President Donald Trump just signed a new executive order on immigration.  The order temporarily bans the citizens of Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen from entering the United States for 90 days.

It has some major differences from the first version since suspended by a federal judge. It does not include Iraq and removes the blanket ban on Syrian refugees.

Citizens with visas from the six countries listed in the order will not be affected by the order and no visas will be revoked because of the order.

Foreign nationals without a valid visa as of Jan. 27, at 5 p.m. “are not eligible to enter the United States while the temporary suspension remains in effect.”

Iraq was removed from the new order after the United States received “firm commitments” from the Iraqi government that the U.S. will be able to vet and screen Iraq nationals to our liking.

Erasing Trump’s chief concern that the Iraqi vetting process was not under control. Ceding that to us, when and where we want is the only way Trump would do it – it’s called a compromise but I am sure the liberals will bash it.

During the first 20 days of the ban, DHS will conduct a review of the security and information each country on the ban provides to the United States about the visa process. Those countries will then have 50 days to comply with whatever suggestions the U.S. makes to “update or improve the quality of the information they provide.”

Another compromise. Our vetting process is bad. Theirs is terrible. Let’s have a freeze and review all the information and see if we can find a better solution.

The order suspends the refugee admissions program for 120 days while the Department of Homeland Security reviews its screening procedures.

When the program resumes, only 50,000 thoroughly vetted refugees will be allowed in for 2017, down from the 110,000-accepted last year by Barack Obama. If the vetting is not fixed, we do not have to accept any refugees so it is a good compromise and if you want proof the media lies just check out their reaction. I am sure it will be all Trump bashing.

The order will take effect on March 16.


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