In the eyes of many webmasters having a rough idea of GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting, both companies offer cost-effective WordPress hosting services. However, when it comes to reliability and performance, they cannot make a decision which company does a better job. The GoDaddy vs InMotion Hosting is made to reveal the answer. This comparison also introduces the price of each solution and the responsiveness of technical support.

Editorial Ranking of GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting

In order to make this comparison more objective, we have hosted two sample sites with the two web hosts and kept monitoring these sites constantly since August 2015. Moreover, we have made comprehensive investigations over the web by collecting feedback from real users and reading other professional reviews on GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting.

Based on these surveys, we have formed the table below to display multiple aspects of the two companies’ WordPress hosting services in a generalized manner.







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Brief Introduction to the Two Companies

Godaddy, founded as a domain registrar in 1997, has been providing shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and other related services for users since 2004. In the former years of its hosting business, GoDaddy has experienced a fast growth both in the company’s size and user numbers. However, the company now does not have a good reputation in the field mainly for its poor performance in loading speed.

On the other side, InMotion has maintained a high customer satisfaction rate from its inception in 2001 to present. It takes advantage of various top-notch infrastructures as well as technologies to grant users with a stable and fast hosting experience. Besides, this company rates its hosting services at affordable prices, which becomes an important reason for why it is honored as the one of the best cheap WordPress hosting providers in 2016.

Comparison on WordPress Hosting Uptime and Speed

The maintenance of data centers makes a big difference in web hosting reliability and speed. GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting utilize the most advanced technologies to power each data center. The real uptime monitoring verifies whether the two web hosts make a good promise on delivering excellent uptime.

GoDaddy uptime report

GoDaddy makes sure that the US-based data center comes with a fast connection with an optical fiber DWDM Ethernet backbone. Besides, full network redundancy and 24×7 monitoring system keeps all facilities running well around-the-clock. This company also pays close attention on security by using firewalls, fire detection & suppression system and backups. The report of GoDaddy uptime is shown as below. That achieves an excellent uptime indeed.

InMotion Hosting uptime report

InMotion Hosting develops eco-friendly web hosting by using green data centers. This company is deeply convinced that only fast, reliable and affordable hosting will be trusted by webmasters. The two data centers are located on the east coast and west coast of America. Here, we would like to showcase the advanced features of each data center.

Cooperate with 4 Tier 1 ISP providers to enable multiple backups in case of an emergency

Utilize Outside Air Cooling technology to keep constant temperature in an eco-friendly way

Equip with multiple-layer of redundancy to meet any outage

Dedicated managed network enables an efficient solution to any network incidents

As the saying goes, the more plowing and weeding, the better the crop. By utilizing these solid hosting infrastructures and advanced technologies, InMotion Hosting has achieved an outstanding performance in hosting reliability, ensuring users with an average of 100% uptime in the past month. Check the evidence as below.

Server response time comparison

By the above-mentioned facts, both GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting have done a good job in guaranteeing a stable hosting environment. However, from the perspective of loading speed, the former company is far from competitive when compared with its opponent. We’ve also tested the server response time of both companies to make it clear on who can deliver faster page loading speed. And the monitoring results are displayed as below.

As the only web hosting provider offers Max Speed Zones, InMotion Hosting lives up to expectations by consuming 237ms server response time. However, GoDaddy is nothing compared to InMotion Hosting for consuming more than 700ms for responding to a server request.

Comparison on WordPress Hosting Price, Features and Support

GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting have a lot in common when it comes to WordPress hosting price, features, and technical support. That helps webmasters determine which company provides affordable and trustworthy services.

WordPress hosting plans and prices

GoDaddy has three hosting solutions with affordable price. There is an up to 46% discount available for each solution to price the service as low as $4.99/mo. A free domain is included in the annual plan. The detailed price information is shown as below.

















Note that, the price and discounts mentioned above are valid for 12-month billing term. More special offers are available for 2/3-year billing cycles. However, there is no discount offered to quarterly plan.

The three WordPress hosting packages of InMotion Hosting are also on sale now! An up to 56% discount makes the price down to $3.49/mo only. Each solution comes with an array of freebies, including SSD drives, website transfer, data backups, 310+ applications and $300 advertising credits. Purchase such affordable web hosting service by going through the following link.

















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Resource allocation and highlights

As for control panel, both companies utilize the most powerful cPanel with a free 1-click installer. That makes it much easier to install hundreds of applications as needed. Besides that, each package includes rich resources to leave webmasters enough room for site development.


Plans in Comparison



Disk Space






MySQL Databases



Websites Allowed



Control Panel





Ruby on Rails


SSH Access




Accordingly, InMotion Hosting allocates more resources to each solution. In addition to what we’ve mentioned in the above table, both companies have their own highlights.

GoDaddy includes Cron Jobs in each solution to enable an easy manner for scheduling jobs. All hosted websites are under Fraud, Virus and Spam protection for the higher level of security.

InMotion Hosting includes free SSD drives in all hosting plans, which enables fast delivery of content read and write.

24×7 Award-winning technical support

Both companies offer US-based technical support and attach great importance on the efficiency of support services. Webmasters are able to contact the support staffs via phone and email. Besides that, InMotion Hosting support staffs also answer request via 24×7 live chat.

Verdict – InMotion Hosting Is a Better Choice

By this GoDaddy vs InMotion Hosting comparison, there are a lot of common points between the two companies, such as the WordPress hosting reliability, user-friendly cPanel, and responsive technical support. As for the web hosting affordability, speed and resource allocation, InMotion Hosting is a notch above GoDaddy.

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