Internet has become such an important necessity in the present scenario. You are connected to the internet almost all the time of the day. Even you are shopping on the internet for your basic needs like groceries to expensive jewellery items. So have you ever wondered as to how the money transactions are carried out involving the information transfer on the internet? All this is carried out through the medium of electronic commerce called as eCommerce.

What is eCommerce Web Hosting?

The dealing of the products and services using the computer network resources like Internet constitute the eCommerce. The eCommerce draws the technologies like Internet marketing, online transaction processing, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), supply chain management, etc.

Not only eCommerce businesses are restricted to the online shopping websites but also they consist of inter business buying selling, utilizing of demographic data from social media and web contacts, providing the appropriate services to the customer for the business, etc.

Now eCommerce web hosting is a dedicated hosting package offered by the web hosting companies aiming for serving the businesses and online stores which sell the products online through internet. Internet has given new horizon to the online shopping experience giving better exposure to people giving new challenges and opportunities.

There is great potential in the online products and services selling. The eCommerce hosting is very different from the traditional web hosting services in terms of the features like multiple email accounts, webmail’s, efficient control panel for managing the complete website and free website builders. The chief concerns for the eCommerce websites is on the online goods and services selling. It is primarily meant for the online transactions where you will have a friendly storefront, good SEO tools, Enhanced security, etc.

Looking for something other than eCommerce hosting?

Other than simply transaction, there are some other important features to be kept in mind while choosing the correct eCommerce website hosting service provider. These features are like Choosing according to Cheap website hosting, dedicated server or VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, type of website builder, etc.

eCommerce: Trends and Benefits

Now having an eCommerce website is very important nowadays. You will be able to sell your products online giving a great growth to your business. Your business will be always in the expanding giving you the perfect platform for business growth. It has been declared the fastest growing market with respect to growth.

Almost all the eCommerce hosting plans include payment gateways, site builders and integrated shopping carts.

Who should use a Hosted eCommerce Shopping Cart?

Apart from being cost effective almost all the entrepreneurs prefer the prefer the online business for quite a lot of reasons. You will have much wider exposure for advertising your business and is much more affordable as well. Now people are working in conditions where heir timings are not fixed at all So people prefer somewhere they can see and order stuff and get the services offered as well. You will have a 24/7 service.

Now going to the market and searching various shops for the required product is very strainous task for all. So such websites give you the comfort of choosing your stuff from your home only. Simultaneously even if you are a eCommerce web hosting service provider then it will be comforting for you too as you will need a computer and good internet connection and you are good to go.

Best web hosting

Now as the market is growing with such a great pace, simultaneously the number of web hosting providers is also increasing. We are giving you the list of the top seven web hosting companies.

1 InMotion Hosting

InMotion provides you with the best eCommerce website plans. With the best performance level and great reliability InMotion offers you various hosting plans which are perfect. It is suitable for almost all size eCommerce websites. They provide you great services for hosting your online business.

InMotion provides you with many features like they are a highly reliable and secure eCommerce hosting provider. They use the control panel which is like an industry standard for hosting that is cPanel. They have been providing better performance and larger bandwidth as compared to its counterparts.

Regular automated backups are taken by InMotion and that too free for your website. To give you the best quality and value your money they provide you with the best reasonable price. They give you with a single click installing of shopping carts.

They have a very helpful and friendly customer support via various support mediums like emails, telephone, etc. They have been providing the best performance with the free SSDs and premium servers.

InMotion gives you free domain. They give you a lot of ad credits in their Business Hosting packages and give you a business class hardware along with the SSH access. You will also have IMAP support for the SPAM Safe Email service.

You will be having unlimited disk space. Hence it is just ideal for the purpose of online retailers and the business class websites. They have zero downtime website transferring and you will have the independence of choosing the data center. There is multi language support which includes Perl, PHP and Ruby. With the state of art technology their data centers are using the green technology and are based in Los Angeles, California.

You will have the access to the various ecommerce applications like OpenCart, PrestaShop, etc. Plus the 99.99% uptime guarantee and 90 days money back guarantee are very attractive other features of InMotion.

2 WebHostingHub

WebHostingHub includes over 300 free apps inclusive of various eCommerce platforms as well. They have a zero downtime transfers with free registration of domains. You will have free site builder, backup wizards and shopping carts. You will be having a secured email service along with the compatibility for the mobile devices.

WebHostingHub offers free domain name registrations and unlimited amount of disk space. It is the perfect choice for the beginners and proves to be the best resource worth consideration. They are a budget friendly web hosting service best suitable for small websites and blogs.

You will get access to the eCommerce cart and website building tools. You will have an unique feature of zero downtime transfer for the websites. You will have a 90 days money back guarantee to try for.

You will have a support for the eCommerce, one click WordPress installs and cPanel for controlling your website. There are great features supported by WebHostingHub like unlimited FTP accounts, Websites, bandwidth, disk space, MySQL databases, Parked domains, sub-domains, email addresses.

Other features include free wizard for backups, 24×7 technical support, free transfer and registration of domains, many exciting free tools for building your website, facility for emailing anywhere, simplified control panel, eventual money back guarantee, etc.

There are various eCommerce shopping carts like OS Commerce, Cube Cart, Zen Cart, etc. You will have a premium website builder and blogs for b2evolution, WordPress, etc. Content Management systems in the form of Drupal and Jumla could be got.

The support is provided in the form of chat, email and phone. They also do have unlimited stores. They are editors choice eCommerce web hosting company.

3 GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks serves from individuals to business owners with the budget friendly web hosting plans. They provide you with the perfect package which consists of everything needed for building and maintaining a website.

Allowing unlimited data transferring and web space GreenGeeks give you email accounts which are secured through IMAP/POP3. You can do the free website management with a round the clock USA based support for the complete year. In each account you can actually have unlimited number of domains which is just amazing.

They give a money back guarantee for 30 days. Free SEO tools and Marketing are offered by GreenGeeks. You will have a solid state drives RAID – 10 is used for storage in the form of arrays in order to have faster pages loading and greater reliability.

Various single install tools are given for more than 150 applications like WordPress, etc. You can work quickly and easily giving you the complete access to your account through the command line. You can have an easy integration for the Google Apps through the single click integration tool.

The cPanel of GreenGeeks is designed and enhanced such that it makes the managing task of the emails, files and websites very easy. They are just too confident about their quality services that they will give you the refund if you are not satisfied with their services without any question.

4 FatCow

With the free shopping carts, domain and site builder fatcow.com is the best available option for the eCommerce website building. You will have one GB of cloud storage. The unlimited disk space, MySQL database and domains are other impressive factors. The script barn supported  through Joomla, WordPress, etc.

You will have a 90 days money back guarantee.

5 iPage

A leader for giving affordable yet quality service, iPage has been a pioneer in the industry for more than a decade which is hosting various websites all over the globe. You can use the services and tools offered by iPage for making an effective as well as impressive eCommerce website which is as easy as it could be.

Everything has reached to such high level of perfection that the competition has reached its extreme position. You will need of the basic good features like reaching out to the customers, having secured information transfer and provision for designing as well as marketing your website.

Various tools offered by iPage eCommerce are like ShopSite Application, SSL Certificate, Doba, Quick and Easy Credit Card Processing, etc. You can build a catalog for promoting and processing the orders online securely. You can integrate the online payment modes like Google Checkout, PayPal, online merchants, etc. The provision for upgrading to ShopSIte Manager or ShopSite Pro is also offered.

6 WebHostingPad

It is one of the best eCommerce website of the year 2016. They provide you with unlimited domains, hosting space, bandwidth, email accounts, FTP accounts, Parked domains, MySQL Databases, Addon and Sub-Domains. It is basically a budget hosting service. With WebHostingPad you will feel like you are getting far more than what you paid for.

Customized cPanel Control panel, single click WordPress install. With 30 days money back guarantee they provide you with a very fair deal. You will have many other great features too for free like Website transfer, website builder as well as free domain and domain transferring.

Website building is a very intimidating task but WebHostingPad professionals help you in the best possible way to ease your difficulty. They help you in all the ways and are there for you all the time whenever you need them.

WebHostingPad do not allow the operation of IRC bots or IRC by the eCommerce customers. Also the eCommerce accounts are not being configured for the multimedia products and distributing software’s. Their services are not restricted to torrents, warez, pirated material or file sharing but a lot more than that. You cannot run any online gaming whenever there is intense memory and CPU usage.

They have a US Based Support 24/7. Their email services are very effective with various  awesome features like they are Android & iPhone Compatible, Auto-Responders, highly secured webmail interface, Outlook & Thunderbird Compatible, email forwarding, Secure IMAP and POP3 email, and a lot more.

Various free tools offered are  Moodle, Joomla, Drupal, Gallery, Zenphoto, Coppermine,DokuWiki, MediaWiki, osCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, b2evolution, WordPress, etc. They give you free SSL Certificates, Advanced Webstats, various projects, etc.

7 Bluehost

Another gem in the field of eCommerce hosting, Bluehost will serve the best purpose. They offer various types of hosting plans like shred, dedicated and VPS which are meant for large as well as small businesses.

Bluehost is a bit expensive but the quality they provide justifies the price. Their performance is very impressive and reliable. They have a large variety of eCommerce hosting plans.

It is a feature rich hosting service which has wonderful custom designed cPanel. You can easily restore and take back up of your website. You will have the customer service which is very friendly and helpful through various mediums like email, live chat and telephone. It is best suitable for professionals and amateurs.

You can install more than hundred themes, plugins and applications including Mojo Marketplace. You will get many advanced features for security purpose in order to protect your website.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best eCommerce Web Host

Now after reading this article we think that you will choose the eCommerce web hosting service that provides you the best room to grow into much bigger firm. Instaed of being an headache it helps you in decreasing your stress. You will be needing regular updating of your website so hence you need the proper hosting plans as well. Hopefully the above stated service providers help you in the best possible way.

As more and more people are getting connected to the internet resulting in better understanding and increased awareness among them you will be able to increase your profit by actually telling them about yourself through this informative rich source of website. This will help you in understanding the competition and beat your competitors in a fair manner.

So the eCommerce websites with the best features will survive. The eCommerce websites who provide you the best reliability, security, uptime will have least bounce rate will be able to excel.

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