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  • Evangelical Treason Rips America
    via nesaranews.blogspot

    Evangelical Treason Rips America Who's Wagging Your Neighbor's Tongue by Anton Chaitkin Posted by Veterans Today on February 22, 2015 “The greatest threat from terrorism in the United States comes from people who are associated with a British Church...

  • We have once again reached that time, comic fiends! DC Comics has released their full list of solicitations for November, 2016. All the epic artwork, plot synopses and other product info can be viewed below. Highlights for November: The freshly rebooted...

  • 66. ALIEN (1979) 11. SCHINDLER'S LIST (1993) with your promise of much more Alien films around the way, individuals are beginning to go back along with rewatch your original trilogy. without a new shadow of your doubt, The Actual Empire Strikes Again...

  • The Natural State of Paranoia
    via justabovesunset.wordpress

    There’s being foolishly naïve, and then there’s being cautiously trusting of others, and then there’s being skeptical but intelligent about it, and then there’s being cynical, followed by being bitter and holding a grudge...

  • Satanic Symbols In Washington D.C.
    via weknowthesecretsofthefederalreserve

    “…I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” —Revelation 2:9 The pentagon is an infinite occult symbol — it is the center of a pentagram and a pentagram fits perfectly inside a pentagon. Obelisks...

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  • Weird Videos and Books

    Fantastic web site for explorations in ALIENS, UFO's, MOON, MARS alien artifacts, books and DVD's

  • rossmarshall

    1965                  1969                    1972                    2012 A Real 1965 'Song Of the South' Southern Boy!  An Out of this world Spacey 1969 Apollo Boy; A 72' Jar Head!  And, now a 1...

  • fossilsales.html

    JURASSIC INSECTS:   Liaoning Province:   Far and away, the hottest spot on earth for Paleontology is China. Fossils abound in this hug...

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