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  • The Origins of the Second World War
    via nseuropa.blogspot

    Paper Presented to the Seventh International Revisionist Conference Source: http://codoh.com/library/document/2149/ By Georg Franz-Willing Published: 1986-04-01 I. Historical Development from the Nineteenth Century to the First World War In 195...

  •     This year has already offered us lots of fantastic Web conferences and events, and guess what, it still hasn’t come to an end! You can continue to plan ahead and make sure that you don’t miss your chance to get away from your...

  • February 15 In History 399 BCE : The philosopher Socrates is sentenced to death. No, Socrates was not Jewish and he did not know about what were the “Israelites” of his day.  However, Socrates would be one of those Greek philosophers whose teachings...

  • Goodbye, Eastern Europe!
    via lareviewofbooks

    EASTERN EUROPE IS DISAPPEARING. Not the physical place, but the idea. Whatever held the region together in the mind’s eye — a shared experience of occupation and exclusion, the permanent-seeming weight of economic backwardness, treasured memories of...

  • BUDAPEST, Hungary—It’s a few days before the May 25 European Parliament elections, and the streets of Budapest are awash with colorful campaign posters urging Hungarians to vote for delegates to represent their country in Brussels. It would be a shining...

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