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  • The Nintendo Switch might be just over the horizon, but that doesn’t mean the 3DS is about to see its final sunset. As Nintendo’s portable rolls into its seventh year, the remaining months of 2017 still look bright for this popular platform. And regardless...

  • What do people often say that Nintendo needs to do? No, we are not talking about putting their games on mobile phones. We are talking about indie games. It looks like they have been working hard on getting some great indie developers to create games...

  • IT IS NOT the fault of the gamer that developers keep making brilliant games that must be played. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. And to a certain degree, isn’t it true? Whether you’re a fan of indie games, all the latest AAA titles, or both...

  • Caption: Wooden Sen'say Source: Nintendo Nintendo is showing off 23 games for the 3DS and Wii U today. They will be available via digital download in the coming months from Nintendo’s eShop store. This includes eight games for the 3DS and 1...

  • ← Older revision Revision as of 18:49, January 3, 2015 Line 47: Line 47: ===Show Themes=== ===Show Themes=== *[ Sonic Adventure 2 - Green Forest] (Tournament intermission) *[

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Sailor Moon Center | Eternal Light

A Sailor Moon fan based website! Come join our community and download or watch your favourite episodes!


Une Base personnelle lié à la musique de film, jeux vidéos, animes... Coups de cœur, écoutes et découvertes de musiques éclectique...

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