Wiki Ironchariots. Which claims that a proposition is true because it has not been shown to be false, is perhaps the most common logical fallacy in religious...

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  • Classical Presuppositional Apologetics
    via godshammer.wordpress

    I recently can across an introductory lecture on apologetics by Dr. Cal Beisner given at Knox Theological Seminary. I only wish there were more seminary lectures like this one. And not just because of Cal’s obvious admiration for Gordon Clark. The irrationalism...

  • Apparently someone accidentally lifted the rock that Paul Offit was under this morning and HuffPo decided to help him make an ass out of himself.  I had no intention of having anything to do with this knuckle-dragger today. I’ve been preoccupied lately...

  • Sometimes groups like the facebook page and any other type of public forum often lend themselves to debate. This is not at all a bad thing. In fact, it is by sharing and criticizing our beliefs that (ideally) we progress and be more rigorous...

  • This second, expanded edition of John Frame’s book on apologetics is a vital and welcome contribution, because apologetics continues to be an important area for us to think through. It is important not only for people who are especially interested in...

  • This is the fifth and final entry in a series examining attempts by Christian apologist Jason Petersen to discredit anti-theistic statements by Objectivist philosopher Dr. Leonard Peikoff. The first entry in this series can be found here. The second...

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  • Tu quoque - Iron Chariots Wiki

    Tu quoque For more information, see the Wikipedia article: Tu quoque is a criticism of one's accuser by pointing out the accuser is also guilty and therefore a hypocrite. It is used to divert cri...

  • A priori - Iron Chariots Wiki

    A priori This philosophy-related article is a stub. You can help out by An a priori argument is one that does not rely on evidence but rather on logic and reasoning. This means that an a priori arg...

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