Every Website need a privacy policy. Here is a list with the best free privacy policy generators.

Top list of privacy policy Generator


super easy to create a Policy

you need your company name and your company state

you can copy and paste the html code in your website

go here to test it


you need to sign up

to generate a privacy policy, you need to fill out more details about your website

simple copy and paste

the website looks more professional

here is the policy generator


that is a pretty good private  policy generator

you can put more Advertisers in your policy

easy and fast

generate your private policy here


If you have a shopify shop you can create your policy here

you can create a refund policy, too


super professional

The Privacy Policy Generator saves you time and legal fees by giving you an all-in-one wizard for creating a Privacy Policy agreement for your web site, mobile app, Facebook app, e-commerce business, and more.

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Google Adwords Privacy Policy requirements

Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Federal Trade Commission Fair Information Practices

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Can-Spam Act

California Online Privacy Protection Act (Caloppa)

your privacy policy


Generate a privacy policy in seconds

for website, mobile apps, facebook apps

see here


The Web’s #1 Privacy Policy Generator

go here

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