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  • Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum Last night a long-running project of mine went live: pg_docbot v2. For years, Jan Wieck provided a helper bot (rtfm_please) in the #postgresql IRC channel in the freenode network. Because of protocol changes in the freenode...

  • As OpenStack matures as a solution, there is a growing need to effectively deploy OpenStack in a prescriptive manner. To achieve this, numerous deployers have adopted Puppet to be their configuration tool of choice and it has grown to be the most widely...

  • Created page with "'''OWASP is applying to be a Google Summer of Code (“GSoC”) mentoring organization in 2017!''' <!-- Open source software is changing the world and creating the future. Wa..." New page '''OWASP is applying to be a Google Summer...

  • Cs:OpenRailwayMap
    via wiki.openstreetmap

    Copied english version New page {{Languages}} [[File:Osmand-2.0-Stuttgart-Hauptbahnhof-OpenRailwayMap-maxspeeds.png|thumb|Permissible speeds at the Stuttgart Main station, including its surrounding light rail tracks. OpenRailwayMap maxspeed data is...

  • Installation/tr
    via docs.limesurvey

    Created page with "Kurulum" New page <languages /> <div class="simplebox"> Note: These installation instructions are for version 2.0 or later. Older instructions for 1.92 can be found [[Installation Version 1.92 or older|here]] </div...

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