For this article in the international artist series, we turn to Chile,
featuring six artists who create fantastic work, from illustrations to graphic design and more! I asked each artist how their country and
culture inspired their work, and they delivered fantastic answers.

Sergio Edwards

Sergio is an art director and freelance illustrator based in Santiago, Chile. His work features incredibly detailed illustrations with amazing character designs. Check
out a small selection of his work below, or see more in his portfolio.

Cafe Caribe

I think what I love
the most about living in Chile is that this an inspiring country. For instance, it's a country with diverse climates: from the driest desert
in the world, Atacama desert, to the beautiful green forests of the
southern region. That's enough reason for me
to love this place and to feel inspired.

There's Always A Bigger Fish

When I think about
my influences, I think about foreign influences like Disney animated movies, Asterix comics, and
Marvel-DC comics. Some of my influences are also Chilean classics, like "Condorito," a humorous comic with funny and
expressive drawings.

There's Always a Bigger Fish 2.0


I feel pretty amateur in terms of knowing the art industry in
Chile. But the
art community in general has many artists who are very positive people.
All the artists I know are very open to share their knowledge. It's something that always impressed me because it helped me grow as an
artist. And now I try to do the same with people who are just starting out.

Daniela Lobos

Daniela is an illustrator based in Santiago, Chile. Her work features charming illustrations with whimsical animals and gorgeous colors. Check out a small selection of her work below, or see more in her portfolio.


The wonderful thing about Chile is that we have deserts, mountains, forests, and glacier landscapes. You never get bored or uninspired with places like that!


Right now I live in Santiago but I was born in Antofagasta, and the
north of Chile has always been very influenced by Peruvian and Bolivian
culture. The bright colors and figures of the Diablada and the mysticism
of the desert are huge sources of inspiration to me.

Snow Day

Pet Plant

We have a lot of variety in the art community. Everybody here does their own thing, and I
absolutely love that. We all have different styles and different techniques. I also feel that the artists are very down to earth here so there's no oversized egos,
which is awesome.

Pablo Aburto

Pablo is an art director and digital artist based in Santiago, Chile. His work features exciting and inspiring designs for some of your favorite brands.
Check out a small selection of his work below, or see more in his portfolio.

Inteligencia Emocional

What I love about living in
Chile is its vast landscapes. It is a small country, but it has a desert in the north and glaciers in the south. I think the landscape
is what inspires many artists in my country.

Bayer Aspirin

In Chile there are still many artisans who try to maintain their
ancestral roots by doing things by hand and in clay. I think this has influenced my work since I like to create my graphic pieces by hand. Some
have been made with Plasticine, others are modeled with
paper and cardboard. Most of what is done today
is digital, however, so I try to escape from the norm by doing things also by hand.

Menta Fuerte - Dentyne

Lanzamiento - Farox

The art community in my country is not very large. Many artists are dedicated to art as part of a
hobby, and must work on other things to support their love for art. Artists take to the
streets to show their talent rather than in the great art galleries.

Paula Castro

Paula is an art director and experimental illustrator based in Santiago, Chile. Her work features gorgeous geometric designs with powerful, vivid colors.
Check out a small selection of her work below, or see more in her portfolio.

The Space River

One of the things that I love about living here is that Chile is very
rich in nature and culture. It also possesses incredible and inspiring landscapes from the north and
south. I live in Santiago, it's the
capital of Chile, and a variety of cultures exists here.

The Path of Mind

Santiago is a cosmopolitan city. The art here is set upon diverse stages, where architecture, cultural norms, and lifestyle are a fundamental role in
acquiring knowledge that contributes
to an artist's growth.
Also, I am surrounded by many graphic artists where I work, so there is always a great feedback.

Deep Metal Sea

Aura Melt

The art community in this city is small but there are many spaces for artists and varied cultural centers that allow us to gain recognition here. Though it has had an exponential
growth in the last few years, I feel that Chile as an artistic community that is still under

Marcelo Moya Ochoa

Marcelo is a graphic designer based in Santiago, Chile. His work features incredible digital retouching and powerful graphics for notable brands. Check out a small selection of his work below, or see more in his portfolio.

Mercedes Benz Viewpoints - BBDO Chile

Chile is a very big country. In a couple of hours of travel you can be in another region
and it’s almost like a completely different country. What I love the most is that there’s still a lot of work to do in
Chile in terms of design. It has a huge role it can play in making a better
society, starting with educating clients about the benefits of great

Pepsi Skydive

When it comes to graphic design, it’s very hard to pinpoint a Chilean
identity. In the northern region
there’s a lot of Inca empire influences in the culture, but in the south there’s a deep
connection with the terrain and the cold climate. In the last 10 years or
so, the capital has become very multicultural.

My work has been influenced in two ways. I try to come up with
results that appeal to a larger audience than just my country. And very
recently, I've also tried to incorporate elements of a broader, Latin American

Like a Ghost

Merrell Advertising

I think the art community here is becoming more accessible to new players. It slowly morphed
into a state where every weekend there's a
fair showcasing emerging artists to common people in the
streets. There’s still a long way to go because Chile is not a place that
puts art in the same priority as more developed countries, but the
communities that are forming, especially the younger generations, have a
lot to say in that development. We just have to come together.

Caterina Pinto Lumio

Caterina is a designer based in Santiago, Chile. Her work features unique designs full of culture and charm.
Check out a small selection of her work below, or see more in her portfolio.

Film Festival - Go San Cris

What I really like about my country is the diversity in people and landscapes. It inspires me to have different points of
view and makes me feel alive. I think that it's very important for
creative people to know their land well because we are ultimately a part of it.

Let's Connect - Fiis Chile

I really appreciate having lots of friends all over the country because they help me understand Chilean ways. I've learned to respect the different cultures more and now I think I have become more open-minded to my huge cultural background.

Cocktail Glass - Greenglass

Astro CD

The art community has grown a lot in the past few years. It is very difficult here in
Chile, but we have a job to educate the people so that they may respect our artistic expressions. The new
generation is more open-minded and this has also helped us share more
about the true experiences of people living here.

Many thanks to the artists who took time to answer my questions
and share a bit about themselves and how their country and/or culture
has affected their work. You can check out more of their work in the
links below:

Sergio Edwards

Daniela Lobos

Pablo Aburto

Paula Castro

Marcelo Moya Ochoa

Caterina Pinto Lumio

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