choice being der Fuhrer.
However, say the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity owing to the sensitivity of the information, Hitler did not respond to the French overture, and Hollande was forced to issue an invitation to the next-best choice, Abbas.
White House: We should have sent high-level official to Paris

In a rare public admission of error, the White House said Monday the US should have sent a high-level official to an anti-terror march in Paris that was attended by more than 40 world leaders.
The Obama administration was represented Sunday by the US ambassador to France, though Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris for security meetings.
“It’s fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. Secretary of State John Kerry was on a long-planned trip to India on Sunday but now will visit France later this week.
The White House appeared to have been caught off guard by both the display of international unity at the Paris march and the criticism of its decision to be represented only by Ambassador Jane Huntley.
PreOccupied Territory: Obama WAS In Paris; Ultra-Orthodox Racists Photoshopped Him Out (satire)

White House officials on the defensive over President Obama’s apparent absence from Sunday’s rally in Paris were taken aback by the charges that he had neglected to attend or send high-ranking representatives, since he actually was present – but then the officials were unable to rebut the accusations when they discovered that all the image and video files of the president in the front row of the demonstration and memorial service had been edited by racist Jewish religious radicals to remove evidence of his presence.
Furor over President Obama’s ostensible failure to show sufficient solidarity with France and the victims of recent terrorist attacks there focused on his assigning the task to the US Ambassador in the French capital, and the failure to insist that a higher-ranking official represent American sympathy and support even while Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris. But before White House spokespeople were able to rebut the charges of presidential diplomatic and political incompetence, they found themselves unable to find audiovisual evidence, despite seeing it themselves just minutes before. In fact administration officials were unable to find the original files even on remote servers and in independent or foreign hands, the hackers had been so thorough.
A brief investigation found that the devices and servers where the files had been stored were hacked, and the images an videos had been cut or otherwise modified so convincingly that the officials themselves began to doubt their ability to recall events. The files bore only the telltale signs of tampering by the same organization that photoshopped women leaders out of the same images for an ultra-Orthodox Jewish publication in Brooklyn, an outfit that did not want to accept images of a prominent black man at an event partially sparked by the deaths of Jews at the hands of a black man.
After Absence from Paris March, Obama Hosts Nazi-Saluting Frenchman at White House

President Barack Obama didn’t join world leaders in Paris on Sunday for a march honoring terror victims, but he is playing host at the White House on Monday to French basketball player Tony Parker, who was once pictured doing a Nazi salute with a notorious anti-Semite.
The president decided not to attend the “Unity March” in Paris, which drew 1.5 million people and more than 40 world leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Obama remained in Washington, D.C., and on Monday is hosting Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs at the White House to honor them for their victory in the NBA championship.
Parker posed with Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, a French man branded as an “anti-Semite and racist” by the French interior minister. They were both performing the “quenelle,” a Nazi salute popularized by Dieudonne.
French Anti-Semitic Comedian Dieudonné Investigated Over ‘I Am Charlie Coulibaly’ Declaration

Dieudonné M’Bala M’bala, the anti-Semitic French provocateur infamous for devising the “quenelle,” an inverted Nazi salute, as well as his frequent mocking of the Nazi Holocaust, is again in trouble with the French authorities after he declared his admiration for Amedy Coulibaly, the Islamist terrorist who murdered four French Jews during the siege at the HyperCacher market in eastern Paris last Friday.
In a statement on his Facebook page after the unity rally in Paris attended by 1.5 million people, Dieudonné poked fun at the “Je Suis Charlie” meme that has circulated on social media since last Wednesday’s massacre at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. “As far as I am concerned, I feel I am Charlie Coulibaly,” Dieudonné wrote.
As a result of that post, which has now been removed, Dieudonné is now the subject of an investigation by the Paris prosecutors office. The investigation for “defending terrorism” was opened on Monday, said Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor.
Why is Hillary Clinton Silent on Paris Attacks?

In the original primaries, Hillary boasted that she would be there to take 3 AM phone calls. Meanwhile days later, she still can’t even comment on the attack.
We’ve slammed Obama before for his inattention and laziness, but Hillary Clinton seems to be even worse. And Benghazi is a reminder of how her sloppiness and inattention to important details already cost lives.
Jake Tapper slammed Obama and GOP candidates for not going to Paris. He left out any mention of Hillary. Of course she didn’t have to fly to Paris, but she could have at least issued a boilerplate statement.
In the past Hillary was criticized for delaying a statement as long as possible in order to take the safest position, but how controversial is a generic condemnation of terrorism?
After attack, owner of Paris kosher market plans move to Israel

Brother of owner says that terrorist screamed ‘You are a Jew, you will die!’ before opening fire on shoppers
Three days after a terrorist attack in a kosher supermarket in Paris left four Jewish men dead, the owner of the beleaguered store voiced his intention to immigrate to Israel.
Patrice Walid, owner of HyperCacher kosher mart in Porte de Vincennes, was injured in the attack and said that the moment he is discharged from hospital, he wants to move to the Jewish state.
“He is planning to take his five kids and to board the plane [to Israel] as soon as possible,” Walid’s brother Yoel told Army Radio Monday, and noted that his brother is still recuperating from bullet wounds to his hand and stomach.
“He is in trauma, he is still unconscious. But at least he’s alive, that’s the most important thing,” Yoel Walid said.
‘I Don’t Feel Safe in France,’ Says Bereaved Journalist Whose Cousin Was Murdered in Paris Kosher Supermarket Attack

In an emotional interview about her cousin who was murdered during Friday’s terrorist siege at the HyperCacher market in Paris, journalist Rachel Bourlier said on Monday that like many Jews in France, she does not feel safe.
“No, we are not safe. I don’t feel safe,” she told the London radio station LBC. “I am now in Paris and I said to my family, come to live in London…I love France, I love Paris, but for the first time in my life I wanted to go…I am not safe and I feel it for the first time in my life.”
Bourlier’s cousin, Yohan Cohen, 22, was one of the hostages who died on Friday in terrorist Amedy Coulibaly’s murderous attack upon market where he worked. When Bourlier learned of the siege at the market, she called her family to check on her “little” cousin and ask if he went to work that day. Bourlier’s family then told her that he was among the four hostages held up at the store.
“And all day on Friday we didn’t know if he was safe or not. And Friday night we knew that he was killed by the terrorist because he tried to save a little boy of 3 years old,” Bourlier told LBC, while fighting back tears. “He tried to take him [away] from the terrorist and they fought and the terrorist killed him.”
30% of French Jewish Students Stay Home After Attacks

As much as 30-40% of France's Jewish schoolchildren stayed home Monday, Channel 10 reports, on the first day of school after Friday's attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris.
France has deployed nearly 5,000 security forces and police to protect the 700 Jewish schools in the country this week following the attacks, according to special instructions from Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.
Students arriving at school saw policemen or soldiers guarding the entrances like a military base, sources told the Israeli media; some schools, such as the Lubavitch (Chabad) elementary school in the 19 arrondissement, were guarded by a full squad of French soldiers on a 24-hour watch - after concrete threats were made against it and shots were fired.
Fearing Copycat Attacks, Danish Jews Demand Police Protection

Denmark's main Jewish group on Tuesday called for police protection for its school and synagogue in Copenhagen, after four Jews were murdered last week in a hostage crisis at a kosher supermarket in Paris committed by an Islamist terrorist.
"With the situation being like it is, we believe it's very clear that Jewish targets are a high priority for the terrorists," the deputy chairman of the Jewish Community of Denmark, Jonathan Fischer, told AFP.
Denmark has seen a rise in anti-Semitism; during Hamas's terror war against Israel in August, Copenhagen's Jewish school, Carolineskolen, had its windows smashed and anti-Jewish graffiti spray-painted on its walls.
Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks a ‘cure’, says leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia Ismail Alwahwah

Ismail Alwahwah, who also attended rallies with Martin Place gunman Man Haron Monis, wrote a lengthy diatribe on the attack in which he claimed the attacks were a reaction to “daily humiliation” of Muslims and “insults to their book and prophet”.
The Bankstown man – whose organisation describe themselves as a “political party whose ideology is Islam” – headed his vile article “Commentary on Charlie Hebdo and the physical law of compression” and used scientific analogies to justify the brutal slaughter.
“The pressure — is responsible for triggering the explosion, the cure has always focused on eliminating pressure or reducing it,” he wrote.
Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam Tells Islamists To F*** Off On Live Television

The mayor of an ethnically diverse European city has earned the praise of London mayor Boris Johnson after expressing exasperation with fellow Muslims who failed to appreciate the freedoms enjoyed in the Western world, telling them to “pack your bags”.
Speaking to the NewsHour current affairs programme just hours after the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, Mayor Aboutaleb became angered by the failure of some Muslims to adapt to their new homes, as he himself had done.
Mayor Aboutaleb said: “It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom… But if you don’t like freedom, for heaven’s sake pack your bags and leave.
“There may be a place in the world where you can be yourself, be honest with yourself and do not go and kill innocent journalists. And if you do not like it here because humorists you do not like make a newspaper, may I then say you can f*** off.
“This is stupid, this so incomprehensible. Vanish from the Netherlands if you cannot find your place here. All those well-meaning Muslims here will now be stared at”.
Mayor to Dutch Muslims don't like freedom f off (h/t Yoel)


Today the city of Ghent will hold a silent march for “peace and respect”, following the terror attacks in France.
One of the people chosen to speak in this march is journalist Saskia Van Nieuwenhove.
Van Nieuwenhove is anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish. In the past she has posted various conspiracy theories about Israel and Jews. She also supports Abou Jahjah and the AEL (Arab European League), who had in the past had targeted Belgian Jewish communities with violence.
Paris terror attacks celebrated in Pakistan

While last week’s attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo sparked global outrage, dozens of people in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar paid tribute Tuesday to the brothers who carried out the murders.
Though small in scale, the event was indicative of the anger that portrayals of the Prophet Mohammed can ignite in some parts of the Muslim world, particularly in Pakistan where tough blasphemy laws make insulting the Prophet a crime punishable by death.
Local cleric Maulana Pir Mohammad Chishti led some 60 people in prayers for Cherif and Said Kouachi, who shot dead 12 people at the magazine’s offices on January 7, as worshipers called the pair “martyrs”.
They also chanted “Death to Hebdo publications” and “Long live Cherif Kouachi, long live Said Kouachi,” and kissed posters of the brothers who were shot dead by police two days later.
Pentagon Twitter account hijacked by Islamic State hackers

Hackers claiming to be affiliated with the Islamic State hacked a Twitter account belonging to US Military’s Central Command on Monday and posted internal documents to the web.
“American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back! ISIS. #CyberCaliphate,” the first tweet posted on the account after it was apparently hacked said. The Centcom photo was changed to that of a masked man in a black-and-white checked scarf with the Islamic State flag.
The perpetrators also published documents with the personal contact information of senior American military officers, as well as files they claimed were Pentagon war scenarios.
Many of the documents were publicly available files and didn’t belong to the US military, however. One document was labeled as belonging to the MIT Lincoln Lab, “a federally funded research and development center chartered to apply advanced technology to problems of national security,” according to the institution’s website.
“ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs, in each military base,” said another tweet.
On Eve of Terror Victims Burial in Jerusalem, New York Times Publishes Scathing Op-Ed Entitled ‘Why I Won’t Serve Israel’

Even a week of terrorist outrages in Paris wasn’t enough to convince the New York Times editorial page to temporarily suspend its obsession with the supposed evils of Israeli policy.
On Monday morning, alongside a piece signed by the Times Editorial Board which discussed anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment in France in several places – but did not deign to mention the fear among French Jews of rising anti-Semitism – readers of the “newspaper of record” were confronted with another article, entitled “Why I Won’t Serve Israel.”
The author, a 25 year-old Israeli-American named Moriel Rothman-Zecher, penned a lengthy manifesto justifying his refusal to be drafted into the IDF. “Some hope for a less violent, more decent future lies with the real traitors, the disregarded millions of Israeli citizens who have refused to serve in the army,” he wrote.
Neither the timing of the article nor its theme escaped critical scrutiny, however.
Reuters Disparages Benjamin Netanyahu's Show of Support for Parisian Jews as "Gauche"

Without even the courtesy of a grace period for the burial in Israel of the Jewish victims, Reuters has wasted no time producing a hit piece against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The authors set up their attack on Netanyahu by quoting "the particularlly stern" Rabbi Menachem Margolin, the head of the European Jewish Association, who dismisses Netanyahu's call for Jews to emigrate to Israel, saying, "Anyone familiar with the European reality knows that a call to Aliyah is not the solution for anti-Semitic terror."
The article then calculates that "Only a few French Jews move to Israel each year -- last year 7,000 out of the 550,000-strong community. That number is expected to rise to more than 10,000 in 2015, in part because of last week's attacks."
So, according to Reuters, 1 out of every 80 French Jews departing France for Israel in just a single year somehow qualifies as "only a few."
Tim Blair: Silence of the Dogs

This is a fellow who makes his living frequently ridiculing what he depicts as an exaggerated fear of Islamic terrorism and who routinely describes as bigots and idiots those who condemn Islamic terrorism. While his leftist fans just lap that stuff up, it now emerges that Marlton himself believes he is just one cartoon away from the possibility of fiery death.
Accidently put the word “Muhammad” in a caption nearby to some bloke with a beard and it’s curtains for Andrew. You’d think he’d be sending notes of deep thanks to ASIO instead of sneering at them.
Marlton’s efforts to avoid Islamic immolation extend a little beyond his following of orders over the Mo business. Last year I reported that a large Islamic bookstore in Lakemba was selling works that celebrate Hitler, describe Jews as baby-killing animals and condemn women as worth only half as much as men. Leftists ordinarily erupt over these issues, but Marlton actually took the side of the bookstore, dismissing the titles as nothing much to worry about: “One racist book.”
The bad news for Marlton, besides his inability to count past one and what must be the extraordinary difficulty of living without a spine, is that even his sensitivity and self-censorship might not be enough to save him from Islamic retribution. In 2006, for example, relentlessly pro-Islam Fairfax cartoonist Michael Leunig appeared in a gallery of the hated at an extremist Muslim rally in New York.
Possibly due to translation issues, the extremists decided Leunig was an enemy rather than an ally. Leunig’s photograph at the rally featured a red target on his forehead.
Doomed if you defend Islam, doomed if you don’t. Might be a message there. Marlton has a message, too. Two days into the new year he scribbled an attack on the Pope which ended with this line: “2015: The year of the Catholic Church continuing to tell everybody else what they should be doing.”
Memo to Catholics: if you don’t appreciate Marlton’s views, just threaten to kill him. It works every time.
Cartoonist Larry Pickering under police protection after posting prophet Muhammad picture online

CONTROVERSIAL cartoonist Larry Pickering has been placed under protective surveillance by counter terrorism police after he posted a derogatory picture depicting the prophet Muhammad on his website.
Mr Pickering was visited at home by detectives from Queensland Police on Sunday evening.
The officers, who arrived unannounced, said Mr Pickering had “upset a lot of people” and they were putting the four-time Walkley Award-winning cartoonist under high-priority protective surveillance.
“They didn’t say specifically why they were there,” Mr Pickering said.
“I guess they must have picked up some intelligence or chatter after I did the cartoon.
“They gave me their details and special phone numbers and said if I call they will be there in minutes.”
BBC reporter apologizes for insensitive remarks given in interview with Jewish Parisian

BBC reporter Tim Willcox apologized after saying at the Paris unity march on television that Palestinians “suffer hugely at Jewish hands.”
Willcox, who works for BBC News and BBC World News, on Twitter Monday morning tweeted, “Really sorry for any offense cause by a poorly phrased question in a live interview in Paris yesterday – it was entirely unintentional.”
He was covering the unity march against terrorism in Paris on Sunday when he responded to a woman’s comments about the state of Jews in France, “Many critics of Israel’s policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well.”
The Telegraph identified the woman as a daughter of Holocaust survivors.
BBC's Tim Wilcox Apology is Not Enough

7 Offensive Images The New York Times Wasn’t Afraid to Publish

Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The New York Times, is defending his decision not to reprint any Charlie Hebdo cartoons depicting Mohammad with an argument that might confuse Times readers. Today he told Politico: “We don’t run things that are designed to gratuitously offend.”
This dictum is confusing because it’s false: On many occasions the paper of record has printed images that are “designed to gratuitously offend.” Here are 7 examples; there are surely more.
Edgar Davidson: Turning Paris attacks into narrative of Muslim heroism and victimhood

Anybody who spends most of their online time reading pro-Israel blogs like this one - or whose main Facebook 'friends' are Israel supporters - will be unaware that there is a very concerted effort in the rest of the blogasphere and Facebook to turn the narrative of the Paris attacks into one of Muslim heroism and victimhood (much of this is being promoted by left-wing Jews).
For those of you with teenage children (curiously especially Jewish ones) on Facebook, you will find that by far and away the most popular and frequent story about the Paris attacks they will see is the one about the 'hero' Lassana Bathily - a Muslim from Mali - who worked in the kosher store and who helped a number of customers avoid the attacker by hiding them in the freezer room. While very welcome, as explained very well by Daniel Greenfield, this incident doesn’t disprove Islamic anti-Semitism any more than the actions of Oskar Schindler disproved Nazi anti-Semitism.
The other stories dominating the Paris attack narrative are those about the terrible Islamaphobia that Muslims now face. Yet nobody can find any evidence of actual Islamaphobia, whereas Jews in France are actually being murdered and require police protection at all their institutions... and the BBC seems to think this is something they deserve because of the way "Jews treat Palestinians". In fact, while the mainstream media totally missed the irony of arch terrorist supporters and abusers of journalists (like Abbas and theTurkish and Qatar delegates) attending the Paris rally yesterday, plenty took the the trouble to spew their hatred at Benjamin Netanyahu attending - accusing him of being the terrorist.
'The Simpsons' Pays Tribute to Charlie Hebdo in Epsiode Written by Judd Apatow

While Hollywood’s A-list walked the red carpet Sunday night donning symbols in support for Charlie Hebdo before the annual Golden Globe awards, the FOX animated series The Simpsons also paid to tribute to the French satire publication.
Late in Sunday’s episode, titled Bart’s Best friend, which was penned by director Judd Apatow, Maggie Simpson appeared on screen in front of a red, white, and blue background while waving a frayed black flag that read “Je Suis Charlie.”
The imagery was broadcast in support of French satire publication Charlie Hebdo, which fell victim to a deadly terrorist attack last week in Paris.
In addition to paying tribute to those lost in the Paris attack, the image is reportedly also a reference to French culture; the animated spot reportedly was based on French painter Eugene Delacroix’s piece titled “Liberty Leading the People:”
The Simpsons Tribute to Charlie Hebdo

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