Weaving Machinery. Manufacturers of a wide range of agricultural machinery specialising in zero-till to combination drills, cultivators and grassland...


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  • Your Questions About Natural Remedies
    via naturalhealthcritiques

    Chris asks… Toning Supplements for Women? I’m female,18, 5’10, and 143 lbs. I have a week and a half to become as lean as possible for a competition. I am eating very well: protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and small healthy meals for dinner....

  • Packaging Makes Perfect
    via coffeetalk

    It is inevitable that packaging is an important part of the coffee industry. How would you expect to get your beloved beans from the farmers and roasters or even consume the beverage at a cafe without it? The various farmers around the globe tend to...

  • Systems are specifically designed to provide an easy, clean, and economical way to discharge the entire contents of bulk bags especially when the bulk material is less than free flowing. Option for loss-in-weight feeding into pneumatic conveying system...

  • Leaving home and going to university is the first time most of us will have experienced the freedom to buy, cook, and eat whatever we choose. It’s for this reason that many people find that their diets change somewhat when they become university students...

  • Flexicon Discharger Dust Hood Contains Bag Spout Leaks and Spills BETHLEHEM, PA- A new Dust Hood for Flexicon Bulk Bag Dischargers contains spillage and dust that can escape through seams in the bag and folds in the spout.The six-sided enclosure seats...

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