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  • These past few months have been a particularly turbulent period for Morocco’s Party of Justice and Development-led coalition government. While King Mohammed VI was on an extended vacation in France during May and June 2013, the conservative nationalist...

  • Rabat - Abdelilah Benkirane’s approval ratings are falling less than six months ahead of the October 7 elections, but only 15 percent of Moroccans have united behind the head of government’s main challenger, Ilyas El Omari. A new poll conducted by the...

  • Morocco likes to project itself as unique in the Middle East in finding a third way between revolution and repression amid the uprisings of the Arab Spring. The nation's largest opposition Islamist group is challenging that view. In an interview with...

  • Conservatism – as in a propensity for caution in politics, not necessarily the Islamist or traditionalist kind – is making a comeback of sorts in the Arab world. The devastated post-“Spring” landscape of the region, the conflict and chronic instability...

  • On October 7, Moroccans will elect a new Chamber of Representatives, the legislature’s lower house. This is the second such election since 2011, when the “February 20 Movement” (M20F) led nationwide protests in the context of “Arab Spring” demonstrations...

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  • Belgium 2010 | World Elections

    Federal elections for the House of Representatives and 40 Senate seats were held in Belgium on Sunday, June 13. I had attempted to provide a brief analysis and overview of the problems and issues in o...

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