Wiki Geany. Geany Wiki Geany's Wiki. Geany is a powerful text editor using the GTK2/GTK3 toolkit with basic features of an integrated development...

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  • Programmers Tools
    via linuxvoice

    Group Test: Linux Text Editors Mayank Sharma tests five supercharged text editors that can crunch more than just words. Linux Voice Review Mayank Sharma If you’ve been using Linux long, you know that whether you want to edit an app’s configuration...

  • PHPStorm: When the IDE Really Matters
    via thumbsplus.tutsplus

    Oh, I love fast and simple text editors. Being a Linux user, I lived years in the company of Kate and KWrite. With some tweaks and plugins I could make them really smart. I wrote whole projects in Perl, Bash, and even some PHP and Java in those editors...

  • Developers are busier now than ever before, and they want to be able to work in a productive environment that simply allows them to write code and get instant feedback from tests. The last thing they want to do is set up configuration after configuration...

  • Java developers are well acquainted with Eclipse IDE. It is the ‘de facto’ integrated development environment (IDE) used for Java development. Eclipse IDE offers various modern features, such as code editing, debugging and testing. It is very useful...

  • This article is sponsored by Komodo IDE. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make SitePoint possible! As unglamorous as it sometimes is, it’s undeniable that most of a developer’s time is spent inside an editor, writing code. Think about it: You...

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  • Geany Wiki - Geany Wiki

    Geany Wiki Geany's Wiki. Geany is a powerful text editor using the GTK2/GTK3 toolkit with basic features of an integrated development environment. This Wiki is meant to collect useful information a...

  • Lua Scripts - Geany Wiki

    Lua Scripts Geany configuration. Note you may not run it when Geany is running. Geany Mktags Solves the problem that “geany -g” can only create tag files for one language at a time, but there may b...

  • Vim-mode for Geany - Geany Wiki

    Vim-mode for Geany In fact, such a plugin would be possible. As shown with the commander-plugin, a huge number of functions of Geany are avaialble through common interfaces. So building up a plugin ...

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