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  • The Difference Between UNIX and LINUX Operating Systems With Examples You may have often heard abut both Unix and Linux operating systems. In today’s world Linux is more famous than Unix but Unix has its own users. While Linux is an open source, free...

  • Linux is a totally free, open source computer operating system. Open source means that no one company owns it. Software engineers that develop Linux work within coding or programming communities or on their own to contribute to various Linux projects...

  • Any computer repair technician should be able to properly recycle an old customer PC after wiping it effectively. But this shouldn’t be the only course of action to recommend to customers. Perhaps a client is looking to make use of a still-capable...

  • SteamOS, Valve’s living room PC gaming operating system, is basically just a new Linux distribution. It’s based on Debian and provides easy access to a standard Linux desktop complete with a package manager. Google’s Chrome OS is based...

  • Since its first release in 2004, Ubuntu has grown to become a driving force among the popular Linux distributions. From giving away free CDs (before broadband was widely available) to its long-term support releases, Ubuntu has often caused a stir. For...

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