Longboards are great for getting around and having fun. However, when you are looking to buy a longboard, it can be hard to know which is best. Obviously, when buying something with moving parts, like a longboard, it is important to ensure that the item is made from quality parts as that will ensure that you are safe when using it.

Further to this, when buying a longboard, it is important to consider all the parts that make it up to ensure that you get the best product available. So, to help you out, and to make the process of buying a longboard easier we have done the hard work for you and found a number of great longboards. So, read on to find out about the Top 10 Best Long Board Reviews currently available.

Things to Consider

Therefore to ensure that you get the best longboards on the market you should consider some important factors. To help you out, check out the following 5 factors that you should consider before buying a longboard:

1. Board style

You’ll need to consider the board style. Flexible drop-through make these longer boards more stable and easier to push. Traditional Cruiser boards are smaller and easier to navigate. Or, Commuter Style which has a lot of leverage and so are great for carving. Deck length and deck flexibility are also factors to consider when choosing the style of your longboard.

2. Cruiser trucks

The truck selection is another important consideration when buying a longboard since the trucks allow for turning and wheel anchorage. Truck Widths of 150mm or 180mm are most common for cruising setups. And there are options of Standard or Reverse Kingpins, which are both good, they just feel different.

3. Wheels

Obviously, the type of wheels on the longboard are a really important thing to consider when buying a board. Generally, the longer the deck, the bigger the wheels need to be. Regarding wheel durometer, the heavier a rider is, the harder their wheels should be. Finally, regarding wheel shape, pretty much any shape will work with regards to cruising.

4. Bearings

Skateboard bearings are important as they let the longboards wheels spin without being affected by friction. However, there is no need to spend lots on bearings as even standard ones are good for the job. The rating of bearings is also an important consideration as abec rated bearings aren’t always better than non-abec rated bearings despite being more expensive.

5. Price

There are loads of different types of longboard on the market, and their price doesn’t always reflect their quality. It is important to consider what your budget is and what factors your longboard really needs to have.


After reviewing various Power Towers, we found that the Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard is The Best Longboard in the market right now.

44-Inch artisan bamboo longboard.

Rugged 7-inch aluminum trucks.

Durable 70mm PU wheels.

Multi-ply Hardwood Maple and beautiful artisan bamboo deck.

Best Longboard Under $50

10. SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Complete Longboard Skateboard

This natural colored SCSK8 longboard has a sleek design, with no kick tail. Choosing a board without a kick tail is good if you are not the type to try manoeuvres that are normally assisted by a kick tail. Most boards, this one included, without kick tails maximize the wheelbase which is the distance from one axle to the other, and this makes them more stable for beginners.

The board is available in different sizes so no matter what you want to do with a longboard you can do it with this awesome and affordable longboard. The desk of this longboard is relatively long, being size 40, which makes this a great board for longer, relaxed rides on the sidewalk. However, the board is also ideal for downhill rides as it is relatively stable too. The board has 70mm circular wheels and has ABEC 5 rated bearings. For its price, this longboard is a great beginner and cruiser.

Best Longboard Under $75

9. Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

This sleek 44-Inch artisan bamboo longboard is ideal for those looking for a smart ride around town. The board has been made from multi-ply hardwood maple and has a really beautiful artisan bamboo deck. The multi-ply hardwood maple that has been used to make this stunning board makes this board much more durable and sturdy when compared to the range of cheaper laminated boards.

The longboard has rugged 7-inch aluminium trucks and 70mm PU wheels. Having polyurethane wheels mean that they are not only durable but that they also provide a good “grip” on the ground. The longboard has a fun kick tail which makes this board great if you want to make quick turns, do tricks, and pop up and down curbs. What is more, having a kick tail makes it extremely easy to manoeuvre around town, especially if you live in crowded areas where there are lots of people to move around. No matter how long you have been riding a longboard, you can choose a board with kick tails or without, since it is just being a matter of preference.

8. Rimable 41 Inch Drop Deck Complete Longboard

This great 41-inch longboard from Rimable will allow you to cruise in style. The drop-down deck offers more stability, better-turning control and easy push off making this board ideal for those wanting to have fun, learn new tricks, and travel about town. As this board has less distance to the ground than most boards, it offers a great easy push off which makes the board faster and will also help lower fatigue- so you can go further easier!

This longboard is ideal if you want to ride it over long distances or if you want to master carving. The 9.5 inch by 41 inches moulded deck is made of 9-ply good maple for durability. This longboard also features heavy-duty, electrostatic-coated aluminium alloy trucks and ABEC-11 bearings- an ideal set up for a beginner or advanced riders alike. A great feature of this board is that it is fully-assembled and ready to ride out of the box.

Best Longboard Under $100

7. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

This striking longboard comes in a range of different colors so no matter what you want your longboard to look like, you can be sure to find one that suits you from Yocaher. The Yoacher Speed Drop Down Stained longboard is perfect for professional longboard riders as it has been designed to enable riders to perform tricks whilst also being super stable, and great for travel.

The board is 41.25″ x 9″, and has Q-Ball 70x52mm wheels with 78A hardness. These wheels are great for almost any user. The longboard features HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks. What is more, the longboard has Abec 7 Chrome Bearings for effective wheel spin. The board is made from 9-Ply Maple for durability.

Best Longboard Under $100

6. Rocket Bamboo Longboard

This stylish bamboo longboard from Rocket is relatively short at 31.5 inch x 9.25 inch for ultimate manoeuvrability, and tricks. The longboard is also concave and has a large kicktail for even better control during tricks and jumps.

The board itself has been made from multiple layers of bamboo and Canadian maple which not only makes it look beautiful but also ensures that the board is durable. Bamboo skateboards are becoming more popular because bamboo is a material offers more flex than that of boards made from just maple. Therefore getting a bamboo board is great for those who want to use their longboard for cruising and carving the streets because bamboo is so lightweight and has lots of flex. What is more, bamboo boards are much thinner than those of maple deck boards and therefore a bamboo board is great for transportation. By combining maple and bamboo in this board means that the board is flexible but still super durable. The heat transferred graphics with clear grip tape are sure to last too so that this board will look great for years to come.

The longboard has 180mm (7 inches) aluminium trucks with polished finish and ultra high rebound bushings. The board also features 65mm x 50mm High-Rebound Urethane wheels and super fast and durable ABEC 9 Hellion bearings with built in spacers. This board is ideal for riders who want to work on their riding skills and tricks.

Best Longboard Under $100

5. Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail Longboard Skateboard

This 40″ Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail longboard is suitable for professionals and beginners alike, but whoever rides it is sure to catch the attention of passersby as the board offers an amazingly high level of performance and also looks great thanks to its Original Aztec inspired graphic.

The board offers riders with the best of all worlds as the board provides a stable wide 10″ by 40″ deck but as the board also has a wide kick tail, it will also let you practice tricks and get vert. What is more, this board has been built to last with 7 ply all cold climate hardwood maple deck, rugged aluminium trucks and durable 70mm PU wheels. So the longboard is great in any conditions. This Quest Native Longboard is perfect for all riders, whether you want to ride across town or cruise to the beach. This board will let you travel in style and get noticed!

Best Longboard Under $150

4. EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard

This seriously sleek and cool looking 41inch drop down longboard from EIGHTBIT will let you cruise in style. The drop-down deck offers excellent stability for longer rides, as well as better turning control for corners, and tricks and easier push off to reduce fatigue and because less distance to the ground helps lower fatigue. With this board you can ride over long distances or master carving- no matter what you love to do on your board, this one will let you do it!

The deck is 9.75 inch by 41.25 and is molded. The board is made of 8-ply maple for durability. The maple construction of this board is so durable because the maple creates a very solid, thick board that is sure to last a long time, even through the hardest of downhill skateboarding and tricks. This longboard also features heavy-duty, electrostatic-coated aluminium alloy trucks and ABEC-7 bearings for excellent wheel maneuverability, and spin. What is more, the board is fully-assembled and ready to ride out of the box so no worrying about having to put the board together before you head out to have fun!

Best Longboard Under $175

3. Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard

This Lookout longboard from Sector 9 is ideal for beginner and experienced riders alike. The board is 42″ long, and 9.6″ wide which makes it perfect for longer rides, and for doing tricks. The wheel base is 31.5″, and the board is made from 5-ply vertically laminated bamboo for upmost durability.

The board also features 9″ Gullwing Charger trucks which easily mount onto the underside of the longboard deck and attach to the wheels. The board also features 74mm 78A Center Set Nineball wheels which are super durable and great for any rider, as well as Abec 5 PDP bearings with 1.5″ hardened steel bolts. The Sector 9 skateboard factory push designs and materials to their limits to offer the best quality skateboard for all types of riding so you can be sure that this board is great for you!

Best Longboard Under $50

2. Arbor Axis Walnut 2015 Complete Longboard

This Abord Axis Walnut complete longboard is super cool and will offer a comfortable ride. The board is 40’’ long, and 9’’ wide for stability and ease of riding. The wheelbase is 30.5’’ wide and has a drop through mount for great tricks, and excellent maneuverability.

The board is symmetrical, and its design has been inspired by the shape of snowboards for quick rail-to-rail performance. The drop-through mounting enables a more ergonomic push and power through turns and slides. This board is the idea for any rider.

Best Longboard Under $300

1. Landyachtz Switch 40″ Longboard Complete Skateboard

This Landyachtz longboard has a 32’’ wheelbase for good stability and good maneuverability. The board itself is 40″ long, and 10’’ wide which again aids with stability, without affecting the riders ability to do tricks. The manufacturer says that Landyachtz Longboard Skateboards are constructed of only high-quality materials so that they will last a long time, and provide the rider with hours of fun.

This Landyachtz’s Switch 40″ longboard is ideal for any rider as it offers stability and maneuverability. The board itself has been constructed with a dropped platform, which makes it easy to push for longer rides, and also offers a good level of stability for tricks. No matter what type of riding you are into whether it be freeriding, downhill or just cruising, this board from Landyachtz is sure to keep you going fast and shredding hard.


Longboard riding has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and there are more and more people riding longboards every day. Longboarding is a great activity that appeals to so many people because regardless of skating skills, riding a longboard skateboard is possible and learning to ride it is easy and you will become an expert in no time!

Longboarding is great whether you are commuting to and from work or school or if you are more interested in downhill racing! However, finding the right longboard is not only important regarding safety, but it can also make all the difference regarding how much fun you can have doing tricks, and how far you can travel on longer rides. To help you find the perfect longboard, we have put together this list of considerations for you to look over. Happy shopping!

*All prices mentioned above were at the time of publishing.

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