Some people wouldn’t consider finding the right protein powder to supplement their nutrition a top priority on their fitness journey. Little do they know how important protein is in everyones daily diet. Our muscles need it to thrive, grow, repair, as well as carry on many everyday bodily functions.

For the most part, we can get our daily protein requirements from regular food (eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, pork, etc.), but there are times that sitting down to an actual meal is almost near impossible. Sometimes we don’t get to meal prep at the beginning of the week, our schedules change at the drop of a hat, and if you have kids… sometimes you never know when you will be able to eat next because of all the running around you are doing! Or if you are anything like me, eating the same types of meats/foods day in and day out gets boring!

It’s nice to have the option to supplement your daily protein requirement with something you don’t necessarily have to ‘chew’, something you can take on the go until you can eat an actual meal! This is where a quality protein powder comes in very very handy. Now comes the time to decide which to buy!

Unfortunately, the market for supplements and protein powders is vast. Walking in to your local supplement store can be very overwhelming, especially if you have no idea what you are looking for.

More often than not, you will either A. go with whatever brand the sales person has suggested, B. go with something you saw on TV/social media, or C. purchase something a friend or personal trainer suggested to you. And to be perfectly honest, you will most likely go through quite a few purchases (and regret) before finding something you truly love and does what its supposed to.

In the end though, it is extremely important that you are fueling your body with the optimal supplements to help you reach your goals.

How To Choose The right Protein Powder

Purpose: meal replacement, meal timing (post workout, nighttime), multi purpose (making smoothies/shakes, baking, etc.)
Quality: steer clear of additives, preservatives, long lists on ingredient labels
Taste: rich flavor without an artificial taste
Mixability: powder should easily dissolve in a shaker cup with water, milk, or desired liquid
Price: should be comparable to other protein powders, higher quality proteins will typically be higher in price

All that being said, let’s take a close look at the new PrettyFit Protein!

PrettyFit Whey Protein Review

Ultra High Quality

What can I say? Quality at its finest! No artificial ingredients, 25 grams of whey isolate, sugar free (sweetened with stevia), non GMO, gluten free, and only 100 calories per serving packed into each and every packet!

The PrettyFit whey also includes a digestive enzyme blend, perfect for those with sensitive stomachs. Often times, there are individuals who may not be lactose intolerant, but their bodies just need a little help digesting protein better. Having the enzyme blend already built into the powder ensures a happy, healthy tummy! It also ensures that the protein is going to those hard earned muscles properly!

Flavor and Mixibility

As previously stated, there are many different protein powder options available on the market. It’s also almost guaranteed that there will be MORE than 1 to 2 flavors available with each of these companies. From ‘Red Velvet’ to ‘S’mores’ to ‘Cookies N Cream’ to ‘Cake Batter’, most companies will have much more than just your standard vanilla or chocolate.

Although that may seem like it puts PrettyFit whey at a disadvantage, one must look a little closer and realize what comes along with all those ‘speciality’ flavors… artificial ingredients and things on the nutrition label you wouldn’t even know how to pronounce! It’s not like these companies can magically turn a box of Oreos (with artificial flavors, colors, additives, etc.) into a protein shake without a ton of calories. Those flavors have to come from somewhere, and I guarantee you it’s not from natural sources.

One thing you will notice when you see the PrettyFit whey protein is it simply just looks “cleaner” than other proteins. It’s softer, more delicate, and fine in texture. You can just see that it doesn’t have the same fillers, binders, and other “extras” that 99.9% of the available proteins on the market have. It’s a difference you can see AND taste!

So, what’s in the PrettyFit whey?

Ingredient Highlight

Natural Vanilla

Non GMO cold pressed ultra micro filtered whey isolate

Natural flavors

Xanthum gum


Digestive enzyme (protease I & II, amylase, lipase, lactase)

Natural Chocolate

Non GMO cold pressed ultra micro filtered whey isolate


Natural flavors

Xanthum gum


Digestive enzyme (protease I & II, amylase, lipase, lactase)


How many protein powders will you be able to find with only a handful of ingredients on the nutritional label? AND all of which are 100% natural? Less than 1%… I’d put money on that!

When it comes to overall quality, PrettyFit whey has definitely raised the bar and the difference can easily be seen and tasted! PrettyFit’s whey isolate mixes beautifully with water, milk, juice, or any liquid you choose. It’s versatile and can be used in both regular shakes out of a shaker cup, blended in smoothies, AND is also perfect for baking & cooking. It’s a taste so pure and clean you will know it’s providing only the BEST nutrients your body needs to building and maintaining that hard earned lean muscle.

You spend so much time and effort in the gym training, you are doing yourself a disadvantage by not fueling your body properly. Supplementing with this high quality protein powder will help you reach those fitness goals that much faster because as we all know, you cannot out train a bad diet! Get the upper hand on your nutrition with the best!

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